Which is better for youth baseball, wooden or metal bats?

If you are worrying about your kids baseball play, then you better know which is better for youth baseball, wooden or metal bats! In sports stalls nearby your neighborhood, you’ll see a variety of baseball/softball bats. When your kid is up to baseball prior to softball, then you can go for different typed bats for him.

Baseball bats are predominantly of two types, one is wooden typed and the other is metal typed. Wood or metal, you already shall know how it can be. But there are some inner things that you ought to know in order to determine which one shal be the best fit for your child. When thinking of buying a new bat for your son, then keep in mind the following things first-

  1. Is your son capable of handling a heavy bat or not? Make sure about the right complement from your son so that you can buy the best one for him.
  2. What is the height of the bat your son prefers most? Bat length differs from type to type or even from baseball to softball. Always regard the type of game your son likes to play.
  3. Make sure that the bat height is well matching with the height of your son. If your son has a great height, then small bats wont be that much effective during the play.
  4. Get to know if your son’s hands get wet while exercising or naturally. Generally, kids having wet hands all the time must play with wooden bats rather than metal bats. Metal bats might feel to be slippery rather than using wooden bats.

However, there are many other small things that play a vital role in the selection of a suitable bat for your kid. But best youth baseball bats have their unique features, which can certainly be compared in order to pluck the best out for your son.

Things you should know about wooden and metal bats

In order to know which is better for youth baseball, wooden or metal bats; then you need to find out the most important yet necessary features of both the types of bats. Wooden and metal, both typed bats are good at baseball playing service but to match the bat with the perfect player must be the prime task while bat selecting.

If you are up to comparing youth baseball wooden and metal bats, then the following section might be of your great help:

  1. Durability: When thinking about durability, wooden bats are way below in mark compared to metal bats. The main reason behind this is the environmental factors like heat, temperature, humidity, dry air, etc. wooden bats get affected by most of the environmental factors whereas metal bats don’t even care about these at any circumstances, therefore, if you are thinking about durability, then you can go for metal bats without any doubt.
  2. Trampoline effect: The trampoline effect is somewhat similar to spring effects. Wooden bats might absorb some of the power whereas aluminum bats provide a trampoline effect to the ball hit. Due to better swinging and hitting power in aluminum bats, the ball gets better power through aluminum bats. If you are regarding this point, then also aluminum bats are convenient for youth. There are different typed metal bats available in the market but you need to make sure about the size, shape and weight of the metal bat your are in quest of.
  3. Breaking of the bat: When playing with greater power, you have to deal with the strength of the bat whatever typed the bat is. Wooden bats are a bit lacking than metal bats because they get cracks after a certain period of time. Wooden bats are predominantly the collective sum of millions of wood cells. These cells get different alignment in different 6 seasons. Therefore, it undergoes different sort of orientation, which makes it fragile after a period of good time. But metal bats, in comparison to that, don’t get better changes. That is mostly why people prefer metal bats to wooden ones most of the times.

Technical experiments of best youth baseball bats:

Sometimes, even youth players also ask for different technical terms because of their fondness in this game. Sometimes they get deeply acknowledged with all the game whereabouts and about all the technical specifications of the ball, bat, gameplay etc. almost everything. When you are familiarized with some of the most important technical terms of baseball bats, we bet you’d get idea about which is better for youth baseball, wooden or metal bats.

Researches and observations have showed that metal bats are quite better in both, performance and structure than wooden bats. There was a test held with metal and wooden bat. In the experiment, a ball was hit at 2.6 feet high above the ground and at 35 degrees initial angle to the horizon. In those two cases, the ball was hit with the same amount of force. The metal bat showed up with the ball at 106.5 mph whereas the wooden bat resulted at 98.6 mph.  Through this experiment, you can get the idea about the power and efficiency of metal bats. If you are looking for a performance bat, then certainly it is a metal bat rather than wooden bat.


Best youth baseball bats have certain aspects seeing which, you better opt the best one for your child. Not only this but you also need to make your child aware of all the technical specifications of the bat at the same time. But ultimately it is your child who is to use the bat.

You better get your child used with both metal and wooden bats so that he can get acquainted with the specifications himself. Through continuous playing baseball, he surely will pluck things out. He will surely understand what is better and what is knocking him down. After playing with both typed bats, your child himself will certainly understand which is better for youth baseball, wooden or metal bats.

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