Growing Hydroponic Weed

Hydroponic Weed Intro

If you are new to hydroponics and want to learn a few tips about growing hydroponic weed, this article gives you an introduction. Be sure to read our many other informative articles and reviews found here on Sweet Home Solution.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method for cultivating plants that relies on the use of an inert medium (not soil) and a nutrient solution. The plant gains all of its nutrients from a mineral rich water solution instead of soil. Hydroponics allows the grower to shorten the growth time and increase yields over the traditional method of soil growing.  Plants can be grown hydroponically outside or inside.

There are a number of hydroponic soil mediums available. The most popular mediums include rockwool, coconut fiber, and clay rocks. These substances are chemically inert, and allow for the circulation of water and air around the roots of the plant. The plants roots are rooted in the growth medium. Air is introduced into the hydroponic system with the use of a pump to encourage airflow around the roots which enhances the absorption of nutrients.

The water is enhanced with plant food solution that contains both macro and micronutrients. The main difference between soil grown and hydroponically grown plants is the planting medium. Other plant needs for sunlight and air remain the same.

There are several benefits of hydroponics. Hydroponics can be better for the environment because it actually saves water. Since the water is recycled through the system, it uses less over time. Hydroponics also leads to greater plant yields. The plant focus less energy into making larger root systems. The energy of the plant is diverted into making large amounts of vegetation. A shorter growth season is another benefit of hydroponics growing systems.

What is Hydroponic Weed?

Hydroponic weed is marijuana that has been grown using non-soil mediums in a nutrient solution. The appeal of hydroponic weed to marijuana growers is that with the mastering of nutrient percentages and PH levels, the grower can expect greater yields of marijuana with a shorter growing cycle than he can gain with soil based growing. The nutrients are constantly flowing around the roots and the plant can take them exactly when needed. Bottom line, the grower can get big buds, fast.

The risk with hydroponic weed is that the plants must not be given the incorrect nutrients or they will die faster than soil plants. Plants in soil have the soil to block direct absorption of nutrients to the root, therefore, any unhealthy situation affects the plant more slowly.

For the buyer, it is important to know where the bud comes from. Was the hydroponic plant grown too fast, or with toxic chemicals? The end result may be a poor quality, toxic product. Let the buyer beware. And let growers take note.

Be sure to flush the nutrients from your bud before harvest with pure water in order to preserve the taste and quality. Hydroponic cultivation is ideal for growers who want to grow indoors, and for growers who want to reduce the labor of repotting and watering. Large quantities of high quality marijuana can be cultivated with hydroponic systems when care and good sense is applied.

Growing Hydroponic Weed

High-powered, energy efficient LED Grow lights are great for growing hydroponic weed.  Check out our many light reviews and grow tent reviews on this site.

Why use LED Grow Lights in the Hydroponic Garden?

Your plant in the indoor garden cannot get sunlight for plant growth and flowering. There are different types of artificial lighting sources you can use as a replacement of sunlight. There alternatives include incandescent bulbs, CFL, HID grow lights and the LED UV grow lights. For a long time, the advisers have stated that incandescent bulbs are not suitable for growing cannabis strains. The light and heat intensity of the incandescent bulbs are too high for them. In fact, they tend to disturb the proper growth and flowering cycles of the plant.

The HID lights are energy efficient options, but you will need to use an exhaust system to release the extra heat generated due to the continued illumination. CFL is a reliable option for the plantation spread over a small space. Multiple studies have revealed that the LED Grow Lights not only produce high quality buds, but their cooling systems offer convenient usage for long hours without heating up.

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