What are the most common mistakes youth baseball coaches make?

While you have handed your child over to his/hear baseball coach; do you even know what are the most common mistakes youth baseball coaches make? If you aren’t aware of some very little yet crucial things, you might not see your child to learn the game from its core to full. When you have handed your child to the coach, look over few things with your own eyes so that you may identify if the coach has been teaching your child properly or not.

A coach is the centric person for a team’s development. He is not only responsible for guiding each and individual but also responsible for upbringing the best output of a team. He is to guide the whole team about how to collaborate, how to communicate, how to commence the game, how to hold the bat, how to bowl etc. almost all the nuts and bolts of a game must be started from the coach guidance. However, it’s not always the coach who is responsible for all the things happening in a team. A team might not have all the positive things but also a few negatives. However, a coach must have all the abilities including grievance handling to managing all sort of unpleasant situations.

Baseball coaches with youth players

When talking about a coach, he can obviously make mistake as all the human being do. Baseball or softball is a kind of game that is also suitable for youth. Teenage is the best time for a kid to start playing baseball and go for the best performance in the long run. But as for youths, baseball coaches must have strong patience capabilities because kids will do frequent mistakes. But it has been seen in baseball or softball games that most of the coaches prefer something close to impossible from kids. There are literally some characteristics that are common in such cases. The most and frequent mistakes that coaches make are-

  1. 100% winning wishes: Youth is the time when a kid tries to learn for the betterment of his/her performance. But if you make it rough right in the face of that kid as a challenge, then he/she might not take it seriously. Rather he can lose all the hopes for baseball. Sometimes, coaches expect 100% win results from youth kids which is one of the worst thinking of all times. Not only for baseball case but you should not expect 100% outcome as per your intention out your kid.
  2. Time mismanagement: Timing is everything, as wise people had said. Proper timing plan cannot only make your kids disciplined but also punctual to their regular duties. If your kid is under the supervision of a coach who is never punctual about his lesson plans for baseball/softball, be sure that your kid will never learn baseball/softball out and out. Its best if you observe your kid’s coach to have pre-lesson plan for the game. Time is money. If you can make your child to utilize the time towards the baseball/softball gaming lessons; then your child will learn something for sure and with fullest performance.
  3. Inadequate communication: Communication is the key to making someone do the correct thing in correct way. Talking about baseball/softball; same goes alike. When your kid’s coach isn’t having proper conversation about the lesson plans, then how would the kid even learn? A Coach has to make the kid learn about how to hold the bat and bowl properly and to do that, he must have broader communication with the kid. For example- best youth baseball bats are quite different from that of adult baseball/softball bats. The coach must have proper communication with the learner about the bat history, why is it like this etc. However, make sure that your kids coach is well talkative and to the point speaker.
  4. Losing control: In most of the cases, coaches have been seen to lose control or temper in case of easy defeats or unwanted situations rather than to fix the problem. In adult baseball games, this phenomenon is seen frequently but in youth baseball game, the coaches should deal this problem from the first sphere. But baseball coaches have a common problem that is losing temperament/control. Bursting out to a kid might make him disheartened about the game from the very seedling sphere.
  5. Differentiation among athletes: The coaches, especially n clubs who are to provide guidance to a team or under service of the baseball/softball organization have such problems. Differentiation among athletes of a team leads to special concentration to those who are well capable of showing performance. All the athletes of a team may not have the same credentials and physical abilities. But in most of the cases, coach doesn’t understand this but pressurize all the athletes with the same pace. This wont ever be helpful for athletes with less affording capacity. That is why you better guide your kid’s coach before hiring according to the type of guidance your kid needs.
  6. Inadequate empowering capability: Empowering youth kids with the best-proven statements or stories are one best ways to achieve the best out of them. If you can make your child aware of something agonizing that had happened before with perfection, then your child might get the belief to achieve something similar. That is why all the teachers/masters in youth schools have their own stories written here and they’re on school walls. If you can provide a brief history about all the successful baseball/softball players’ life history to your kid through an improvising coach, your child is sure to achieve something towards his/her goal.


If you are hiring any personal coach or admitting your child to a baseball/softball learning club, you can make your kid pre-aware of these facts. If the kid faces any problem, you can guide him according to your knowledge beside the coach’s guidance. In worse cases, you can even have a chat with the coach in person; but the best in these cases is that to aware the child about all the general mistakes a coach can make and also hire suitable coach having most of the adept qualities. Therefore, It is best if you just can give a slight touch to your kid about “what are the most common mistakes youth baseball coaches make”.

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