Types of Educational Technology and Infusion into Teacher Education


In order to meet the standard global requirement, teachers must be trained and equipped well to instill technology into education system through proper channel.


Teachers arebound to update their skills through various technology-trainingprograms to develop their know-how about use of technologies in education process. The main objectives of this technology infusion into education are as follow:

Equal access to computers:

All the teachers must have equal access to computers to learn technology trends easily.  The institutions are making collective effort to deliver computers to each staff member equally.

Smart Carts:

There are various special instruments in smart carts in all colleges, an overhead projector, a VCR, a CD-ROM, a laserdisc CD player and a video projector. They are easily movable from one class to another, whenever needed by teachers.

The latest technology based education would be real help for teachers to use different digital tools like tablets, 3D videos, and online videos in classrooms to teach different topics more efficiently to instill new concepts in student’s minds.

Technology- institutional expectation:

It should be expected from all colleges and institutes to include educational technology in there guidelines. Principals and head of the departments of an institute usually provide these guidelines.

Technology training programs:

Teachers must be properly trained to use technology and this training must be designed in three steps:

  • Awareness
  • Experience and
  • Integration of knowledge

Technology infusion into courses:

It is must for teachers to know the process of infusing technology into course outlines as students rely fully on their teacher instructions. However many teachers have to struggle a lot in learning this infusion.

Technology supportive Environment:

The college faculty must show supportive behavior towards teacher new to technology that they must use it to educate students efficiently. The universities must encourage teacher to try new approaches for developing successful online learning programs.


It is inevitable to survive in global village without technology. Everywhere in the world, there is a race between institutions to compete with each other in different subjects. Teacher must have to learn technology in order to deliver knowledge in more proficient manner than ever before. It is very unlikely for student today to do any assignment without technology assistance. That’s why it is must for teachers to have complete knowledge of technology; otherwise they would be unable to assist students. Obviously it is not simple for traditional teachers to learn technology trends at one go but the combination of old style teaching and latest high-tech teaching would be tremendous for both teachers and students to learn new concepts at fast pace.

Author bio: the writer of this guest article is Katy Ciara.  She has studied I.R from Assignment Writing Service Aussie Assignment foreign university and she is an educationist and competent writer.

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