Top 5 Cannabis Cultivation Websites List for Learning

Here at, we specialize in reviewing the best grow tools category such as led lights, grow tent, grow fan for cannabis cultivation, and of course, we provide some growing tips and advice.  While this site is considered an authority on the subject of LED grow lights, we recognize that we cannot be experts in everything and that we too can learn from others.

This reminds me of one of my personal favorite quotes, from Sir Isaac Newton who said:

If I have seen farther than most, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”

So true, so true.  So for more in-depth expert advice on this subject, we sometimes turn to certain cannabis cultivation websites and books as sources of trusted info.

We may get asked some tough questions or might run into a difficult problem or situation regarding our plants or grow operation. When I’m stumped, I have to go online for answers.  Some of my favorite sites contain contributions from the crowd, like Wikipedia or other community-based forums and blogs.  Here’s the top 10 list:

Top 5 Best Cannabis Cultivation Sites

Here we share our goto list of the best online sources for cannabis cultivation, starting with our list of Top 5 websites.  (5 more to come soon, or post your suggestions below in the comments, to be added to this list of your favorites)

1. Cannabis Cultivation:

HighTimes Magazine

2. Cannabis Cultivation:

3. Cannabis Cultivation:


4. Cannabis Cultivation:

Oaksterdam University
Oaksterdam University

5. Cannabis Cultivation:

Best Books on Cannabis Cultivation

After all, many of these websites themselves turn to these books as reference for more definitive info so maybe you should too.  But there are so many books that it’s tough to choose.  We’ll also provide a list (coming soon) of a few best selling book recommendations on the subject of growing. For now, see our short list here.

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