Tools for Scooter Maintenance

Tools for Scooter

No matter how tactful you do services to your scooter, faults happen, and they can pose a danger to your life. I can’t restrict the maintenance of a scooter to a specific time because it can come at any moment. It’s a good idea to arm yourself with a tool kit that carries essential tools for you to save yourself from despair when faults knock. This article will identify the tools that you can’t do without and where you need to use them. You can use the toolbox for keeping tools. Here are the MUST-have tools

Pit Bull Stand

This is a tool that you shouldn’t leave behind because it’s versatile when eventualities strike your bike. As you know, most of the modern scooters don’t have stands, so it presents troubles while changing the wheels. You need this stand to offer support to your scooter while performing operations that need you to raise it.

Chain tool

With the association between chains and sprockets only lasting up to 15,000 miles, you need to have a chain tool wherever you want to fix chains. I use the chain tool, which I find durable and affordable. You wouldn’t like it when a problem strikes on your chains when you don’t have this tool.

I find it too big to move around with to places, but it’s worth a place in your home garage. It can equally help in installing and riveting master links on your chains.

Snap-On Torque

Let’s not mind a lot on the cost, but restrain on the service that this tool provides. I don’t know other toot that you can rely on to quickly fasten torques on your scooter then this tool. Also, when you need to tighten any loose bolt instantly, it’s the right tool for the role.

This tool just works like other torque wrenches, but for the thriftier results, I recommend Craftsman Micro-Clicker torque wrenches which cost less.

Carburetor and Fuel injector synchronizer

There’s a way the carburetor on your multi-cylinder bike needs to work when you synchronize it well. It needs to inject the same amount of fuel on each cylinder thus promoting the th and harmonious operation of the engine. When there’s no synchronization, you find many things to be falling apart. For instance, the scooter will be difficult to start and to set in the right idle mode.

If you need to balance the cylinder and make the engine to work with ease, you must fuel injector synchronizer. This tool can help you to adjust the screw between injectors to necessitate the opening of valves thus bringing the balance.

Brake Bleeder

When you need to change hydraulic fluid in brakes and clutches, this is the right tool. If you have a brake bleeder with a vacuum-like the Mityvacbrake bleeder, you can be sure to change the brake fluid in 30 minutes.

You need to change the old fluid with the new one because the former has a low boiling point that the former. This will minimize cases of corrosion on cylinders even when you make your scooter operate within extreme conditions.


This tool works very fast in realizing that there’s freedom in the collar-exhaust and brake rotor bolts. The torch works through heating to necessitate the un-sticking of the obstinate threads. However, you shouldn’t overheat the neighboring seals, and you need to avoid the spread of flames from spreading on the fuel lines.

Fork Rebuild tools

When you need to accomplish the rebuilding of forks in your garage, this is the right tool for the service. Disengaging forks presents the heaviest challenge to many mechanics, but if you have the right tool like this, it es the work easy.

Electric tape

There are many colors, but I find color black good because it’s opaque and can conceal what you don’t want to be exposed this tool is essential for insulating cables that are open and can be hazardous to your life. Also, you can use it to stick other sections with breaks of your scooters.


From time to time your scooter will need services both at home and while riding it. It makes it important to have tools that can help you fix a few things that go bad. A scooter that gets essential services works well and last long. You can find tools in sockettoolstore.

Having your own tools keeps you away from mechanics who sometimes charge exorbitantly. It’s clear that you can cut a lot of repair costs when you’ve your tools at home. The tools might seem expensive, but in the end, you’ll realize that you’d saved a lot.

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