Sunbeam 1800 Review – Compact Sewing Machine (2020)

Sewing is no doubt one of the most fascinating pass time activities. This can be attributed to the fact that it allows for innovation of new designs and also helps in ensuring the already existing designs are properly maintained. However, to enjoy the beat sewing experience, you should consider acquiring the ideal sewing machine that will make the process seamless and enjoyable.

In addition, the appropriate sewing machine will come in handy in enabling you to work on any design or material. There are numerous sewing machine brands available in the market and each has a unique experience to offer. However, not all experiences offered by the sewing machines will impress you. Therefore, it is important that you understand what each sewing machine has to offer before making the decision on what to acquire.

The Sunbeam SB 1800 sewing machine is no doubt one of the latest sewing machines available in the market. This sewing machine is highly sought after thus making it one of the leading sewing machine brands to look out for when shopping for a sewing machine. The popularity of this sewing machine can mainly be attributed to its features which play a key role in making the sewing process enjoyable.

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Features of the sunbeam sewing machine

The sunbeam SB 1800 incorporates great features that suit any of your sewing or hemming projects. Whether you plan on undertaking a huge sewing project or simple repairs, this sewing machine certainly won’t disappoint. Below is an overview of features that make the sunbeam brand the ideal sewing machine.

Easy threading system

Threading is arguably the most important process of sewing as it determines the outcome of your project. Fortunately, the sunbeam sewing machine provides an easy threading system which also comes with an automatic needle threader. These features will ensure that you enjoy every minute of sewing and also enable you to handle lots of sewing tasks.


Finding a sewing machine that allows you to perform any type of sewing project is not an easy task. However, the sunbeam sewing machine offers multipurpose capabilities which enable you to conduct any sewing task without having to worry about the outcome or outsourcing of the task.

12 stitching styles

The sunbeam sewing machine is no doubt the ‘holy grail’ in the world of sewing machines. This brand offers 12 stitching styles that will enable you to maneuver any design. And at the same time making it possible to come up with a wide array of designs successfully.

Adjustable stitch length

With the ability to adjust the length of the stitches and the zigzag width, the sunbeam machine will enable you to easily customize stitches thus allowing you to work on any type of design despite its complexity. In addition, you can also create unique designs courtesy of the adjustable stitch length.

Built in measuring tape

Measurements are an important component of the sewing process and thus accuracy should be at its best. Fortunately, the sunbeam sewing machine comes with a built in measuring tape that will ensure you get timely accurate measurements.

Reverse stitching and easy drop in bobbin

The sunbeam machine does not allow for errors as it enables reverse stitching in a bid to eliminate any mistakes made during sewing. On the other hand, the easy bobbin winder is automated to ensure this sewing machine operates like a full sized sewing machine. In addition, the LED lighting installed on the sewing machine provides the ideal amount of light required for a sewing task.

PROS of acquiring the sunbeam sewing machine.

The sunbeam sewing machine is by far the leading sewing machine courtesy of the amazing experience users enjoy from using it. Additionally, the fact that you need not have prior experience of using this sewing machine makes it the perfect choice of a sewing machine. So, what are the benefits of acquiring this amazing sewing machine? Herein an overview.

Easy to use

Most important features of this sewing machine are automated this making it easier to use and more reliable. The fact that most features are automated means that anyone who wishes to join sewing can do so without necessarily having prior knowledge or experience in sewing.

Easy to store

Most traditional sewing machines are bulky and hence there are difficult to handle and store them. Bit with the sunbeam sewing machine, you will enjoy a compact and light sewing machine. This means that you can use the sewing machine while on the go without having to worry about its safety. This machine only weighs 4.0 lbs. and has a dimension of: 11.0 X 4.5 X 11.3 inches.


With such impressive qualities, one would mistakenly think that this sewing machine is pretty expensive. However, this sewing machine is pretty affordable thus ensuring anybody can afford to join sewing. It is important that you note that the prices range depending on where you make the purchase.

CONS of the sunbeam sewing machine

Everything that has an advantage definitely has a disadvantage and the sunbeam sewing machine is not exception to thus rule. This sewing machine also has it downfalls and they may affect the functionality of the sewing machine. Below is a list of disadvantages of this sewing machine.

Light material

The sunbeam sewing machine is made of very light plastic material thus making it easily prone to damages in case of an accident. And in case of the accident, the functionality of that sewing machine will be affected. As a result making it difficult to undertake sewing tasks.

Chemical components

According to the California proposition 65 law, this product contains chemical components that are known to cause birth effects, reproductive problems or even cancer.

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Sewing is definitely a great and fun undertaking since it allows you to put your creativity levels to the test. However, if you want to enjoy the best sewing experience, consider finding the best machine available in the market. That said, whether you are a beginner or you are looking to boost your sewing skills, the sunbeam SB 1800 sewing machine will certainly come in handy to help you achieve your sewing goal!

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