Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist Reviews (2021) – Machine that packs a punch

Singer 9960 review: According to Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist review, this sewing machine is fabricated to make beautiful results for you. Thanks to Singer’s long-standing tradition of producing state of the art sewing machines, you are assured of a durable machine. Furthermore, it comes with useful features allowing you to enjoy its speed, simplicity, and durability.

As an advanced piece of machinery, the unit is engineered with the signature heavy-duty metal frame that is available with all Singer models. This has been found to be advantageous in that it keeps the sewing machine still allowing skip-free sewing. With this model, you can finally express yourself through the craft of sewing.

Key features

13 fully automatic button holes

If you have purchased a sewing machine before, then you probably are familiar with the buttonhole settings. In most machines, the Limit of styles available are only 1. Even though the 1-step buttonhole is easy to use, it does not allow users to express their creativity especially if only one style is available.

Thanks to the 13 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes available with an underplate, you can rest assure of reliable results every time. This feature has the capability of sandwiching fabrics between a lower plate and the foot. As a result, users are able to achieve perfect button holes on multiple layers of fabric.

Presser foot sensor

It is imperative for sewists’ to achieve attractive results when it comes to fashion items. At the end of the day, the final product will be sold to a customer or you will get to gift it to someone. This means that the individual will wear the fashion item in public. It would be very embarrassing if the final product has poor stitching. Just imagine looking at the hem of a dress and the two pieces of fabric used are not aligned or stitched well.

To prevent this, the Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist sewing machine comes with a presser foot sensor. This feature helps to ensure that the presser foot is in the proper position before starting. The machine will not start to sew unless the presser foot is properly raised. This helps to eliminate chances of thread bunching.

Mirror imaging

When working on a fashion item, it is common to find that two or more sides are lined with similar stitches. One my do This to join the fabrics together or to decorate the fabric. While a Computerize sewing machine may make your sewing much easier, due to fatigue, one may still make mistakes.

According to the Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist review, this unit comes with a useful feature – mirror imaging and elongation functions. At the touch of a button, the Sewing machine will mirror the Stitches you select. This means the machine will add more similar stitches with ease. Using the elongation button, You can make the stitches much longer – 5 times to be precise.

Built-in sewing assistance

Even professionals need help sometimes regardless of their experience. Modern machines come with new features which Manufactures designed to improve the end product. Training is expensive and it’s unnecessary to undertake a course to learn new features for a single machine only.

To make learning easier, the Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist sewing machine comes with a backlit LCD screen. This is an important feature in that it provides clear and precise information. For example, users are able to select the right stitch, length and width.

Furthermore, they can select tension and the recommended presser foot. Since the display is backlit, it provides a clear view of symbols and other forms of information especially in poor lit areas.

820 built-in stitches

As an experienced sewist myself, I have had the opportunity of using manual sewing machines when they were the hottest products back then. Even though they wowed us with the number of useful features they had back then, today they are dwarfed by modern sewing machines. In the past, users had to contend with 5 stitches only namely straight, zigzag and hem among others.

According to the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 review, this model comes with 820 built-in stitches. Not only will you be able to make attractive fashion items but they will be the talk of the town. You can get to design a prom dress for your daughter according to your creativity and talent.

you can select the stitches via the backlit LCD display available on the frame of the sewing machine. To learn more about the stitches, just check under the top cover.

5 built-in alphabets

As an aspiring fashion designer, your dream is to have your designs become the talk of the town. You want to see your customers gracing different events in your fashion items. Not only does this attest to how amazing your work is, but it helps to show case your talent too.

As a fashion designer working from home, you don’t have access to the same facilities large production facilities have for printing out labels. To ease your dilemma, the engineers at Singer have added 5 built-in alphabets.

With this feature, you can finally make your own signature labels which you can sew at the back of your fashion items. You can create labels with the following phrase “Handcrafted by John or Jane.” Dates or other useful information can be added too.

Automatic needle threader

Because of the implementation of the automatic needle threader it makes it easy to pass the thread through the eye of the needle. It eliminates the need of licking one end of the thread. Furthermore, it makes it easy for people who have problem with eye sight to accomplish needle threading. This means one does not have to strain their eyes anymore.

To use this feature, use the right control to raise the needle to the highest position. Then you should follow it by hooking the thread under the thread guide and finally, pull down the threader. Wait until the hooked end passes through the needle eye and you are done.

2 StayBright LED lights

Working with dark fabric is quite difficult. Not only does one require to use dark colored thread but the lighting may not be enough to illuminate the work area. To ensure that sewing machines users are able to work with dark fabrics much easier, they fit unit with 2 StayBright LED lights.

Everyone knows that LEDs have a long life (more than 100,000 hours) and that they consume less energy as well. Furthermore, they produce a bright light which at close range helps to illuminate the work area clearly. The LED Bulbs are cool to the touch, so you know That you wont burn yourself by touching them.


  • Comes with 820 built-in stitches making it easier to complete projects.
  • Available with free accessories like an instruction manual, soft-sided dust cover, foot control and power cord.
  • A backlit LCD display allows stitch selection to be easier.
  • The 5 built-in alphabets allow you to personalize your projects.
  • Features mirror imaging and elongation functions.


  • The LCD display lacks touch capability.
  • The outer shell is made with plastic.

Final Thoughts

Every shopper is looking for a product that not only works as advertised but assures you of long term use. According to Singer 9980 Quantum Stylist review, this model is a good choice for you. Why? It features a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to select different settings. With the built-in alphabets, you can finally personalize your fashion items.

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