Radiant 2000 500W LED Grow Light

If you are a serious grower, whether a large commercial operation or a back-yard pro, you should check out this professional grade LED grow light the Radiant 2000. We are fans of American made products, and the US based company Agricultural Lighting Technologies fits the bill.

At first sight you can immediately tell that this is a well-designed light based on its outer enclosure, made of machined aluminum and moisture resistant components. In fact, it is rated IP55 so it’s suitable for wet and damp locations like inside a greenhouse. That tells you that it’s been developed for serious commercial grow facilities, but even the home grower can benefit from a lamp that is IP55 rated since it generally helps prevent rusting of components and increases the lamp’s longevity. This itself is important because the lamp isn’t cheap, selling for $1,499, so you might expect to get a long life out of your investment. It carries a 3 year warranty.

Tech Specs

The fixture measures 19x12x3 inches and holds 4 powerful LED lamps each made up of 100 LEDs and coupled to large lenses to disperse the light evenly. The Radiant 2000 is intended to cover an area of 4×4 ft (16 sq ft), and consumes approx 500 watts. Lights can be daisy chained together.

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This light is tuned to provide maximum plant growth throughout the plant’s lifecycle. It provided a spectrum in the range of 370nm to 740nm, with a peak at 683 (red). Based on independent grow testing performed by SCLabs, it was determined that medicinal plants grown with this lighting technology produced higher yield and stronger potency. The company claims to deliver the highest PAR value (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) in the industry, which essentially accelerates photosynthesis in the plant.


– industrial grade design and components, great for commercial operations
– designed and assembled in the US, 3 year warranty
– IP55 suitable for damp locations, increased longevity
– optimized light spectrum for plant growth throughout lifecycle


– a bit pricey, but hey, you get a quality product
– no built-in-wireless remote
– no ability to adjust light spectrum for different growth cycles

As this LED grow light is a bit new to our repertoire, we’ll be keeping an eye on it so check back for updates and we learn more about its long term performance and efficacy. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the other great LED grow light reviews found here and other useful information.

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