Promotion TaoTronics TT-GL14 80*3W 6 Bands Led Grow Light Review

While there may be many LED grow lights available in the market today, not all of them are as good or as efficient as the companies producing them claim them to be. This is where reviews by existing users of the products come in. As a longtime grower of plants and vegetables, I would personally recommend the Promotion TaoTronics TT-GL14 80*3W 6 Bands Led Grow Light, and will proceed to show in the review below the reasons for my assertion.

For a person who has been into agriculture for a long time as a profession, I was amazed by what this LED light had to offer. The product addressed all my lighting needs for my multifarious grow projects. Most of the time, I have had to have specific lighting for specific time of growth for my vegetables, and this wasted my time on one hand and raised the input costs of my concern significantly. However, this product offers a different level of value altogether.

The Led Grow Light is designed for plants that are germinating and those that are growing

It has a full spectrum band ration that is capable of giving your plants all the energy that they need. The 6 band spectrum consists of Ultraviolet: 380nm, Infrared: 730nm, Blue: 425nm, Red: 630, 660nm, and White: 12000k. This ensures that not only do your plants get the full visible spectrum; they also receive the UV and IR rays that can make a world of difference to the final outcome. Indeed, you do not need to compliment it with any other source of light.

It is made of grow lights that are 90% energy saving

It also has Metal halide and HPS grow lights that allow your vegetables to grow, bud, and flower. You do not need to change the light with the varying stages of your plants because they are appropriate for all stages of growth.

Other than the lighting system, the lamps have a cooling system

They come with a cooling system comprising of 3 built-in fans. I loved them because they are cool and do not make any noise when running. There is no need for additional heat removal equipment because the heat is controlled from within the LED light and the existing cooling system does a great job of controlling the heat that is produced

This is one of the products that have just met my in-house agriculture needs

I was concerned about the lights that it gives and what happens to the excess light and the area that can be covered with the grow light. However, I realized that the product is efficient and covers just enough space for indoor agriculture without becoming a liability to other grow areas through overlap of light areas

Promotion TaoTronics Bands Led Grow Light is fully absorbed during photosynthesises

There are no unnecessary light spectrum areas that can take up energy for no useful purpose. You can use the light for an area that covers 6 square feet.

Some issues to consider before buying these lights

Though I mentioned above that I am fully satisfied with these lights and I reiterate this again, I would be pulling the wool over your eyes if I did not mention some pertinent shortcomings.

Firstly, I find the 6 square feet not enough. The shape design of the light is not appropriate for all grow rooms and/or growrooms. It works well with square greenhouses or wide rectangular greenhouses but for the common ordinary green houses, some of the light will go to waste. The other disadvantage is that you cannot direct the light to where you need it to be precisely, because there is not enough provision for adjustable reflectors and other light directing apparatus.

Despite these shortcomings, I feel that the average grower will not feel that the product they have purchased is falling short of their expectations. Indeed, barring some exceptional cases, the trade-offs involved are few enough for the product to be an overall value for money proposition. So analyze your grow room well and then go for these excellent LED grow lights!

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