Best TAC-Force Pocket Knives 2021

Sometimes, making decisions about a simple thing can be a difficult one to do, such as when you want to make a purchase of small things like pocket knives. Pocket knives, as small as they are, can save one from a lot of struggles, in the kitchen, during hunting, or perhaps for self-defense, or recreational activities.

If you are one of those whose works require the use of a pocket knife, it is obviously necessary you get a very good one. TAC-force pocket knives are designed with spring to aid the deployment of the knives just at the time you need them. However, these knives are not made equally; some are better than the others, hence, the reason for this review.

This review is here to help you make easier your decision to purchase a pocket knife. The knives I’ll be reviewing are those we have selected based on our research and customers’ responses. So, read on to discover the best TAC-Force pocket knives.

Here’s a table showing the best TAC-Force knives we’ll be reviewing.

RankName of KnifeWeight
#1TAC-Force Dagger Style Opening Knife4 ounces
#2TAC Force TF-428 Assisted Opening Folding Knife4.8 ounces
#3TAC Force TF-800 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife4.6 ounces
#4TAC Force Razor Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife Stonewash New4.4 ounces
#5TAC Force TF-89RD Spring Assist Folding Knife6.2 ounces
#6TAC-Force Pocket Knife With Spring Assisted Opening5.7 ounces
Best TAC-Force knives Chart

1. TAC-Force Dagger Style Opening Knife

TAC-Force Dagger

TAC-Force Dagger Style Opening Knife requires just a little sharpening, and then it is ready for optimal use. It is made of stainless steel, so it’s not the kind of knife that rusts easily after a while when left unused. Its aluminium handle and shape makes it easy to grip. It is a spring assisted pocket knife and it has a thickness of 4 inches and 3 mm; the handle is 5 inches. The blade is 4 inches long and the knife, when you fold it, is 5 inches, so this makes it very easy to keep on your body. The pocket clip on the knife allows for easy carrying and attachment to the pocket. So far,  the knife has gathered very good customer reviews given its fair price. It is a very good knife, and I’m quite sure you will like it.


  • Low price
  • The blade is designed to sustain blood
  • It uses spring that allows the blade to flip out easily
  • It has high resistance to corrosion


  • It’s fairly weighty

2. TAC Force TF-428 Assisted Opening Folding Knife

TAC Force TF-428

If you want a knife that is easy and safe to take around with you, you can count on TAC Force TF-428 Series spring assisted opening folding knife. Its blade has a pointed tip and is made of stainless steel which is about 3.5 inches, 3mm thick and 5 inches in length. In addition to its sharpness, spring, and portability, it is very easy to flip out when the need arises.

Also, it uses a belt clip which is easily removable just by turning one small screw. It has a lock for safety; although the lock is fairly tight, it will get smoother as you use it. It is a spring assisted knife, so it pops out the blade with ease and it has a small lever for keeping the blade back into the casing.

A liner lock which is aided by spring ensures that it is harmlessly secured. This is perhaps why it is referred to as a gentleman’s knife. So if you are in for hunting, or for others purpose that requires the use of a knife, I recommend this.


  • A pointed blade for easy penetrate easily
  • The knife’s inner locks ensure safety
  • It is lightweight
  • The clip on the knife’s handle makes it easy to clip into your pocket


  • The lock seems tight when you start using it.

3. TAC Force TF-800 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

TAC Force TF-800

TAC Force TF-800 Series Spring Assisted Folding Knife is another good pocket knife on this list. Half of the blade is serrated to protect the straight sharp edge. That’s why it is referred to as a serrated knife. It’s good for everyday use as it is a little knife that is easy to pocket around. This knife also uses a very effective liner lock. There is a serrated area (something like zigzag) inside of it, and it is this part that opens to shield the blade when you flip open the knife. It’s about four and a half inches when closed and has a plastic handle that makes it light and comfortable to use. And you only need to push the strap at the back for it to flip out. It’s really nice for its price and worth your every penny. Indeed, I recommend this knife.


  • The handle is made for perfect grip
  • It has a lock to ensure that you don’t cut yourself
  • The spring makes it easy to flip out the blade


  • The whole length of the blade is not used

4. TAC Force Razor Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife

TAC Force Razor Folding Pocket Knife

This knife is so great knife that it’s on the best selling rank. It’s fairly higher in price than most knives on this list but that is not for nothing. It uses an extremely razor-sharp blade. The knife is relatively heavy when held but surprisingly, it’s flexible to handle and use. It has a very strong and tight clip and its blade is grooved to make it somewhat stiff and light. It is a good kitchen tool.

This 9” TAC Force Razor Spring Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife is a fine knife with a stonewashed blade and has amassed maximum customers’ reviews on Amazon. That is, it provides maximum satisfaction. It’s made perfect and has never had any negative review.  It’s highly recommended.


  • The blade cuts just like razor, which makes it require less effort to use
  • The pocket clip is very tight so that it doesn’t lose no matter how you turn your body
  • It uses a blood groove to prevent blood dripping


  • The blade has some stiffness.
  • It is somewhat heavy.

5. TAC Force TF-89RD Spring Assist Folding Knife

TAC Force TF-89RD

TAC Force TF-89RD Spring Assist Folding Knife has a two-toned blade and is spring assisted. It is designed like a sword and is very sharp. Moreover, the knife is also foldable and easy to deploy with one hand. This TAC Force pocket knife has garnered maximum reviews from the end users. The knife’s liner lock secures its blade and ensures safety while the handle is well built in such a way that it feels firm to the grip.

It is 4.75 inches when closed; this small size makes it very mobile. Also, it uses 4 inches, 3 mm thick stainless blade that has a blood groove. This pocket knife is one of those great knives you can find at a very cheap price.


  • It is small when you close it
  • The two-toned blade makes it work like a sword
  • Very easy to pocket
  • Low cost


  • It has some weight
  • The two sides cannot be touched anyhow

6. TAC-Force Pocket Knife With Spring Assisted Opening

	TAC-Force Pocket Knife

Tac Force Spring Assisted Opening is a tactical pocket knife. It is brand new and for the few periods it’s been on the market, it has gathered awesome customers’ review. This knife is a well-designed, strong, sharp blade and has exceptional functionalities. In short, It’s now the customers’ preference, perhaps for its beauty or firm grip provided by its handle.

It is very fine and curvy and the handle uses rubberized ABS. The blade is made of stainless steel and is 4 inches in length while the entire length of the knife is 9 inches. It’s not only great in the picture but also great when used. It is highly recommended. It’s worth every penny you spend


  • It is new and has gained market audience
  • The blade is long enough to penetrate deeper
  • Nice appearance
  • Handle designed for absolute grip


  • It is very long


TAC-FORCE Grey Folding Knife

This is a multifunctional knife made for various purposes, be it a firefighter rescue pocket knife, hunting, or rather handiness for the military. It’s one of the few knives that are very cheap yet has gathered many positive reviews, in fact, maximum review, from users, which shows that it provides total utility.

It is spring assisted like others but uses a Ti-coated stainless steel handle that makes it unique from the rest. So it is needless to say that if you want a high-quality pocket knife for a low price, this multi-purpose knife is of utmost recommended.


  • It uses an alloy stainless blade for optimal use
  • The blade is very thick
  • It can be used for various purposes


  • The thick blade may prevent the smooth slitting


Honestly, we have done a whole lot of work to make your pocket knife purchase easier. The TAC Force pocket knives listed here are well-designed, sharp, have high strength and are durable. Their high quality and exceptional functionality have made some of them popular amongst many people. So, by now, you know the best TAC Force pocket knife to purchase. So when you are ready, just do it. They are highly recommended.