Top 6 Best SOG Pocket Knives for EDC 2021

For decades now, SOG has been a prominent name in the production of cutting tools. They are known for making sturdy, versatile knives for household and military use. The company itself originated from a military setting. This has invariably given it a leading edge in the cutting tools industry.

The production of SOG knives was inspired by a combat knife used by a US special ops team, MACV-SOG, for numerous covert missions during the Vietnam war. SOG was initially an acronym for Studies and Observation Group. It referred to an elite military unit that was commissioned to carry out covert missions during the Vietnam war.

In 1986, Spencer Frazer, in a commemorative thrust, created a knife in honor of the SOG Bowie –the special ops team’s combat knife. Frazer was well versed in several fields, including modern art and aerospace engineering. The knife quickly became famous among law enforcement agencies and the general public, and it subsequently spawned a full-fledged line of products.

Today, SOG knives are still highly patronized by military outfits around the globe, including the US Navy SEALS.

Why SOG Continues to be The Leader of the Pack

SOG Pocket Knive

Brand Name Does Count

When it comes to knives, the brand does matter a lot. SOG, as a leading brand, has a line of products that cost more than products of other brands. It also has a well-established reputation for quality and versatility. Since its inception, SOG has provided households and military groups with blades made from top-notch materials which can withstand adverse conditions.

Sturdy Knives are Forged From Sturdy Steel

If you’re not the type who gambles with the quality of your knife, then you’d definitely understand why high-quality steel is fundamental to a  knife’s durability. SOG knives come with lifetime warranties. Therefore, you make a very prudent decision if you choose to fork out $50-$100 for an SOG knife, instead of choosing to buy a $20 knife multiple times.

SOG Continuously Feeds Knife Enthusiasts With Fecund Information

The SOG website packs a punch of practical information for knife enthusiasts. With resources such as buying guides as well as knife care forums, SOG strives to keep the knife enthusiast abreast of all the innovations and latest tips with regards to knives. Both new and seasons knife enthusiasts get to make well-informed decisions concerning knives by tapping into the wealth of information made available by SOG.

SOG has also dominated the cutting tools industry partly because the company pours all its energies and creativity into making highly durable and versatile tools. To the company, the big picture is all about a dependable, handy instrument for the soldier and survivalist. The following 7 best SOG pocket knives for no-brainer survivalists.

The Best SOG Pocket Knives Latest Comparison Chart

ImageName of ProductWeight
SOG-Aegis-Assisted-Folding-KnifeSOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife3.1
SOG Flash II Assisted Folding KnifeSOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife3.1
SOG Zoom Assisted Folding KnifeSOG Zoom Assisted Folding Knife3.0
SOG TWITCH II Assisted Folding KnifeSOG TWITCH II Assisted Folding Knife3.1
SOG Vulcan Tanto Folding KnifeSOG Vulcan Tanto Folding Knife3.1
SOG Pillar Fixed BladeSOG Pillar Fixed Blade3.0
The Best SOG Pocket Knives Chart

Now Let’s Jump Into SOG Pocket Knife Details Reviews

1. SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife

SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife

The AUS-8 steel was originally created by the Japanese. It is a medium carbon steel that is rich in chromium. While the chromium content furnishes the steel with rust resistance, the carbon beefs up its hardness.

The Aegis comes with a Zytel handle that sports a digital camo thematic of the army. Zytel, a composite of fiberglass and nylon, makes for a very firm and durable handle.

Aegis, as a classical SOG product made of AUS-8 steel, is designed to stand up to extreme physical pressure. It features a clip-point-tipped 3-inch blade.

Featuring an SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) opener, the Aegis allows for users to open it instantaneously with one hand. However, in order to prevent the knife from accidentally opening, Aegis is also fitted with a safety device that keeps the SAT opener in check.


  • The product is delivered with its blade edge sharpened to a speck-splitting degree.
  • It also comes with a serrated edge that adds to its versatility.


  • The clip is originally difficult to operate. Most owners are left with no choice but to tinker with the clip in order to put it in good shape.
  • The handle is poorly reinforced.

Conclusion: The only downside of having the Aegis Assisted folding knife is its slow speed of deployment. Save for that, you’ve got yourself a great knife.

2. SOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife

SOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife
SOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife

This product is made from AUS-8 steel and is available in a variety of designs including one with a TiNi (Titanium Nitride) finish, and another with a satin coating. The blades also come in a variety of styles, including plain blades and combination blades.

The product’s variety of design doesn’t end there, as buyers can also choose from a wide range of handle designs. However, the handles are all made of Glass Reinforced Nylon (GNR). GNR is the ideal material when it comes to comfort, lightweight, and slenderness.

Together with a reversible deep pocket clip, all these features combine to make the SOG Flash II a nifty deep pocket blade. With safety checks in place such as the safety lock that prevents accidental opening, you can always set your mind on other things as you engage in highly intense activities while your knife sits deep inside your pocket.

For a comfortable grip, the product’s handle is designed with a deep choil that allows your index finger to take a cushy position while you go for a hard cut.


  • Makes for a seamless opening.
  • Comfortable, secure handle.
  • Comes with reversible clips that enable deep pocket carry.
  • Versatile blades that are used for both domestic and military usages.


  • Since weighs only 87.89 grams, it is not ideal for heavy-duty use.

Conclusion: The SOG Flash II is an ideal folding knife that can bear out the rigors of everyday uses. With its lifetime warranty, a buyer can rest easy about the durability of the product.

3. SOG Zoom Assisted Folding Knife

SOG Zoom Assisted Folding Knife
SOG Zoom Assisted Folding Knife

Like its name suggests, the SOG Zoom is designed with an assisted open device which instantly springs into action on demand. The blade, 3.6” (9.14cm) long and 0.1” (2.5mm) thick, sports a Drop Point design.The product comes with an aluminum handle, which makes it all the more sturdier and a little weightier than most of the other SOG products reviewed in this article. It weighs 124.74g.

The handle is designed with outlines of stainless liners, making for a grippy and comfortable to hold. Also in order to facilitate good grips, the product features a thumb ramp that has a nifty jimping.


  • The handle is designed to prevent slips and to support maximum traction.
  • The blade is perfectly fitted in the center.


  • The blade’s design does not allow for easy sharpening.

Conclusion: In keeps with its tradition, SOG produced Zoom with ergonomics and utility as the key considerations. Zoom also comes with a lifetime warranty so users can rest easy about its durability.

4. SOG TWITCH II Assisted Folding Knife

SOG TWITCH II Assisted Folding Knife
SOG TWITCH II Assisted Folding Knife

The SOG TWITCH II comes with a design that spells simplicity to a tee. It can fit into your EDC rotation seamlessly at any point in time.

The product features a 2.65 inches thick blade fitted into an anodized aluminum handle. With its Drop-Point shaped blade, its simple design is coupled with versatility.

It comes with the SOG Assisted Technology, and that also counts towards its versatility and simplicity. It’s also very easy to tuck the blade back, hence both the opening and closing actions can take turns within seconds.


  • You only need to twitch your finger to get the blade kicking out.
  • The Grind is full flat.


  • As with any knife with assisted open, its blade wiggles most times, causing incessant blade play.

Conclusion: By simply feeling the edges of the blade, you’ll realize that the lifetime guarantee for this product is a no-brainer. The knife’s anodized aluminium handle is padded with metal plates that enhance its sturdiness. Additionally, they make the entire product a little weightier than the other SOG knives reviewed here.

5. SOG Vulcan Tanto Folding Knife

SOG Vulcan Tanto Folding Knife
SOG Vulcan Tanto Folding Knife

The Vulcan, made in Japan, features a 3.5-inch blade made of San Mai VG-10. San Mai means “three layers”, which infers the multiple components of the blade material. In effect, Vulcan’s blade material is stronger than the AUS-8 steel. The blade features a solid Tanto tip.

The VG-10 component of the blade contains vanadium and is set on the edge to galvanize the blade’s durability. The mixture of components translates to the blade having a hardened edge that can remain razor sharp for a long time, and a flexible body.

With a hollow grind and a little curve around the belly, the Vulcan’s Tanto blade makes for an ideal slicing knife.

Like the other SOG knives reviewed so far, Vulcan features a handle made of glass-reinforced nylon (GRN.) With steel liners impressed all over it, the handle makes for maximal grip together with a comfy feel. Although the Vulcan does not feature an assisted open technology, its manual flipper is very dependable and smooth.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • Tanto design makes for versatile tactical use.
  • Composite steel blades designed to cater for both flexibility and hardness.


  • Because of its size and weight, it might not be an ideal fit for EDC for many-a-user.

Conclusion: The Vulcan is built primarily for tactical use, but its versatility makes it suitable for several EDC needs. With a reversible clip that drops from the bottom of the handle, the Vulcan can sit deep inside your pocket, making for a perfect concealed carry.

6. SOG Pillar Fixed Blade

SOG Pillar Fixed Blade
SOG Pillar Fixed Blade

The Pillar features a 5 inches long, 0.16 inches thick, a clip-point blade made of CPMS35VN. The S35VN is a relatively tougher material, albeit sharpening it isn’t a challenge.

Made of canvas Micarta, the handle allows for a comfortable grip that enables good traction. The product weighs 206.95g.

The SOG pillar comes with a bulky Kydex sheath that holds the knife firmly in place no matter the intensity of the holder’s activities. The product’s belt loop features a modifiable locking system.

With a very efficient jimping around the thumb rail and the handle’s top, the product makes for an ideal feathering and slicing knife.


  • Its versatility makes it suitable for heavy-duty and tactical use.
  • The blade is made of tough material yet it’s fairly easy to sharpen.


  • The product features a finger choil that isn’t very efficient.

Conclusion: With a blade made from a material slightly superior to the AUS-8 steel, you can expect the SOG Pillar to performs as doggedly as the other SOG knives reviewed here do and to even surpass them in some aspects.

Final Conclusion

With knowledge from this best SOG pocket knives guide, I’m sure choosing the best pocket knife from any of these knives won’t be so confusing.