Top 7 Best Columbia Pocket Knives (CRKT) 2021

There are a lot of perks to having a handy pocket knife ready anytime. Apart from the fact that it is beneficial when it comes to camping or gutting that fish that you might want to prepare. It is also one of the most functional tools that are essential to most craftsmen today. With proper handling and use, the importance of pocket knives is not limited. So from the opening of boxes to removing that splinter the use of pocket knives are quite many, and in this article, we would be reviewing some of the very best Columbia pocket knives.

Buying Guide of Best Columbia Pocket Knives

Before we continue, here are some useful tips to consider before getting a pocket knife;

  • The locking mechanism

The locking mechanism of some blades have inferior quality, and this usually affects the durability of the knife. It might also put you at risk. So before you purchase a pocket knife check out to see if it has a perfect locking mechanism.

  • Quality of steel;

Most knives are always made with steel and the variety of the steel matters a lot if the durability is to be considered. Most blades will rust or break within a short period, and this is not very convenient for users.

  • Price

This is one of the most important factors to consider whenever you want to purchase a knife. You don’t need to dent your wallet to get a pocket knife. There is very affordable pocketknife that still has all the quality of a good knife.

  • Others

Other factors such as brand, blade type, warranty, the purpose for purchasing the knife and many different reasons that should be considered before the purchase of pocket knife is made.

Now to the heart of the matter, below is the information you need about some of the best pocket knives in Columbia;

Columbia Pocket Knives Reviews Round-Up List for 2021

RankName of KnifeWeight
#1Columbia Drifter 6450K G10 Plain Edge Folding Knife8 ounces
#2Columbia 7270 CRKT Ripsnort Folding Straight Edge Knife6.1 ounces
#3Columbia CRKT 6702 Small Mirage Folding Pocket Knife8 ounces
#4Columbia CRKT Ryan Model 7 Folding Knife2.0 ounces
#5Columbia CRKT CR6773SOD Crawford Kasper Folding Knife3.5 ounces
#6Columbia River Knife & Tool Hammond Desert Cruiser3.5 ounces
#7Columbia River Knife and Tool’s K406BXP Ken Onion Ripple2.4 ounces
7 Best Columbia Pocket Knives Chart

1. Columbia Drifter 6450K G10 Plain Edge Folding Knife

Columbia Drifter 6450K G10 Plain Edge Folding Knife

The pocket knife comes with no better attribute that the Columbia River Knife and tool. Don’t be deceived by the river knife name. It is a multi-purpose knife that not only has excellent snap lock mechanism but also makes sure that it doesn’t ever feel like a burden. The knife comes with an impressive open device and an efficient blade guard which gives it a gentle drop point shape.

One of the many people who reviewed the Columbia River Knife and tool describe how beautiful the design is and how efficient it is as a tool. The knife also comes at the high price and is also one of the knives that has a high interface liner and good locker liner for safety.

The knife possesses such qualities such as a limited lifetime warranty, bead blast finish, and quick release for easy opening amongst other beautiful features.


  • Portable and less burden.
  • Tough handles.
  • Innovative snap lock mechanism.
  • Super sharp.


  • Might wear out the user’s pocket.
  • A little bit more difficult than the average pocket knife.

Conclusion: Generally, the Columbia River Knife and tool is a very nice product and is fit to be carried around for various reasons and can be used for camping.

2. Columbia 7270 CRKT Ripsnort Folding Straight Edge Knife

Columbia 7270 CRKT EDC Folding Knife

If you are looking for a pocket knife that has a razor-thin blade that is very sharp while still staying strong, then the Columbia River Knife and tool 7270 is just what you need. With it’s razor-thin and low-profile companion for fine-tuned tasks, the knife is one of the very best pocket knives you can have.

When we discussed the properties of a good pocket knife we mentioned that the lock mechanism must be right, well the Columbia River Knife and tool 7270 has just that with a husky locking liner that makes the lockup as secure as possible. One of the reviewers says that the blade is hefty and can be used for real work.


  • Classy and artful handle.
  • Excellent locking liner that acts as a finger guard.
  • Razor-thin and sharp blades.
  • Has a great fit for the pocket.


  • Has a tip that can’t pierce anything.

Conclusion: In conclusion, for a knife of its price the Columbia River Knife and tool 7270 is of very good quality and has features that are mainly essential to everyday use.

3. Columbia CRKT 6702 Small Mirage Folding Pocket Knife

Columbia River 6702

Talk about a portable folding knife that has a lot of attributes that can be used for just about anything. When you need a good pocket knife, then this, is just what you want. With its 7 inches open length and 4 1/8” closing length, this knife will comfortably fit into your pocket without any stress.

The knife has blades that are sharp enough to cut just whatever item you want. And also the appearance and edge of the knife give a very pleasant overall feel, and what’s more, it has a great locking mechanism that helps you keep its blade secure when it’s not in use.

So you can be sure that whenever you are going out you have a multipurpose handy tool all packed in a 4 1/8” case.


  • Great appearance and nice feel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great lock mechanism
  • Vintage original version.


  • The knife carries a cheap feel.
  • Feels a bit stiffs after some time

Conclusion: This is a knife that offers you all the great use you can get with a proper pocket knife at an affordable price.

4. Columbia CRKT Ryan Model 7 Folding Knife

Columbia CRKT Ryan Model 7

This also follows one of the CRKT knives that is also portable and has this tremendous and firm grip. It also has a deep finger that enhances the strength of the knife. The pocket knife also possesses a quality, such as stainless steel that has a partially serrated blade making it very sharp and corrosion-resistant.

Like some of the others in the CRKT series of pocket knives, it also has a perfect lock mechanism and a final size of 4 5/8 inches, which means it fits comfortably in the pocket of any cloth or bag. It also has a design that makes it very strong.

The knife is well packaged, sharp, easy to handle and useful for everyday activities. It also has a better folding and in all is an excellent fit for your daily use.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Sharp and durable blade.
  • Light to carry around.
  • Great quality.


  • Expensive in some locale.
  • Stiff clips that require a lot of effort to pull-up.

Conclusion: The quality and portability of the knife cannot be denied, and all this are available in the CRKT Ryan model 7 knife.

5. Columbia CRKT CR6773SOD Crawford Kasper Folding Knife

Columbia CRKT CR6773SOD Knife

A knife with a good safety system, standard edge modified drop point and a pocket clip that is stainless. The knife is big, which means it might not be as portable as others, and has a great tip that means that it can be used for piercing action whenever and wherever. The knife is superior to most of the others and has an impressive blade length.

It also has an interesting design that makes it look unique and uses a hearty amount of steel that makes it likable. The price is a great fit for the price, and with the reviews, it has been getting it can apparently be seen that it is a great pocket knife.


  • It is big but still portable.
  • It has a drop point edge that can be used for piercing.
  • Great camping and general use.
  • Has extra lock for keeping liner lock form moving back.


  • Steel is a little bit lower in quality
  • A little less durable than others.

Conclusion: If you want a knife that has a big blade while been still cool enough to carry around, the CRKT CR6773SOD Crawford Kasper folding knife is an excellent choice.

6. Columbia River Knife & Tool Hammond Desert Cruiser

Columbia River Knife

These pocket knives come in work and sports version. It is secure and features a forward slanting groove that allows the user to have a firm grip and makes it have the sweetest flipper that you will see in a pocket knife. The knife has a paddle pocket style clip that is attached in four places which enhances the lock mechanism.

The knife is beautiful, and its design is also intricate. All the properties that should be possessed are in this knife as it has a sharp blade, a good safety click, and many other great qualities. The price is also very affordable and wouldn’t be too much on the buyer’s budget.


  • Highly attractive with intricate design
  • Solid piece that has no vulnerabilities
  • Perfect fit for the hands


  • A little bit heavy
  • Takes a little getting used to for perfect handling

In Conclusion: A beautiful knife that has special design and fit into your hands like no other. You have a great option with this knife.

7. Columbia River Knife and Tool’s K406BXP Ken Onion Ripple

Columbia K406BXP Knife

Last on this best Columbia pocket knives review is the CRKT Ken Onion Ripple Knife.

For a knife that spawns from a series of other great pocketknives, it is not entirely difficult to guess that the ripple folding knife will have wonderful attributes and this doesn’t certainly disappoint.

With the stainless steel handle and considerate clip position. They have ambidextrous blade flipper that makes for superb frame lock and easy opening.

They are also portable enough to be carried around in your pocket. This brand of the pocket knife has a razor-sharp edge and lots of other properties that make it stand out from other pocket knives.


  • Strong, convenient and portable.
  • Large and razor sharp blade.


  • Narrow carrying clip.


Any list of the best pocket knives is incomplete if there is no mention of Columbia knives. This best Columbia pocket knives review article has undoubtedly, done justice to the mighty and low knives from CRKT.