The Hyperdunk release is one that every sneaker fan looks forward to. 2013′s Hyperdunks offered us a fantastic shoe, which performed very well in game. With that pressure resting firmly upon their shoulders, we see what Nike have put together for their 2014 Hyperdunk offering.

How They Look

In two words – very slick. The great thing about the Hyperdunk series is that they are such a huge member of the basketball shoe family, that they have multiple colorways available. We picked out the university gold, sonic yellow and university blue for a little nod towards those college game days. However they have 13 others available depending on your taste.

How They Fit

In terms of a true fit you can’t really go wrong with the Hyperdunk 14′s in term of length. You won’t need to size up or down, but to be honest I have found court shoes that have a nicer fit. They are not uncomfortable by any means, far from it and around the ankle and back of the foot they are fantastic. Yet it was the forefoot that I found to be a little bit too wide.

If you find these fit for you though, you will be highly rewarded by the exceptional cushioning of the shoe. They have Target Lunarlon in the heel and forefoot offering great impact protection, without making these shoes weighty and bulky.

On The Court

The cushioning of these shoes may not offer the same protection as a Nike Air release will, making them less practical if you were playing center, but they offer the perfect balance for a guard. The support they offer is really very good, with only the forefoot a small bug bear. Your foot really feels like it is locked to the sole plate and it gives you a very safe on court feeling.

The grip is not a massive plus point for these, but they can get the job done. They are exceptionally hard wearing and durable, resulting in a shoe that really can hold its own. The material does not scuff or mark and is easy to clean. The final point is the ventilation and this is really good on the Hyperdunks. It keeps your feet and the shoe fresh, and you can really notice the difference after a hard game.

What Others Say

Other reviews on the Nike website and Amazon mirror our thoughts on the fit across your forefoot, and the grip given on court. There remain a good number of reviews though, that praise the grip they give you in game, and the traction it provides. Finally everyone is in agreement of the great balanced protection these offer, and the cushioning upon impact.

In Summary

The first thing I would conclude with on this review is that these are a high performance piece of equipment. With that in mind we reviewed them to that level. They are not aimed at the casual user, and chances are if you purchase these for casual on court use they will be the best pair of basketball