Medical Marijuana Card

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Struggling with chronic pain, neurological problems or degenerative diseases are some of the reasons why people use marijuana and may seek to obtain an official medical marijuana card. Even though they are using marijuana to help with their medical condition, many of them are still risking their freedom by acquiring their marijuana from illegal drug dealers. If you are one of these people, then you really need to know the legal way to get your weed.

Do you know that today The “marijuana for health” movement has been spreading all around the country? A lot of states today have politicians struggling for cannabis reform and legislation so that deserving patients like you would have the opportunity to take the healing benefits of marijuana without risking of getting criminalized for it.

California was the first state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, which was then followed by 13 other states. Each state has their own laws to protect the use of marijuana for deserving patients. However, in order to get this kind of protection you have to be medically eligible and you also need to have a Medical Marijuana Card.

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Medical Marijuana Card

One thing that could help you get cannabis legally to be used for medical purposes is by having a Medical Marijuana Card that will work as a permit for you to get your weed.  Note that a medical marijuana card many not be enough, as some dispensaries may require to see your original doctor’s recommendation.

However, in order to get a Medical Marijuana Card, you should be eligible for it. Unfortunately, even though a lot of people have become more educated about the medical marijuana, many of them still ended up in disappointment because they made mistakes when trying to acquire the Medical Marijuana Card, thus they were considered ineligible.

Therefore, knowing the common mistakes people do when they are trying to get a Medical Marijuana Card is really important so you can avoid them and start getting your marijuana legally.

Lack of Knowledge Regarding Marijuana Laws

Any forms of possession, use and sale of marijuana are actually still illegal according to the United State’s federal law, however several states today already have laws regulating legal possession, use and sale of marijuana. The most common mistake people do is their lack of knowledge understanding these laws, it’s actually a simple logic, if you don’t understand the laws you will keep breaking them.

That’s why the first thing you need to do is to research your state laws regarding medical marijuana regulations. By doing this, you will know how the state can protect those who seek health benefits from using marijuana, you will also get an idea of the proper procedure and restrictions in using medical marijuana by understanding these laws.

Not Knowing the Pressure of the Industry

Medical marijuana is a massive scale industry that has to serve the needs of the patients while at the same time following some strict state regulations. There is a fine line between the medical marijuana industry and illegal marijuana, thus small mistakes could easily turn it into an illegal transaction. People at the frontline of this industry, including doctors, politicians, growers, as well as small businesses are those who care a lot about their image, because these are all the people who are pushing for a cause. They are also the people who feel the most pressure regarding medical marijuana industry and business, and if you don’t understand the pressure and the needs of this industry, you will be rejected.

Many patients don’t realize the pressure of this industry and they think getting a Medical Marijuana Card is just as easy as getting a gym membership card, fortunately it’s not. It’s actually a good thing that there are strict regulations that have to be followed by these front liners, otherwise some stereotypical marijuana users might easily get their hands on it and some of them might brag about it to reporters and you can guess what happens next, more controversy and the state might revoke the laws concerning medical marijuana and making it illegal again.

No Clue Where to Begin

Getting stared with your effort to acquire a Medical Marijuana Card is probably the most difficult part, and many people actually just gave up at this stage and back to their illegal dealer to get their supplies. When you search the internet usually the results are mostly articles about political battle over legalization or hundreds of ads from doctors and many different dispensaries. These dispensaries usually only tease you with their eye-catching products without giving any good information regarding the procedures of getting a Medical Marijuana Card, while most doctors give strict restriction and could only schedule appointments with people who could meet their qualification. So where should you begin?

Technically, to be eligible for using marijuana legally i.e. getting Medical Marijuana, you should suffer from a health condition that could be treated by using medical marijuana. This health condition should be confirmed by an authorized medical professional, the doctor should also give the recommendation for the use of cannabis as part of your treatment. At this point you already have a permit to use marijuana legally, but you cannot just buy marijuana from any random guy, you should go to places that are authorized to supply your cannabis needs. Please note that these places are actually not “selling” you the marijuana, that are only authorized to “supply” you with marijuana, because even though the exchange is legal, it’s still illegal to profit from the sale of marijuana. Therefore dispensaries can only accept donations.

So that is actually a very simple process, as long as you can follow the right procedures and avoid making those mistakes as explained above. Most patients who couldn’t get a Medical Marijuana Card usually didn’t do a thorough research regarding the proper procedure. That’s why they got dismissed even in their first meeting with the doctor. The best preparation that you can do before you meet your doctor is research, knowledge is crucial in this matter, the more you understand about the regulations and the procedures concerning medical marijuana, the more likely you will get your Medical Marijuana Card.

Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana

In some states and places (be sure to check your local laws), it is legal to grow your own medical marijuana.  To explore growing marijuana and using the right equipment such as LED grow lights, be sure to check out our informative guides and recommendations throughout this site.

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