Juki HZL-F600 Review – Forget The Rest (2020)

If you’re looking to purchase a machine that will help you effortlessly express your creativity and stitch through the toughest materials with countless patterns for your pleasure, you’re not too far away from the solution. For all-round sewing efficiency, we require sewing machines that are fast, easy to use, offer several stitch options, and produce the best results.

The Juki HZL-F600 has proven its claim of being the smartest sewing machine within its price range. For years, Juki has been committed to making smart sewing machines that ensure the best sewing experience for designers. In addition, the f-600 is a computerized sewing machine that let’s you do everything, except embroidery.

It is perfect for the home even though it is built to cater for industrial needs as well. Not to mention, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate sewer, this machine is just perfect for a successful upgrade. Most of Juki’s HZL computerized sewing machines have similar external attributes. You may think they’re all the same until you begin to use them. However, we have put together a list of features that make the HZL-F600 model unique.

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– Large Sewing Area:

The HZL-F600 model is built to cater for large sewing projects as well. Whether it’s a wedding or prom dress, the machine provides the needed space with room to spare as well, almost four times the size of a regular sewing machine. It is also perfect for specialized projects like quilts or those that require the arm to move freely.

– Multi-Fabric Compatibility:

The HZL-F600 machine has the ability to work on several kinds of fabrics. Whether heavy, thick or light, it can stitch through them neatly and easily too. Also, it has no problem working on rubber, canvas or reptile skin. It can also easily work on light materials such as satin, linen, chiffon, silk, or cotton, without causing the material to shrink.

– Various Stitch Patterns:

One of the most exciting features of this sewing machine is its possession of 225 stitch and sewing patterns accessed by a simple “Direct Select” button. You can easily gain access to your favorite stitch patterns such as blanket stitch, hemming, applique, stretch stitch, overlocking, and so on. Plus, they are adjustable using the dial. Furthermore, The LCD Screen on the machine allows you to see such patterns, including recommendations for presser foot.

– Box Feed:

You know how frustrating it gets when your fabric keeps shrinking or shifting positions while you work on it. The HZL-F600 sewing machine comes with a Box Feed system that takes care of this flaw observed in several other machines. The system contains an oval motioned feed technology and box motion feed dog that prevents shifting or shrinking while you sew. Plus, the system provides great quality when you work on heavier materials like leather.

– Control and Customize Settings:

So much versatility comes with this sewing machine. First, you can save up to 70 decorative stitches and letterings to complement your patterns. Not to mention, You can also program the needle the way you want; upwards or downwards, control the presser foot, trim the thread automatically after a seam, access the built-in sewing guide, change the buzzer’s volume, set the LCD screen’s contrast, or switch to eight different language settings, amongst several other functions.

– Flawless Buttonholes:

The Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine is built to perfection. Nothing was left out. Apt consideration is given to how your buttonholes look. Apart from giving you 16 buttonhole types to choose from, the machine has a sensor that helps sew them neatly regardless of fabric texture. Plus, the buttonhole cutting width is easily adjustable using three easy steps. The result is usually lovely buttonhole designs that emphasize the importance of this lovely feature.

– Four Fonts Large LCD Display:

What is a computer without a display monitor? This machine has an LCD display screen that helps you go through your controls and selection easily. Plus, it comes with 4 different alphanumeric font types for style and convenience. Modern-day sewing knows no boundaries with the Juki HZL-F600 sewing machine.

– Needle Placement/Movement:

Do you know that you can sew and move the needle from one spot to the other? Yes, you can. This machine is flexible and designed with various needle positions. With this feature, patterns can be moved around on your material without having to change the width of stitches. In other words, you can continue sewing without interruptions as you continue to place the needle wherever you want.

– Foot Control and Automatic Thread Trimming:

There are two options for thread trimming on the machine. One can simply use the button meant for trimming on the body of the machine or use the foot control, and they’re both very easy. Threads from the needle and bobbin can be trimmed easily by pressing the foot control’s heel side. You just need to concentrate on your work and let the foot control do its thing. It is very handy and durable.

– Presser Foot Control:

The Juki HZL-F600 Presser foot can be raised and dropped conveniently by using the knee-lifting built-in lever with a tilting capacity of up to 12 millimeters. Your hands are not required here so they can be focused on the project while your knee lifts the presser foot. This feature allows for more ease and convenience.

-Accessory Storage Feature:

The machine has an on board storage compartment for your accessories such as threads, needles, and other items that may fit in. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about your accessories lying all over the place.


♦ The Juki HZL-F600 model produces little or no sound during operation, saving us from the unpleasant noise that usually emanates from regular sewing machines during work.

♦ The Box Feed System provides agility and compatibility for all kinds of fabrics. The machine performs excellently regardless of fabric. So whether it’s a thick leather material or a light satin fabric, you don’t have a problem.

♦ It is easy to hem jeans and other heavy fabrics as the feed dogs monitor how gliding over thick seams takes place.

♦ Extension table provides much-needed space for larger projects. This creates more room for you to work on those large wedding and prom dresses.

♦ In addition, the automatic buttonhole feature is splendid. It gives perfect and neat results.

♦ The sewing area is also well lit, just in case you need light for only your work area at night.

♦ It is ergonomically designed to give comfort and convenience. With this feature, you have the much-needed support to make beautiful designs.


♦ There have been complaints about the automatic needle threader.

♦ There have also been reported issues with tension, especially during quilting. 

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If you’re having a hard time picking the right machine for you, bet your money on this one. It is worth every penny. The Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine is a bundle of benefits.

It is particularly superb for heavy materials and powerful sewing jobs. This is a worthwhile investment because it will give you the same quality result for many years to come.

It gives you real value for your money with the satisfaction and pleasure that comes with getting the job done. It is a super-fast and convenient computerized device that is built for style, quality, durability and efficiency.

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