The latest release from Michael Jordan’s “Flight” series of footwear is here. The 45′s have the classic early 90′s look, and are looking to combine it with modern manufacturing techniques to create a fantastic basketball shoe. We have delved inside the Flight 45′s to have a look at what MJ is offering up on this occasion

How They Look

The first thing to say with these is WOW! The design and colorways instantly grabs your attention and the colours are far from garish. They looked great trying them on for general day to day use, and look even better when you break them out on the court. As usual, numerous color schemes are available so you can get your Flight 45s in the specific style you’re looking for.

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How They Fit

Without sounding like a broken record, the second thing to say with these is, WOW! The comfort of these shoes grabs you from the instant you try them on. Cushioned fantastically on the inside, your foot feels like it is being treated some very luxury surroundings. Do not be fooled though. Like previous releases, you do not compromise the necessary tight fit, for comfort. Even though the inside does feel very squishy, it immediately starts to mold to your foot. This provides a lovely tight fit across the top of your foot and around the ankle.

Although they do appear on the surface to have extra padding, this does not distort the true fit of the shoe. You will not need to size up in order to find one that you are comfortable with and they are also a very true length.

On The Court

The way these shoes fit, as described above, really pays dividends in game. That cushioned feel we described is very much in evidence on the sole also. Combine this with the way your ankle is gripped, and jumping in game is very comfortable. In fact we found that the extra padding reduced wear and tear on the joints and significantly decreased muscle fatigue. Also having a shoe that fits well and does not feel loose means that you can really plant your foot with confidence, and push off hard when going for those court length sprints. Be it on offence or defense, these shoes really assist with acceleration.

The final part of the on court performance is the grip on the base of the soul. While it is not extraordinary like other releases, it is more than acceptable. When you combine this adequate grip with the exceptional fit, you have a very safe, and supportive shoe that will excel in game conditions.

What Others Say

Like us, everyday users and other reviewers loved these. They all back up what we say on the fit and sizing of the shoe. Many express how nice it is to find a shoe that can accommodate the need for a wide fit around the ankle, without feeling loose around the foot. They also have praise for the durability and the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained.

In Summary

When all is said and done these are one of the best pairs of shoes we have reviewed in a long time. The exceptional fit and true sizing means you can trust them from the get go, and the grip they provide (while not exceptional) is more than enough to do the job. Knowing your feet are properly locked in place gives you a confidence on court to twist and turn at speed, without the fear of rolling your ankles. Finally upon impact when landing, you are cushioned from the blow, and feel a noticeable difference to the fatigue you feel in your muscles and joints.

These shoes are as impressive on court as they are off it. Be it for casual use, a training shoe, or something to pull on when game day rolls round, you can not go far wrong if you decide to purchase these.