How to Grow Weed Indoors Step by Step

Many of you want to know how to grow weed indoors step by step, maybe because you want to grow some high quality bud at home. Do you want bud that is so good that it can contend with that Ultra High Quality stuff you see at the Cannabis Cup and High Life?  You can!  You just have to go for it and not worry about making a mistake.  Hey, if at first you don’t succeed, just sow another seed!  If you’re looking for an affordable indoor grow which will produce decent quality or even high quality cannabis flowers, you just need to follow some simple and cost effective steps to growing weed.

How to Grow Weed Indoors

Like any other plant, marijuana requires a mix of nutrients, carbon dioxide, oxygen and sunlight to flourish. As indoor cannabis growers have learned through decades though, it is difficult to replicate Mother Nature’s ability to provide all of these ingredients in the right quantity. With time however, solutions have been found and so today we have LED grow lights and grow tents for providing artificial lighting and ideal growing conditions.

When growing weed indoors there are several things that can go wrong, examples include bugs, nutrient problems, lighting issues, dehydration of leafs, etc.  To avoid such issues it’s best to do a bit of research first and educate yourself.  You might want to join an online cannabis forum to pick tips, and there are a few that are very popular among first time growers, I like  If you believe that you’re ready to undertake growing cannabis indoors, then here are a few more tips and steps to follow…

How to Grow Weed Fast

You may agree that patience is a virtue, but you still want to know how to grow weed fast.  Like any other plant, growing cannabis requires some patience, which is something many people just don’t have.  Therefore, people over the years have experimented with various methods to achieve the fastest way to grow weed and speed up bud production.

Learn to understand the marijuana grow cycle and to apply the proper grow lights.

Understand the Marijuana Grow Cycle

One way is to provide artificial lighting that “tricks” the plant into growing faster and more vigorously by exposing it to longer and/or more frequent light cycles.  One also has to consider the marijuana grow cycle, from seedling to vegetative growth to flowering.

Cannabis Light Cycle: There’s an argument to be made when it comes to the cannabis light cycle, people are usually split on two sides. The first side believes that cannabis should be grown under 24 hours of light during the vegetative cycle and the second side believes that only 18 hours of light is required for optimum results. Studies have not been confirmed on this subject but the common belief is that 18 hours of light per day is the best way to grow your cannabis plant(s) because alternating with light-no-light cycle gives the plant(s) some time to rest in between for a bit, just as nature intended.

During flowering, there isn’t much argument to how long the light(s) need to be on, the most accepted answer by most growers is 12 hours of light per day; although, there is one exception which is when auto-flowering plants are grown it’s best to give them the highest number of hours of light per day.

Use the Best Grow Lights

If you are just starting out and you’re doing a ghetto grow you can try using a cheap light and one thing to do is to use regular household fluorescent lights for about 100 watts per light.  For just a little bit of money, you can use T5 fluorescents, here are some of the best T5 grow lights I can recommend.  Keep in mind fluorescent lights are OK for vegetative growth, but you want to use HIDs, HPS or LED grow lights during flowering. It’s easiest to start with florescent lights for the vegetative period and then during flowering move up to use the best LED grow light you can afford.  If you are a a cultivator who uses or had used other than LED grow lights in the past, give LEDs a try! They can save you money and there’s a less chance of burnt buds before they are harvested.  For the best LED grow lights and T5 Fluorescent recommendations, check out the recent LED grow light reviews.

LED lights are a new and exciting trend for growing cannabis because LED lights don’t emit very much heat and they last longer than other grow lights. There is a controversy between LEDs and other grow lights in which one side says that LED lights produce more buds per square meter and some say that lights such as HPS and HID produce better quality buds or more of them. This argument has been going on ever since LED light first came out for cultivation purposes but according to many people who switched to LED lights, it’s a better alternative to traditional grow lights and may save cultivators money.

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Ideally, you should consider LED grow lights, which will give you optimal results while at the same time saving on energy costs.  Check out my recommendations for the best LED grow lights for the money.  you more green in more ways than one.  Results may not be optimal, but it’s one way to get started. By the way, make sure you buy yourself a pair of safety grow room glasses.

Make sure to keep your light cycle consistent so you don’t get any hermaphroditic buds.  What’s great about LEDs is that in general, they work longer than traditional grow lights and they produce a spectrum of light which is far beyond whatever traditional lights can provide.  Check out these LED grow light reviews for recommendations and information.

A key element which considers how much bud you will harvest, the quality and the cost of producing high grade cannabis is how many watts that are being used by the light(s) and how effectively they’re being used.

In order to determine costs of growing you have to use the kWh system which is basically the cost per one hour of 1000 watts, the average is five to seven cents per kWh. The mathematics may sound complicated but they’re really easy to use once you understand them a bit. Many first time growers make the fatal error of using too much of something and this is what inevitably kills their plant(s) and essentially the months it took to grow the plant(s).

Best Marijuana Fertilizer

Another key step in how to grow weed fast is using the best marijuana fertilizer. Rapid plant growth can be accomplished by feeding the plants the best nutrients for cannabis.  Flowering can be sped up by using highly concentrated nutrients in the beginning of the flowering cycle and flushing the plant(s) earlier than a week before harvest.

Speaking of fertilizer, water soluble chemical fertilizer is used by professional growers because of the high concentration of nutrients for cannabis.  We recommend checking out the selection of fertilizer products from Advanced Nutrients, which are formulated specifically for growing weed.

The base nutrient N-P-K ratio that can be used by cannabis cultivators is 17-8-9 for vegetative growth and 3-13-14 for flowering. The reasoning behind the base N-P-K mentioned is that the Nitrogen should for vegetative growth because it keeps the leafs green and healthy; conversely, when cannabis plants start flowering they don’t need as much Nitrogen so Potassium and Phosphorus are increased.  Advanced Nutrients make some of the best, highly rated water soluble chemical fertilizer, read more here.

It is noteworthy that these organic nutrients have been shown to improve yields as fast and far more sustainably compared to the traditional chemical fertilizers. With no harmful chemicals that might kill off the natural soil ecosystem, these organic nutrients also come with a range of organisms like fungi and bacteria that have been proven to improve the nutrient intake capacity of the plant roots to an extent greater than what they ordinarily would. To understand the implications of these new organic plant foods in greater detail however, we need to study the growth process of the cannabis plant in greater detail and see the possible ways in which it can be boosted.

Whenever fertilizing your plant(s) use either a slow release organic fertilizer or if growing hydroponically use just under the recommended amount of chemical fertilizer.

How to Grow Weed Easy? Use a Grow Tent Kit

Cannabis cultivation can seem like a difficult undertaking for a beginner who looking for ways to grow weed easy.  Indeed it requires patience and consideration to many aspects which are difficult to control but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to learn the easiest way to grow weed, we have some tips and tricks for you…

A good idea is to put reflective material all around the grow area to make sure that the light is spread evenly throughout the canopy of the plant(s).  Better yet, consider investing in a grow tent, and check these recommended indoor grow tents.  There are many choices, but I suggest you pick the best grow tent you can afford, as these will last for a long time.

Watering Cannabis

If you are doing a commercial for-profit grow, you need to look at it as an investment.  Make sure to water everyday for the vegetative period and then once every two days, or at least check the soil regularly to keep it moist.  you can use water soluble fertilizer to water your plant(s) once every four days or so to keep them healthy.

Whenever watering make sure that you water enough that water comes out the bottom during vegetative growth.   And while you’re there, check under the leafs for any black of speckled white spots which could be indicators of bugs, mildew, etc.

Best Cannabis Seeds

Tip number one, make sure that you buy high quality seeds or clones, this is very important because the seeds make all the difference. Alot of people don’t know that a good seed is, that’s because there are so many of them out there. If you are looking for a good seed, use the following essential criteria; the seed should be feminized, have a good harvest per m2 rate and the seed bank should be reputable.

When growing cannabis be sure to pick a good seed variety, for beginner growers a recommendation is to go with auto-flowering strains which are easy and quick to grow. You can grow an Auto-flowering strain which will start flowing after a few weeks and you should be able to harvest at least 10 grams of dried cannabis buds nine weeks from seed. Auto-flowering varieties don’t require you to turn off the lights at certain times which means the more hours that you give the plant(s) to grow, the more buds that will be produced during the harvest of the plant(s).

Rich Soil

Next, you need to start off with high quality soil, especially if you’re growing cannabis for the first time.  This gives the seedlings the best environment to grow.  The plant’s nutrient needs are taken care of by providing the soil that the weed plant loves – acidic with good aeration, decent porosity and rich nutrient count. While this has traditionally been achieved using standard NPK agricultural fertilizers, recent years have seen Advanced Nutrients fertilizers and other product lines offer organic solutions to the never-ending quest of those wondering how to grow weed indoors.

Treat Plant Pests

If bugs appear on the leafs you can use soapy water to spray the leafs of the plant(s).  But don’t do this during the flowering cycle.

Good luck! If you follow these tips you should be able to grow a decent amount of cannabis buds.  

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