how to fish for trout in a river

The best technique to catch a trout

The trout is a very common fish, found usually in fresh waters. Occasionally, they move to the ocean but return to the rivers and lakes for spawning. The trout is a tasty fish to eat. Hence, it is the favorite of anglers. However, fishing for trout is different from fishing for other game. Hence, you should prepare well for a good catch of trout. This article will provide you with tips as to how to fish for trout.

Fly fishing techniques

Choose the correct bait:

There are two kinds of trout. One is the native trout and the other is the stalked trout. There is a difference in the bait for both these kinds of fish. The native trout will not fall for the power bait. You can use live bait for such fish. The best bait for catching the native trout are the night crawlers. Minnows and crayfish also form suitable bait for the native trout. The power bait is best for catching the stocked trout. They raise the stacked trout with pellets. Hence, these trout will fall for anything that resembles or smells like pellets.

Know where to fish

You should know where you are likely to find the trout. You should know the movement and the currents in the river. The currents can create a deep pool where you would be able to find big trout. The smaller trout will be in shallow water. The timing of the catch is also very important. You should look for the larger trout either at dusk or at dawn. The temperature of the water also plays a very important role. You can find plenty of trout in waters ranging from 50 degrees to 60 degrees.

Use the correct line:

Using a monofilament line is best to fish for trout. In case the water is muddy, you can go for a line up to a 6-pound test. In the case of clear water, a 4-pound test line would suffice. The hooks need not be large for catching the trout. The best range is from Size 10 to Size 14.You need not have a boat or a trawler to catch the trout. You can find trout in shallow waters. In case you are looking for a bigger catch, you might need to venture deep. Thus, you may require a boat.

The technique:

When you cast you line upstream, ensure that the crawler bait drifts towards you. The line can float on the water. Thus, you will know when your fish has bit the bait. Do not disturb the water or you may tend to lose your catch.

These tips can come handy when you venture to fish for trout.