Galaxy Hydro LED Grow Light Review

Galaxy hydro Dimmable Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing

Having shifted to LED grow lights from HIDs on the advice of my daughter and her husband (a professional grower), I found myself requiring a one-size-fits-most solution so I could figure out what I wanted to grow as I learned the basics.

Further, living in a humid climate I needed good sterilization features along with sufficient dimming capacity to replicate real day-light cycles. Following some research on popular grower forums, I chanced upon this product, which seemed to suit my needs adequately.

Once I bought the light, my experience soon showed me that the product was of excellent quality, providing not only the features I had sought, but also good longevity and the vital zener diode configuration. Before I go on signing praises though, I have to add that I was not impressed by all facets of the product, and hence decided to carry out a detailed review to put forth my views of the device.

Excellent Spectrum With Powerful EpiLED lights

The product covers eight visible light bands, and more importantly, colors that are needed by the plant to grow well in both its vegetative and flowering stages. Furthermore, the product offers EpiLED lighting, which is superior to ordinary LEDs and with each EpiLED rated at 3W, better equipped to diffuse the light needed for the plants to grow.

Dimmer with Wide Dimming Capacity, Good Switch

While most of the affordable lights offer only one or two dimming levels, it is well-known that plants often require multiple levels for realistic light-day or the change of season replication. This product allows for just such a gradual change in light intensity via the dimmer, which furthermore has a large number of dimming levels at its disposal.

Further, the product comes with a one-switch configuration that allows users to operate the Led grow light without making multiple mistakes.

Excellent Sterilization and Professional light proportion

Coming with a number of UV and IR LEDs, this product can help sterilize and also promote certain specific types of growth. Interestingly, while many of the companies tend to overemphasize the importance of these lights and hence create UV/IR rays in dangerous proportions, this product uses a professional light proportion to ensure that while on one hand the amount of white light is kept to a minimum, neither is the amount of invisible radiation high. Instead, focus is on the red/blue light LEDs, which play vital roles in plant growth.

Excellent Fans, Blades and Zener capacitor

Coming with UL approved fans and blades, this product is capably imparting the cooling that the internal parts of the product need. This allows the product to remain cool and hence work more efficiently and for longer periods of time. This, in part, explains why the manufacturer claims this product has a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Lastly, the product comes with a zener capacitor configuration, which allows the product to run even when one or more of the LEDs have stopped working for whatever reason.

Some Problems to take note of

While the dimmer is excellent, some users have noted that it lacks the automatic or timed dimming features that are present in some of the costlier options. While this shortcoming is compensated for by the low price, those seeking to carry out round the clock growing would need to explore additional options.

Further, some users claimed that daisy-chaining was problematic, though others – myself included – did not face any such issue. However, it has to be accepted that the product is essentially meant to work in isolation and chaining it with others reduces its efficacy to some extent.


While the lack of a timed dimmer and chaining issues are definitely shortcomings of this product, one should note that the very availability of a range of growing options makes this product part of an elite group of led grow lights, most of whose members are far costlier.

Further, the product comes with good light spectrum distribution and sterilizing options, which allow it to be used in a wide variety of situations and with a wide range of plants. Coupled with its long lifespan and the ability to work even when one or more EpiLEDs have stopped working, makes this ideal for those having small to medium grow rooms.

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