G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light with Optimal 8-Band Review

Whenever you think of green energy solutions that are light on the pocket yet high on performance, the G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light automatically comes to mind thanks to the excellent combination of features that it offers at an unbeatable price.

G8LED 450 Watt is a major innovation as far as modern day LED light inventions go with its benefits by far outnumbering those of its competitors, even if we seek products in a higher price bracket.

The advantages of this plug and light device are several, the most notable among them being the ability of this product to adjust to a wide range of electricity standards and grow rooms/greenhouses, and the fact that it produces negligible heating even when run for long hours at a stretch. . Indeed, can be kept alight for a whole 24 hours and still feel cool to one’s touch.

This ensures that you never have to monitor this product at short intervals to figure out whether it is overheating or otherwise causing any harm to the precious plants. However, before purchasing this device, it is advisable to study the benefits and possible shortcomings in greater detail. We shall first see the benefits:

Excellent Coverage With Uniform Luminosity

Its light quality is undoubtedly high with an unmatched even distribution over the desired area. This ensures that there are hardly eye strain risks while using this product because as experts explain, the advantage of even light distribution is comfortable to the eyes as there is a constant wavelength. Furthermore, this device has a minimum area cover of 12 feet and more lights may be placed to cover an extended area.

Indeed, it has been found that if you purchase two or more such LED lights, you can place them about 4 feet from the centre of the axis to achieve excellent cross-lighting, thereby precluding the necessity of purchasing further lighting units.

Great penetration for all plant growth stages

The manufacturer claims that the product has a penetration capacity of more than 60 cm from the top of the plant canopy, and in my personal experience, I have found that this penetration is more than sufficient for even the bushiest of plants. Furthermore, this penetration is equally applicable for the vegetative and flowering phases, though it is advisable to go in for a backup 90W red LED UFO to achieve maximum flowering yields.

Difficult to counterfeit

However, it is advisable that utmost caution be taken while out to acquire LED product. Light panels with lower quality diodes concealed under aluminum pieces should be avoided at the earliest opportunity. This is not an issue with this grow light however, since product manufacturer has put into use 3 Watt chips that are a guarantee to great light penetration. Further, with a unique design, this product is very hard to counterfeit anyhow.

Custom-fit power cord for various countries

A power cord and hanging wires are included with orders from Amazon to UK, EU, AU and US markets, based on the source of the order. This in turn ensures that there is never any possibility of incompatibility between the plant lighting port and the plugpoint. Though converters are available for transforming one type of plug into another, most achieve this at the cost of electrical efficiency.


The 450 Watt G8 LED is available at a reduced price of $ 619.99, which is a 22 percent reduction from an earlier price of $ 799.00 coupled with free shipping. It comes with a 2-year warranty; excellent customer service. On Amazon.com there is a constant 5 star rating for this product from 7 customer reviews.

A couple of negative points

No product is perfect, and so we find that even this excellent product has its shortcomings. First off, the pricing of this product is a bit too high for amateur growers who are either not looking to profit or have already invested heavily in other areas. Secondly, though the product works fine for all growing seasons, it would have been a lot better if the manufacturers had offered the 90W red LED UFO as a complimentary or a subsidized package for purchase with this product.

As an initiative to conserve the environment and reducing the effects of global warming, it is important to embrace green energy inventions, and purchasing this product is a great way of doing so. Whether for domestic use or business, purchase of this item is a wise investment.

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