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Brother DZ2400 Review:

Looking for a sewing machine that will enable you to complete projects that make a fashion statement?

The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is engineered for the designer in you. It allows you to create amazing designs that match your style.

Thanks to its range of built-in sewing and alphanumeric stitches, it enables you to add decorative stitches to any sleeve. Apart from that, you can create a neat row of button holes or sew a zipper on a pair of skirts or trousers with ease.

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Basically what we are saying is that you can achieve your creative dreams with the Brother Designio Series DZ2400. Your fashion statement should not be centered on creating new clothes but re-fashioning new items from your closet.

Key Features

Professional buttonholes

Majority of sewists are used to the 1-step buttonhole process. This machine allows you to achieve great designs with the styles available. If you want to make a fashion statement, then you need to use the styles available.

According to Brother DZ2400 reviews, this unit comes with 8 styles of built-in one step buttonholes. They are automatically sized to fit your specific buttons. Furthermore, the styles help to make your projects attractive.

You don’t have to settle for the basic style buttonholes that have been around since the inception of sewing machines. With this feature, you will get to achieve a true designer’s finish.

Back lit LCD display

As a computerized sewing machine, it is built to make work easier. Unlike manual sewing machines where you have to contend with fewer stitches and manual controls; a computerized sewing machine brings the extra talent in you. With the backlit LCD display, you are able to select from the many built-in stitches.

Furthermore, you have the ability of clearly viewing the item being selected. Why? The backlit LCD display is bright enough especially in low light conditions. Modern technology has been used to make the LCD display intuitive and user friendly.

185 built-in stitches

In the past, sewists had to contend with fewer stitches for example zigzag and straight stitches. This limited the creativity of sewing machine users.

Thanks to computerized sewing machines, users have the ability of letting their creativity come true. Not only will you able to use more than one decorative stitch on a piece of fabric but you can lock stitches with different combinations.

Sewing machines come with a top tray cover. Under the cover, you will find different options of stitches for you to select from. At the touch of a button, sewists can select any stitch they want.

From the backlit LCD display, users are able view which stitch they have selected. More stitches are also available on the right panel.

Jam resistant drop-in top bobbin

Brother International is dedicated to providing top quality products and excellent customer service. They have invested in the best production engineers who fabricate high quality sewing machines using the best materials. This is done to assure you of durability and extended use.

According to Brother DZ2400 reviews, the unit comes with an exclusive Brother Quick-set top load drop-in bobbin. This helps to ensure that the bobbin stays in place during operation. Furthermore, it helps to provide reliable even stitch quality which is needed for fine sewing.

Advanced needle threading system

With manual sewing machines, it was frustrating for users to start their projects. One had to spend several minutes just to get the thread through the eye of the needle. Thanks to state of the art sewing machines, all you have to is press a lever on the side.

The sewing machine will push the thread automatically through the eye of the needle. Thanks to this system, you don’t have to keep licking the end of the thread and try to push the thread through the eye of the needle without success.

If you have done this in the past, then you know how frustrating it can be. Furthermore, it may result in eye strain which eliminates concentration when it comes to working on your projects.

Wide table

Space is a factor that has to be considered especially when it comes to sewing machines. When I talk about space, I don’t mean space for the sewing machine itself but space for the sewist to use.

Designing different fashion items calls for the use of large pieces of fabric. For example, if you are planning to design a prom dress for your daughter, you have to work with large pieces of fabric. This is the same if you were designing costumes and quilts.

To ensure your work is easier, the sewing machine comes with 33% larger workspace. It includes a wide table that provides space needed to better maneuver your fashion project.

Super bright work area

Not every fashion project is composed of bright fabrics. There are times you have to deal with dark fabrics. During this moment, it is common for sewists to use dark threads that complement the color of the fabric. Even if your vision is 20/20, you will definitely have difficulty working with dark fabrics.

Brother International production engineers have taken this into account and that is why they have added LED lights to the machine. These lights help to brighten the work area making it easy to work on dark fabrics.

Intuitive controls

When on a project, it is common for sewists to increase or decrease the speed at which they are sewing. For majority of machines, a foot presser is available with the unit. When pressed for long, the sewing machine increases speed and when pressed lightly, it decreases the speed of the sewing machine.

According to Brother DZ2400 reviews, this unit comes with a variable speed control button. It allows users to vary the speed at which they want to sew.

Furthermore, it comes with an intuitive start/stop button. This enables users to start the machine ready for work. It also allows one to stop the machine after work.


♦  25 year warranty that extends the life of the machine

♦ An English and Spanish operation manual 

♦ Features a backlit LCD display

♦ Has a larger working area 

♦ 185 built-in stitches and easy stitch selection control


♦ It’s a bit much for beginners

♦ The body of the machine is made with plastic 

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Final Thoughts

If you are shopping for a computerized sewing machine that comes with an LCD backlit display, 185 built in stitches, 33% more working space and its affordable then I highly recommend this unit. While it’s not great for beginners, it will surely bring out the creative talent in experienced users.

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