Brother CS6000i Review (2020) – One of The Most Popular Models

The Brother CS6000i is God’s send to sewing fanatics all over the world. Supporting beginners and veterans alike, this machine is a work of art that makes magic. Its edge lies in the fact that it offers versatility that hasn’t been seen on any other machine.

The machine offers you a variety of options when it comes to both sewing and quilting. For Example, Control the level of stitching with a speed control slider. The simple user interface helps even the novice sewer create beautiful clothes and quilts. Finally, The entire system is computerized and the input given through the LCD monitor will customize your work for you.

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What Makes it Great?

First and foremost, if you are looking for a sewing machine that can do it all for you, this is the one you have been looking for. It’s not just perfect for beginners, it also has a number of features that you will fall in love with.

More importantly, we loved the fact that the features are something you would use – and not ones that you would forget about. Here is a look at the BROTHER CS6000i review at some of the features that you would love.

The Wizard Of Oz

The Brother CS6000i has changed the face of sewing. In fact, With sixty different functions for stitching, you get a wide spectrum of possibilities to experiment with. Accompanying that, is another set of seven styles of buttonhole stitches. From decorative stitches to utility stitches, the machine provides you with every choice that you can imagine.

Fast or slow, you can customize the speed according to your necessity using the control slider. The device can be pushed to finish up to 850 stitches in a minute. The best part is that you can even choose how you wish to operate it. It can either be using a foot pedal or a one touch button.

A special mechanism having a spring type hook and lever operation, leads to the feature that allows for automatic threading. Often this is the part that most people find most difficult and for good reason. Getting the elusive thread through the tiny needle hole is no easy matter. However, the Brother CS6000i makes everything look like child’s play.

Choose Your Needle

The selection offered extends to the array of needles that are available for you. Furthermore, The sizes are from nine to sixteen. The entire set is light weight and easily movable. You can virtually take it with you everywhere. Now destination is not a problem when you set off on creating your master piece.

Get Buried In Quilts

The machine also gives us the chance to create beautiful quilts. Even the first quilt you sew can be of expert quality. Some features especially enticing to quilters include the large table. It gives you enough workspace to manoeuvre the oversized work piece. The stitches can be adjusted to give even spacing even over cloths with varying thickness.

Work With What You Have

The easiest way to begin is from what you already have. In addition, you could Start your venture into the world of sewing by playing with the clothes in your wardrobe. Get started on that project you always wanted to make. In fact you could Pen down your design ideas and pull together different textures of cloth. Grow into your sewing prowess as you experiment with the different options that Brother CS6000i offers you.

Benefits of the Machine

So, what would you love about it? Here is a look at some of the benefits you would get from buying it.

Stitching The Future

Let’s have a look at all the different varieties of stitches that this awesome machine offers along with the special features and functions of each stitch.

Create fray free fabric: use overcast stitches and zigzag stitches Secure seams and transform your dressing into being the perfect fit. Then use the special Basting stitch. The basting stitch gives you a temporary solution.

Then find a more permanent seam using the Triple stretch stitch, which is more resilient as well. If you have an aversion to seeing the seams to your pants and skirts, turn to the blind hem stitch. In fact, Just as the name suggests it creates practically invisible seams in your dresses.

Change up the type of stitch you use depending on the characteristics of the fabric that you use. You are given a choice of seven different stitches, corresponding to the various types of fabrics available. It doesn’t matter if the fabric is heavy, light or medium weight in nature. Find buttonhole stitches compatible to all fabric types.

A Comparison

The best way to evaluate a machine is to take a look at the competition. Today our market is filled with automated sewing machines. Some of the major players are listed below.

  • Janome Jem Gold 660:

being lighter than the Brother is chosen by frequent commuters. The smart feature of automatic threading is shared between the two machines. The Janome, however, falls short when it comes to the number of inbuilt stitches and features. Janome Jem Gold 660 Review Here.

  • Juki HZL 353ZR-C:

it is very rarely used in homes. Juki is a company known for its production of industrial sewing machines. In addition to that, the detachable table that is larger and makes quilting easier is only available at an extra cost. Thus it doesn’t seem to be very economical.

  • Sunbeam SB1800 Compact:

its highlights are the built in drawers and light weight body. However, the inbuilt stitching pattern is confined to twelve. It is also not advised to use this model for quilting as it is hard to handle bigger cloth without a wider table. The wider table is not given as an option for this model. Best suited for basic sewing projects.  Sunbeam SB1800 Review Here.

What You Get In The Kit

Along with the standard machine, you also get an array of tools and attachments with the kit. You are provided with buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming feet, and zipper as attachable accessories. All these attachments ensure that you get the best possible results in your project.

♦ Display screen Simply to use. The Selection process is by touch.♦ Very narrow throat makes free motion sewing hard.
♦ Automated needle Threader.♦ The machine has a fussy lower thread tension.
♦ Easy double stitching.
♦ Effortless speed adjustment using the speed control slider.
♦ Perfectly lit working space.
♦ Large size work table.

Growing With Experience

Sewing is a very dynamic field. You outgrow the machines you use and the techniques you follow in record time. A novice sewer using the Brother CS6000i has a bigger advantage than other sewers because they will have more room to grow. Having a growing number of successful projects will keep the fire alive inside the heart of the novice. Its automated functioning also drastically reduces the number of errors in the stitching project.

Path To Discovery

The machine allows you space to grow and explore. The sheer amount of functions that can be performed by it is so vast that the possibilities become endless. As a matter of fact it allows you to create your own combos and unique set of stitches. The artistic license that you attain is an incredible pro that Brother CS6000i offers its user. Not to mention the fact that this miracle machine is available to you at a very affordable price. You custom dresses and dream designs can now be transformed into reality. Get ready to weave some magic. Above all make sure to Get equipped with Brother CS6000i today.

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