Brother 1034D review (2021) – Most Recommended serger out there today.

Brother 1034D review:

So, here it is the in-depth review of the high-performance Brother 1034D 3/4 Serger that impeccably delivers high-end professional finishing on fabrics of a wide range. In the brother 1034d review, you will get to know about what to look for in this machine along with its pros and cons. More Info


The Serger has made a name for itself with its professional finish to the edges and hems of all kind of fabrics. Also it has definitely stepped up the sewing game with enticing and beautifully finished edges. It features a 3/4 lay-in thread system. There are various stitch options such as 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow hem, and ribbon lock stitches. Also, it perfectly satisfies the standards of comfort and it stands tall above the rest in terms of being userfriendly.


  • The numer of threads is in 3/4.
  • The needle size is 11 or 14.
  • There are 22buit-in stitch functions.
  • The differential feed is 0.7 to 2.0.
  • It has an adjustable stitch – 5mm to 7mm.
  • Stitch speed is 1300 smp.
  • Product dimension is 11 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches.
  • Uses standard sewing needles.
  • It has an inbuilt light.
  • It has a free arm.

The first impression

It seems like that the manufacturer of this machine is a firm believer in the saying that “First impression is the last impression” and this is exactly what they have tried to achieve with this machine. The machine is quite light-weighted and appearance-wise it is handsome and stylish. In addition, it has a compact design that has a unique yet interesting style of its own, and compactness means that it does not cover much area.

Easy to use

A lot of emphases have been put on “Convenience.” There is no denying that convenience is something that everyone wants, irrespective of the fact that the person is a beginner or a professional. Inarguably, the machine provides that sheer convenience that is missing from many others in the market.

Professionals find this machine the best and it is easy to use even for the beginners.  People are most apprehensive about using a serger machine since there is a perception that it is complicated. Brother 1034d serger reviews depict the perfect image of the whole situation. According to numerous reviews, the 1034D is exceptionally easy to thread and convenient to use.

There are detailed instructions that come with the machine and it is best that the user follow them step-by-step. On top of all the convenience, there is an instructional video that Brother includes in the package. In case the user wants to understand something else, there is a free phone support specially dedicated to the users.

Perfect for a wide rang of fabrics

You won’t have to worry about the machine not working on any fabric. It shows impeccable results on a wide range of fabrics such as linen, formal wear and knit. The differential fabric feed enables the user to acquire high-quality stitch on all types of fabrics.

Stress-free threading system

If you have threading nightmares then this machine is specifically designed for you. It is extremely easy to thread. It has a convenient to follow color-coded, layin with utterly simple and clear images of every single step.

Just make sure that you follow the steps and everything will become way more subtle.  There is a built-in guide that is so impressively made that it makes the whole understanding part a walk in the park. With the help of the guide, you’ll get to know where to thread each and every 4 threads.

Some of the brother serger reviews by customers do suggest that the 3rd and 4th thread takes time, but if you follow the steps in the guide properly, you’ll find everything quite stress-free. Just follow the instruction manual and that’s pretty much it.

Differential fabric feed

One of the best features of Brother 1034D Serger is the differential feed. The reason why it is among the best features is that it becomes tremendously handy on occasions when you are working with stretchy fabric or knit. For the most part, you won’t get a wavy or bumpy look.

It improves the stitch quality and gives a professional finish.  You can work on any type of fabric from thin fabrics to Denim, virtually every fabric out there. The differential feed ratio is 0.7 to 2.0. Additionally, it has a removable arm (a feature that some Sergers don’t have).

Adjustable stitch width

If your next project requires an adjustment in the switch width then there is no need to worry with 1034 Serger. There is an adjustable stitch width function that  enables the users to make adjustments between 5mm to 7mm. So, if you are working on spaghetti straps, finishing a quilting project or ruffling, all you have to do is to adjust the width accordingly.

Built-in stitches

With Brother 1034D Serger, there are versatile stitching options available. With the included presser feet, following stitches are no problem at all:

  • 3 thread overlock
  • 4 thread overlock
  • Rolled hem
  • Narrow hem
  • Ribbon lock stitches

You can use an optional presser and with that, you can easily perform additional stitches such as pin tucks, flat lock, and blind hemming.

Retractable knife blade

There is a retractable knife blade feature that will trim the edge moments before being serged for a clean and professional edge. There is an option of turning off the knife blade for times when you do not want to trim the edge.

Swift stitch speed

It is fast and it completes the work on time, every time. Also, it operates at the speed of 1,300 stitches per minute –making this machine one of the fasted sergers. For that reason, the user can complete the complex task much sooner, and thanks to the differential fabric feed, the quality remains the same.

Standard sewing machine needles – compactable and quick

One of the plus points of this machine is that you won’t have to go through the tormenting period of finding specialized needles. Though it works differently than yours conventional sewing machines, it does use the standard sewing machine needles for the convenience of the users.

In the box

  • An accessory feet that has a multi-purpose guide foot and a gathering foot.
  • Accessory bag that contains needle set, tweezers, hexl wrench, cleaning brush and a trim trap.
  • Foot controller
  • Soft cover
  • An instructional CD that is a complete guide-to-use
  • 25 years limited warranty

Customer reviews

By looking at the brother 1034d serger reviews, one thing is for certain that users are ecstatic about how much versatile this machine is, and how perfect it is for any kind of project. Furthermore, many users have reviews about its simplicity and they are quite impressed with the technology and quality. It is ultra-easy to use and it sits well with the beginners.

Overall, the users think of it as a perfect balance between quality and price.Pros of Brother 1034D Serger


People that begin serging, they find it complex and difficult to comprehend. This is not the issue with 1034D Serger. It has an instructional video, numbered upper and lower looper threading and images that make everything easy to understand. Therefore, beginners find this model quite easy to understand in a short period.


It is a machine that excludes all the complications that a beginner experiences and the color-coded threading system are a perfect example of that. Using the machine is way easier and expedient with it.


One of the most highlighted features of this model is that it provides a number of threads to the user. The three or four thread can be used to create stitches of sheer class and quality.


Affordability does play a role one way or another and this is where 1034D Serger scored full marks. Even though the machine has multiple functions and features, the price range is quite remarkably low.


There is a free customer care number for the users and they can call anytime in case of the query without getting charged for it.Cons of Brother 1034D Serger


There is a slight issue of the usage of rolled hems since they can only be used on some specific fabrics and they are not quite useful when it comes to sewing heavier or thicker material.


Some users may find threading difficult and though Brother did their best in making the learning experience as smooth as possible, some might still find it difficult to understand.


Some users have reported that the instructional video is not made in highresolution and low-resolution video makes the whole learning experience somewhat less-interesting.


Some users have reported that it becomes inconvenient in the absence of a case or a handle. 

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With a detailed brother 1034d overlocker review, one thing is for certain that this machine is perfectly designed to suit both beginners and professionals. It has advanced features that make it more tempting to use. It is an ideal choice for those who prefer simplicity

All in all, it is an impeccable machine that has satisfied customers from all over the world.

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