Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews 2020

While thinking of different games of your child, you must think about baseball and also must think about different youth baseball bat reviews. Your child is growing up day by day and needs exponentially increasing workloads. Physical exercises and different laborious sports are the best 2 ways of making a child physically healthy. However, baseball is one of the best laborious games that help to refurbish from head to toe of a human being. Feed your child with green vegetables and necessary proteins in pace with regular baseball playing for at least 2/3 hours.

Some of the best cheap youth baseball bats

While you are thinking of letting you child play baseball, you have to hand him over a nice bat so that he can commence his sport. In order to do so, you need to know a little bit about baseball bats. Whenever you are up to buying a new bat for your child, the seller might make you buy something that is really expensive compared to youth baseball bat. But believe it; cheap youth baseball bats are available frequently in the market. Through this guide, you get some ideas about youth baseball bat reviews where most of the bats lie within your affordable price range.

A few youth baseball bat reviews in brief:

Whenever you are looking for a baseball bat, you must be thinking of the bat’s reliability, quality, ruggedness & above all- the price. Here, there are few bats that lie within $100 and are quite easy for your child to play in the very primary level.

  1. Easton reflex LX73: This is a bat with lightweight and is very convenient for children. This bas has a very smooth yet tight grip at its upper level which causes smooth gripping. Moreover, the bat has better power for hitting ball and children find it way more effective that others for hitting ball hard.
  2. Marucci Chase Utley Mapple WoodCY26YB: this is a bat providing great feel to baseball. This is one of the best looking wooden bats available in the market nowadays. The main con of this bat is that, by time, the painting over the wooden borders of the bat gets a bit scratchy. Despite of being a wooden bat, this one balances the load according to the need of a baseball player. While hitting a ball, your child will feel like hitting a boxing bag.
  3. Louisville Slugger TPX Warrior YB12W: When the game requires a complex weight length ratio of the bat, hen this is one of the best choices your child can ever have. It has its hitting edgy cylinder at a bit low end compared to other conventional baseball bats. This is not only one of the best cheap youth baseball bats but also is one of the most dazzling products in baseball bat sector. With the smooth spiral gripping of the bat, your child is sure not to miss any of his shot ahead.
  4. Louisville Slugger MLB225YB: This is a wooden bat and has almost all the qualities a wooden bat shall have. It has woody design all over its body. The most awful problem about this bat is that it isn’t that tolerating to rainy weathers and starts stinking. Other than that, this wooden bat has all the great features of playing baseball. Your child can swing this bat with greater power and send the ball far away more than the boundary. But hard swinging and hitting ball might make crakes and ultimately break the bat. As it is all about youth baseball bats, that is why this bat has been referred in this guide and also is one of the best cheapest ones.
  5. Rawlings Ash Wood 242JAP: This is one of the best cheap youth baseball bats with amazing pop. Weight distribution all over the bat is quite perfect which is one of the primary needs for children. Its comes with few youth baseball bat reviews, which is truly convenient for your child. Firstly, it is light in weight with best convenient cambering all over its body. Secondly, it has length proportional to its weight and according to the child age. In most of the cases, this bat is best appropriate for children aged between 6-10 years.
  6. BamBooBat Bamboo Wood HGBBY: BamBooBat is one of the best wooden bats that has extraordinary yet colorful features. This is a wooden bat that comes with 2 different matte colors that is black and brown. Both the colors are astounding to look at and your child would just love to play with it. It is strong and is really hard to break although being a wooden bat.

Best cheap youth baseball bats available in today’s market:

When your child is likely to start playing baseball and willing to take a bat in his hands, then its high time to choose the best cheap baseball bat in the market having all the qualities a normal baseball should have. In this case, lets take a tour to some of the best available yet cheapest baseball bats in today’s world market-

1.      Easton YB14S50 S50: This is one of the best and frequently available baseball bats in the market nowadays. When your child is aged between 6-10, you can certainly opt this bat for your child till at least 14 years of his age. This is is a bat with durable aluminum alloy coating all over its outer surface. It’s basically a hollow aluminum shaft having strong border. It also comes with a cushioned grip. This is a very firm holding bat and certainly your son would feel comfort at playing with this.

2.      Easton YB14S300 S300: When you child is looking for something that is light in weight and easy to swing too and fro, then this might be the best choice for sure. The Easton YB14S300 is molded with aircraft allow all over its body and thus is light in weight yet strong at strength. It is also equipped with cushioned grip for a long length and is very easy to hold with two hands on. This is surely one of the best youth baseball bats providing best optimal performance for children aged between 8-14 years.

3.      Louisville Slugger Armor Ll (-12) 2014: One of the most outrageous looking cheap youth baseball bats available in the market nowadays. Although it has a cushioned grip but the grip length is a bit short. This is because; you can put one arm in the grip and another on the thinner bar of the baseball bat. Kids mostly like the outlook first of anything and this bat has just got that. Seeing this, a youth wont be able to help himself buying it. However, not only its outlook is outrageous but also it is truly remarkable at baseball performance.

4.      Louisville Slugger 2014 Youth Warrior Alloy (-13): When it comes to buying cheap youth baseball bats having exquisite playing performance, then Louisville Slugger 2014 Youth Warrior Alloy (-13) is something you’d wish for your child. This is cheap but is a bit longer in length. Youth aged between 10-14 are the best performers of this type of bat. It is equipped with 7050 alloys, which ensures extreme ruggedness for youth baseball playing. It comes with a synthetic grip and also 7/8” standard handle. Both these features provide top-notch handling or youth to swing the bat comfortably.

5.      DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League: Thinking about strong yet cheap youth baseball bats? The DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League might just be the best choice for your child. This is one of the best cheapest baseball bats having fracture toughness feature. Moreover, it has a long lasting performing structure for your child. The color is highly matte and is very exquisite to look at. The barrel is 2-1/4” n length. There is a hybrid performance grip right at the starting at the bat barrel. Your child is sure to feel best comfort while playing baseball anytime at any condition (rain, seating heat, autumn, winter etc.).


Youth baseball bats are of different types. You can find metal, wooden, fiber, plastic etc. bats in the market, but if you are likely to make your child aware of true baseball, then you better hand him over a nice baseball bat at his starting. When he has gone through the bat for a good time period and is old enough to handle a heavy bat, then you have to choose another one with extra playing facilities and gears. The bottom line in this case is that, you have to update your youth’s gadget and gears time to time because he needs to be well taught. By the time he has known everything, he is sure to success in the era of baseball at any moment you can never guess.

But it’s the youth when the baseball is a mere seedling. This seedling is to be furnished and brought up to light time to time. The bat is the first thing to handle in case of baseball bat for a youth. Therefore, in order to make your youth aware of the game first, get the best yet cheap youth baseball bats and hand him over with the rules of the game!

How to choose the best cheap youth baseball bat:

When you are up to buying a new bat for your child, you better check the bat for yourself because your child wont be acknowledged enough to know thins about those bats. There are four parts of a baseball bat which are- knob, grip, tapper and barrel. These are the four consecutive portions of a baseball bat from the starting.

What you’ll need to do is-

  • Search for any sort of scratches or cracks before paying for the product. You can feel any sort of cracks through knocking the bat at different places through your fingernails.
  • Make sure that the bat is painted beautifully and isn’t looking awful from any sides of it. This is the point where your child would love it.
  • Check for the total baseball length with the product reviews and also check if the total length is straight or not. Check for the lenient curves symmetrically. If the curve in the tapper isn’t symmetrical, don’t even bother buying.

Nowadays, baseball has been one of the best prurient games and youth are indulged into it tremendously, which somehow calls for cheap youth baseball bats. This is because, when your child is up to starting baseball game learning, then you just cannot hand him over a costly bat but a cheap one. Predominantly, it is best if you can make your child aware of the game first with a cheap bat and then time-to-time; update his bat according to his performance on the game.

When talking about cheap youth baseball bats, there are almost hundreds available in the market. But deciding for the best one among those hundreds is your burning task. Although some of the best youth baseball bats are cheap but you need to make sure that you choose the best cheap one suitable for your child.

Wooden or metal bat for your youth?

You can go for both, wooden or metal baseball bat for your child. But before that, you check whether your child can handle the weight of the bat. After that, make sure about which one he feels comfortable at playing. Its better to know that, metal bats are rugged than wooden bats. Wooden bats get depreciated due to weather effects. But metal bats are hardly affected through weather changes.

We highly recommend metal bat rather than wooden bat for your youth. Wooden bats may seem to be way heavier than metal bats to your child. Therefore, you can start using metal bats for your youth to play baseball primarily.

Last Few More Words:

Youth baseball bats are very cheap but with a very little concentration of yours can make it cherishing for your child. As this is the seedling for your child’s baseball sport, you better think of something that will surely be aesthetic in quality for your child and also affordable in price for your pocket. Therefore, knowing youth baseball bat reviews is very important for your child’s baseball commencement.

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