Best Winter Running Jackets

Treadmill Running and Weather

Winter weather is not the best thing for outdoor runners. Obviously we can provide you with all the proper gear to get you out there, but sometimes you just want to sweat naturally. This time you decide to run indoors on a treadmill. Assuming you have a nice treadmill, you can expect some great things, especially the impact on the knees.

Recently, I had some extra time, so I ran for 5 miles. This was one of my better runs in some time. I was able to complete it within good time and I was not feeling fatigued by any means of the treadmill. Sometime after a while on a treadmill you can feel a little of of sorts. As long as you keep using one, the better your body and mind will adopt to longer runs.

My knees, which are not the best, felt decent soon after and there wasn’t that much pain the next day or so. In the end, the best part was being able to really sweat and let it flow versus a really cold breeze holding me back.

Even with the best running jackets money can buy, there is nothing like a solid run with tons of sweat and calories being burned off. So, next time you need to do a warm run check out your local gym or basement to make it happen. It will make it feel like summer is about to begin.

Interval Running 

Today was the day to train in intervals. At least once a week I like to break things up and do some different kind of training in my running. This time I warmed up at a good pace for a mile or so. I then got into interval mode, where I ran as fast as I could for about 1-2 minutes and then I would would walk fast until my heart came back to good levels. This went on for about 3 miles.

Talk about at calorie burner. Anytime you can run super fast, slow down and then do it again, you are burning calories. The heart rate monitor allowed me to stay in check and not go over my limit. Depending on your age, it’s not always a good thing to keep your heart racing so fast without it resting now and again. I’m hoping to continue this strategy and see my heart rate come down a bit when I’m at my fastest. This is my goal.

It’s pretty cold right now, but luckily my North Face Windstopper Hybrid is allowing me to crash through the wind and allow me to keep training. As we get deeper into winter, I may have to add a perfect hat and glove combo option to compliment the jacket.

Don’t forget your Running Jacket 

As the days get colder and you still have the itch to run, you will need a nice breathable running jacket to make the run all that better.  There are plenty of materials out there to make the run more enjoyable.  You also have plenty of brands to choose from, so make sure you give yourself the time to do your research.

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