This guide is designed to let you identify or perhaps buy a lovely vintage sewing machine for yourself. You can find a large selection of sewing machines in different places and with varied price ranges, from cheap to expensive. There are lots of shops selling vintage sewing machines. However, you’ll never be sure which one is in a good working condition because you can not try before you buy them. To solve the problem, we build this guide to offer you detailed information as well as some assistance for purchasing.

Difference between a Modern and a Vintage Sewing Machine

Durability-This is one of the most important reasons why a lot of people choose to buy the vintage sewing machine. Made with durable materials, like metal, most vintage sewing machines are quite durable and can last for many years. In contrast, modern sewing machines usually have more plastic parts which can be broken easily.

Appearance-This is also a contributing factor. In fact, many people just choose a vintage sewing machine to use it as a showpiece. As an antique artefact, an older sewing machine is indeed an attractive item that can fit and enhance any room decor, especially a craft room.

Ease of use-Unlike modern sewing machines that have computer screens or lots of stitch functions, vintage sewing machines are easy to figure out and apply. Threading is a process that is as simple as possible. Other factors, including bobbins, tension, pressure feet and stitch length adjustments are similar to modern sewing machines that you don’t need to worry it’s hard to operate.

Easy maintenance-This would be the most important aspect you need to take into consideration when purchasing a vintage sewing machine. What you’re required is daily oiling for your older machines since they are all metal. To keep it in good working condition, you almost need to oil the metal parts everyday. But this is the only thing you need to do, which is relatively convenient and simple.

Ratings&Highly Recommended Vintage Sewing Machines

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4. Singer Sewhandy Model No. 20 Sewing Machine From the 1950’s


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5. Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine