These are the Best Sewing Machines on the Market Right Now! (2021)

Choosing the best sewing machines can be particularly tricky for someone who is doing it for the first time. However, in most cases, the sewing machine you are going to buy will depend on your sewing skill and budget. In this regard, you should also consider how exactly you are going to use the machine when you have improved in terms of skill.

In this article post, we have reviewed some of the most top notch sewing machines. You will get a detailed insight on the best brands of these machines, the potential price, the basics of choosing a good sewing machine and the difference between the different kinds of sewing machines.

Best Sewing Machines Comparison Table

Take a look at our quick glance comparison table to help you find a good sewing machine and to have a feel of its features.

Bother cs6000iYes6013lbs
Singer 7258Yes10015lbs
Janome 2212No1213lbs
Brother Project Runway PC420PRWYes29417lbs
Singer Quantum StylistYes60018.2lbs
Janome HD3000No1818.2lbs
Brother PQ1500SLNoN/A24.2lbs
Juki TL-2000Q!NoN/A25.4lbs
Brother XR9500PRXYes1009.92lbs
Juki HZL-L600Yes22521.6lbs
Janome jem gold 660No1211.6lbs
Brother SE400Yes6713.6lbs

Best Sewing Machine – Reviews

Many persons desire a sewing machine but have no idea how to choose the best product. The best sewing machine for some is the most affordable while others may want to choose a brand name. Definitely, a great machine would be one with specific features or a specific number of features. If you are thinking of purchasing a sewing machine you might be interested in looking at sewing machine reviews to assist you in your decision. Let’s get started…

1. Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

The Brother PC420PRW has advanced features and capabilities but remains user friendly. It has Boasting 294 different stitch options and also it is ideal for almost every sewing project. Customize your own stitches and save them to the machine memory. This machine allows you to finish any project quickly and efficiently with a speed of 850 stitches per minute. For custom clothing creations, the 10 buttonhole styles cannot be beaten. With buttonholes created in one operation, there is no need for another machine.

The LCD computer display allows you to choose stitches and shows any errors. The sewing speed is adjustable making the Brother PC420PRW ideal for all projects. Included are 13 presser feet to help with zippers, monograms and other speciality jobs. Adjustable feed dogs allow you to sew in any direction. A knee lifter helps you to lift presser feet, keeping your hands free. Despite the advanced features, the Brother PC420PRW has several automatic functions thus enabling beginners to enjoy it as well.

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2. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

If you are planning to invest in a good sewing machine then this machine should definitely top your list. The Janome 2212 is equipped with an automatic declutch bobbin winder which is used for making the process of threading relatively simple. It also features options that will help you in stitching the width and the length of the fabric while just touching a small button.

The superior feeding system of the machine further ensures that excessive material doesn’t really accumulate around your needle. This is a good value for money product and also probably one of the leading sewing machines you will stumble upon.

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3. Brother Project Runway XR9500PRW

The brother XR9500PRW is another amazing sewing machine that comes with 100 computer-generated stitches. In fact with a wide range of some of the coolest pre-programmed decorative stitch patterns, this machine will make it even simpler to design decorative edging on your fabrics.

This product will help you to come up with results with a completely professional look and feel. The best part however is the fact, that the quality of the stitch won’t be compromised through the entire process. The machine is incredibly responsive, simple to control and comes equipped with seven different stitches for buttonholes.

4. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

The thing that’s impressing about the singer 9960 is the integration of the drop feed with box motion into the machine.  All that you will have to do is lower your feed dogs and you will soon be ready for the free motion embroidery. Whether it is monogram or button stitching this machine will help you with all of it.

The feed dogs of the machine will keep your materials working throughout the entire range of process so that you finally end up with the most professional results every time you use it. For better maintenance, the owner will need to keep the needle plate covered.

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5. Brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine

Particularly The CS6000i has an intuitive design which makes it good for sewing beginners. No doubt the automatic features also help a lot if you a novice sewer. In fact, some of the features are an automatic needle threader, bobbin winder and thread cutter.

These will help you save time on your sewing tasks. You could also create some very stylish pieces of clothing with the machine 60 build-in stitches. Since the machine only weighs 13 pounds its a perfect portable machine, great for travel.

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6. Toyota JFS21

  • 70 watt motor
  • 3 needle positions
  • 21 automatic stitch settings
  • 4 manual stitch settings
  • Front load
  • Overall Ratings: 

7. Toyota 15JSPB

  • Lightweight and Portable design
  • 70 watt motor
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Tween needle capability
  • 3 Year’s Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Overall Ratings:

8. Singer 4423

  • Made from heavy duty metal frame
  • 105 watt motor
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Stitch speed of 1100 stitches per minute
  • Two year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Overall Ratings: 

9. Singer 2250

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Ten stitch options
  • 85 watt motor
  • Darning plate
  • Two years manufacturers guarantee
  • Overall Ratings: 

10. Janome J3-24

  • 24 integrated sewing options
  • Simple 1-step preset buttonhole creation
  • Solid protective cover
  • Stock Foot
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Overall Ratings:

11. Brother XL2220NT

  • Self-threader
  • 11 automatic stich styles
  • 2 needle positions + pack of needles
  • 4 step buttonhole with button hole foot and button sewing foot
  • 3 year manufacturers’ guarantee
  • Overall Ratings:

Facts to consider before buying a sewing machine

Sewing machines are built to do a variety of sewing tasks such as garment making, stitching hems, sewing buttonholes and creating elaborate embroidery. Because there is a wide selection of products available on the market, as a consumer you will have to look at the reasons why you need to purchase one.

Your choice of the best sewing machine will be influenced greatly by your budget, also the different features and programs on the various models. You might as well consider the following questions.

  • What will you use the machine for?  
  • Will you use the machine to create curtains, soft toys, embroidery, take up hems, and make clothing or just for simple everyday tasks?  
  • How can you find the best item if you are a beginner?

Luckily, for you, there are answers to these questions. There are machines for you regardless of the category user you’ll find yourself in. A beginner or an occasional user will benefit from a basic electronic model, whereas the more experienced user will choose a computerized sewing machine that has more functions.

If you create garments on a regular basis, your best option would be an overlocker sewing machine. You can rely on sewing machines reviews to help you.

Features of the Best Sewing Machine

It’s not going to help you if you have not given serious thought as to what to look for when choosing the best product.  That is why sewing machine reviews are relevant and will come in handy in this instance.  It will save you time and money if you take the time out to research.  Let us look at some things to look for in your quest to find the best sewing machine.

  • The type of sewing you plan to do will be a deciding factor. Whether it’s machine quilting or intricate works with fine fabrics, or it a combination of everything; the type of sewing planned should be considered before buying. Knowing the special features will enable you to find one to suit that specific need; for example, a machine that can handle the extra thickness when working on jeans or one that can work on delicate fabrics without damaging them.
  • If you have a back problem, you will not be able to use a foot pedal, therefore you will have to look for models that can be used without one. If your sewing needs require buttons, then find a product that sews buttonholes automatically.
  • The most important thing you should consider when choosing the best sewing machine is your budget. If you are a professional dressmaker or tailor you can opt for a sewing machine that is expensive, but if your pocket cannot afford a high priced sewing machine, regardless of how appealing it may seem, it’s better to stay within your budget. Our above-mentioned sewing machine reviews will help you to find the best sewing machine at a price within your budget.

Three Different Types of Sewing Machines

If you require the best sewing machine then you need to be aware of the different types available to consumers. There are basically three types of sewing machines; electronic, computerized and the overlocker.

Each machine has its own unique features and that is why it is important to read sewing machine reviews to help you in deciding which one to purchase.  A comparison of all three is given, just to assist you in discovering the best sewing machine on the market.


The majority of sewing machines today are electric. They are common and versatile. How do they work? The user applies pressure to the foot pedal which controls both the feed of the fabric and the sewing speed at the same time.

For this type of machine, you will find that it offers more decorative stitches with more accuracy than manual models. With its ability to select the length, width and style of the stitches, you may very well decide that the electronic machine is the best sewing machine for you.


Your quest for the best sewing machine may lead you to the computerized. Sophistication is the key here.  Computerized machines are designed with, and controlled by electronic chips.  Manufacturers have preprogrammed many fancy stitches into these machines. They are controlled by a touchpad and LCD screen which monitor the length, width and style of the stitches. 

With the ability to memorize previous work, connect to, and download programs from the PC and the numerous selections of stitches and embroidery designs available by the selection of buttons; wouldn’t you be extremely happy that you have finally found the best sewing machine there is?


Let’s say you need a product to give your garments a neat finished seam, what should you do? Well, in this case our sewing machine reviewed can be extremely helpful.  Need a machine that will sew the seam and prevent the fabric from fraying hence giving the garment a finished look? 

You can stop your search once you have found the Serger or the overlocker.  This machine is designed to do an all-in-one-step job of trimming, sewing and enclosing the seam. Quite different from a straight stitch, the overlocker/serger not only comes with loopers to make the stitch but also with a set of knives that cut like scissors.

If you have decided that sewing machine reviews are reliable sources in identifying the computerized machine as the greatest then choose either the one with a 3, 4 thread or 2, 3, 4 thread overlocker/serger which is easier to use. Note, however, that due to its limitation in making buttonholes and inserting zippers, you will still need a product that has these features.

Best Selling Sewing Machine Brands

When in search of the ideal product it is likely that you would want to research the well-known brands that have been on the market for many years.  The best sewing machine on the market should be supported by sewing machine reviews.

For many years now consumers have been accustomed to different brands. Some people have favorite brands because their mothers or grandmothers have used that particular brand and so, because they are familiar with the product, they have come to trust it. Finding the best sewing machine therefore, is dependent on one’s experience or through reading sewing machine reviews.

Singer has been around for 160 years and with over a century and a half years of experience in the business, it’s no wonder it has become a trusted name. This manufacturing company has improved on its product over time and with each new product comes innovative technology which has enabled it to receive outstanding sewing machine reviews as the company with top quality products.

As humans beings we are not all the same, neither do we think alike. To some people, the company Brother has manufactured the best sewing machine. 

Being in the business for approximately 104 years; one cannot ignore the fact that this company has improved greatly on its very first production of the sewing machine; from heavy to lightweight, but the machines are still able to perform the functions they were designed to do. Sewing machine reviews have listed this manufacturer as the producer of the best sewing machine available on the market.

So what if your experience has led you to believe that Janome with approximately 90 years in the business of producing quality products is the company that has designed the greatest items? 

There are many positive Janome sewing machine reviews online and if you read them you will see that though this company has not been around for as long as the other major companies they do make some impressive products. Read our Janome sewing machine reviews throughout our pages.

We found this video introducing Jenome as a company, and how they came about being one of the biggest manufacturer in the world.

Searching for the best sewing machine shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are many sewing machine reviews that will help you in your quest. Buying a good product requires research on your part that is why this information is here to help you to find one that suits your needs.  

So whether your wish is for embroidery, quilting, sewing garments and home decor, or it might just be that you want to sew a mixture of everything, you are sure to find the best product to do just that. Obtaining a great product will certainly make your sewing tasks easier and more satisfying especially if you read our best sewing machine reviews.


When you choose a sewing machine, always make it a point to browse through a detailed list of sewing machines. For this reason, you get to check out the tweaks, structure, features and price of many similar products. You also get to understand which product is actually right for your home.

When you compare similar products you get the chance to buy a sewing machine which has the perfect capacity and size for the type of work you do. You understand whether you need a portable sewing machine that is perfect for one room or a bigger and standalone sewing machine that will be perfect for your entire home. It helps you to consider the size and structure of your home before making your final choice.

At the same time, also check the customer reviews of a certain product. By doing so helps you to judge, whether the product you are choosing is truly worth your money. Additionally, you also get to understand and anticipate the kind of experience you are likely to have from your sewing machine. Happy sewing!

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