Best Sewing machines for under $100 (2021)

Looking for the Best sewing machines under $100? Make sure you scroll down and look at the best models.

Going through everyday life’s wear and tear, there is need of owning a quality sewing machine. There are many features that one has look for in a quality sewing machine, and one of the most preeminent features is its affordability – it has to be within the price range of everyone.

There are quality sewing machines with price ranges that go way beyond the reach of many people. However, here you will come to know what features to look for in a quality sewing machine that ranges within $100.

You can easily buy sewing machines from fabric stores, online and various other specialty stores. Though buying is easy if you are looking for just a sewing machine, if you looking for a sewing machine that delivers best-quality results then there is some need of search.

Chart of some of the best sewing machines under $100

Brother sm1738DMore Info
Janome Merlot MiniMore Info
Brother sm1704More Info
Michley LSS-506More Info
Brother XM2702More Info
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Singer 2259More Info
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Brother XM1010More Info
Here are some ‘must have’ features that you need to look for while looking for the best sewing machine under $100:

Needle Down

If a machine has a needle down feature, it enables the user to easily place the needle in an up or down position. Another benefit of this feature is that there won’t be an unwanted jump during stitching when the user lifts the pressure foot to turn the corner of a fabric.

A needle down feature enables the users to change and choose their needle position when working on multiple accessories or fabrics.

A one-step buttonholder

Though there is the availability of a variety of buttonholers in various sewing machines, the machines that are equipped with one step buttonholer creates impeccable buttonholes by simply turning on the dial. It does not manipulate the machine or fabric once the setting is achieved.

An automatic needle threader

The function of an automatic needle threader is that loop of thread is forced into the needle hole with the assistance of a spring and hook operation. There are various benefits of this feature since it excludes the inconvenience and people with unsteady hands find this feature a blessing. Another plus point of this feature is that it prevents any kind of strain on the eyes.

Four built-in stitches

This is a feature that you need to look for in a quality sewing machine. There must be at least 3 built-in stitches in any machine and one backstitch. You need to check that these stitches must include a zigzag stitch, a straight stitch, a backstitch and a button stitch to ensure that each stitch is locked into place from start till the end of the seam. This feature enables the user to easily perform basic sewing functions.

Adjustable presser foot

If you want to check how much tight the fabric is held then this feature enables you to determine it. The adjustable presser foot does come with various settings to ensure that there is the occurrence of stretching or puckering of various types of fabrics. So, if you are working on a project that includes attaching cords, quilting together layers of any fabric and zipper then you must have a machine with an adjustable pressure foot.

Compatibility with add-ons

A sewing machine must have compatibility with add-ons. This kind of versatility enables the users to buy additional features as required and use them over time.


It is not a feature, but the user needs to consider the weight and portability as crucial factors too. One thing is for certain that a machine with lightweight cannot get damaged quickly while you are moving it here and there. Plus, the lightweight machine tends to stay for a long time with the user.

Free arm

You have look for another feature that the sewing machine is equipped with a free arm. The location of the free arm is at the bottom of the machine. It enables the user to stitch circular and small areas such as the one present in cuffs, pants, and armholes. It provides versatility and simplicity while sewing various types of fabrics.

Top load bobbin

It is a small wheel like part that is located under sewing machine’s needle plate. The main purpose of it is to facilitate thread to stitch fabric’s underside. This feature needs to be on a sewing machine since it saves time and all the hassle that consumers have to endure.

Bobbin-thread lift

This feature is exactly equivalent to top load bobbin. The machine needs to have this feature and it is necessary since it also saves time for the user.

Well, now that you know what features to look for while buying a quality sewing machine.

Here are some of the best sewing machines under $100:

1. Brother XM2701

The Brother XM2701 is a lightweight and versatile sewing machine that allows users to handle any project with ease which includes quilting confidently. It is an incredible product for both experts and beginners alike. The machine sews quietly and weighs only 15.8 pounds, making it is the ideal travel device that an individual can use for either commercial or domestic purpose.


The product is a show stopper when it comes to the features it presents like:

Multiple sewing feet varieties (6 in total), i.e., zipper, zigzag, narrow hemmer, buttonhole, blind, and button switch.
Jam resistance top drop-in bobbin
One-step buttonholer- it works well to permit users to make correct button holes without any guesswork.
Free-arm that is inbuilt.
27 total stitches that include blind hem stretch, decorative, and zigzag.
LED illuminated workspace- helps users to see what they are doing.
A needle threading system that is automated.
Accessory storage units
25-year warranty
Twin Needle capacity
Instructional DVD- takes first-time users through the basics of the products to make using the Brother XM2701 quite easy to use.
Other accessories that the machine comes with include additional spools, a screwdriver, a three-piece needle set, an accessory bag with a needle pack, an operational menu, a power cord, and a darning plate.


  • Setting up the machine is a breeze thanks to the built-in needle threader system.
  • Sewers can use the device with the materials of their choice irrespective of whether they prefer thick or stretchy material.
  • Feature-rich
  • It offers multiple stitching options.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic stitch selection options.
  • Plenty of sewing feet
  • Powerful machine stitching at 800 stitches per minute.
  • The machine is maintenance-free because there are no oiling options.


There isn’t too much to say about the negatives of the Brother XM2701 other than:

  • Presser foot level is under the arm
  • Some users complain that the LED light is not bright enough. 

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#2. Brother sm1738D

This machine is portable and lightweight and equipped with very easy-to-use features. There are 17 decorative and utility stitches. It is quite convenient to select the stitches with just turning the dial. You can also give your machine some amazing Disney characters with faceplate options (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses and Elsa) along with a Disney dust cover. There is a reverse sewing lever and a tension control dial to give the user an added control. All in all, it is a perfect and convenient sewing machine for beginners.

Features and specs

 There is a stitch select option
 The maximum sewing speed is 750 stitches per minute
 There are 17 built-in sewing stitches
 The stitch width is 5mm and length is 4mm
 There is free arm option
 There is a quick-set drop-in top bobbin
 The dimension of the machine is 12.13″ x 15.43″ x 5.79
 Weight is 10.36 lbs.
 Interchangeable faceplates


– Quite easy to setup and use
– Perfect stitch quality
– Do not make much noise
– Affordable


– Some users find it difficult adjusting with needle threader
– There is no pressure foot adjustment 

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#3. Janome Merlot mini

Janome is one of the leading sewing machines manufacturers and Janome Merlot mini model definitely lives up to expectation. The top drop-in bobbin is quite easy to remove and insert. In fact, it is great for quick quilting, mending, and other fabric jobs. For experienced users, it can work as a second machine and it can be a great beginner machine for your enthusiasts.

Features and specs

 It has a top loading bobbin
 has 2 stitches option
 It has 4-piece feed dog
 has a manual thread tension control
 There is an extra high-pressure foot lift
 An option of stitch selection dial
 Adjustment of 3 stitch width
 Adjustment of 5 stitch length
 Dimension of the package is 13.7 x 13 x 6.9 inches
 Weight is only 5 lbs.


– Convenient and ultra-easy to use
– Perfect for beginners
– High-stitch quality
– Perfect for various types of fabrics
– Stylish and compact design
– Portable
– Durable
– Affordable


– Some users find it difficult to balance the tension

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#4. Brother sm1704

This sewing machine by Brother has the best feature of 17 decorative and utility stitches. The superlative part of this machine is that it offers the perfect set of features that assist in everyday sewing and mending and that too in an affordable price range. Also, with this machine, selecting the switches is as easy as turning the dial. The reverse sewing lever and tension control give you that extra control. There is also a one 4-step auto size buttonhole and a free arm for the convenience of the user. The Quick-Set™ Drop-In Top Bobbin System makes it all more tempting. Overall, it is an impeccable machine that is suitable for beginners and experts.

Features and specs

 There are 17 built-in stitches
 There are 4 number of buttonhole steps
 It has a double needle position
 It has a top loading bobbin type
 The machine has a foot controller
 It has an extra spool spin
 Limited warranty of 25 years


– User friendly
– Perfect for beginners
– Convenient
– Reliable and durable


– Some users find the plastic of cheap quality
– Stitches can be loose

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#5. Michley LSS-506

This machine is popular and it has won many hearts ever since it was launched. There are 12 built-in stitches. It has one presser foot and the tension is manually adjusted. A work light and a free arm make it more convenient for the users. There is also a thread cutter and a bobbin winder.

Features and specs

 There are 12 number of stitches
 It has 2 needles
 Weight is 4.4 pounds
 Color is white and pink
 Dimension is 10 x 5 x 10″
 A double speed option
 It has a 3-piece feed dog
 In the box, there is thread spools, extra bobbins, threader, extra needles, foot pedal and AC adapter


– User-friendly
– Super lightweight
– Can operate without foot pedal
– Highly affordable


– Weak feed dog
– No seam guide
– No buttonhole stitch 

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So, these were some of the best sewing machines under $100 that you can buy. All of them are durable, user-friendly and high performance delivering machines. It is imperative for you to understand that these sewing machines are made to last for a long time, so you have to buy the one that a good reputation in the durability department. Just make sure that you find the sewing machine of brands with a good reputation.

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