List of The Best Sewing Machines for Leather – (2021)

Leather material is some of the most enduring in the world. If you’re trying to find the best sewing machines for leather keep reading. Leather is thick, and trying to stitch on leather with a residential sewing machines will work but they’re factors to consider.

Like the size and thickness of the sewing needle and the thickness of the leather material. Although with a heavy duty sewing machine leather crafting will be easier.

It will be able to handle pretty much any size of leather. Of course you will have to spend more money, but sewing with a heavy duty machine will save you more time.

Why would you need a leather sewing machine?

Let’s face it, leather products are the best both natural and faux. Not only are they of high quality assuring you of durability but they are stylish too. Leather is characterized by its thickness and resistance to frequent tearing.

When it comes to crafting with leather, one simple question usually arises. Why is a leather sewing machine needed?

1. To sew two leather pieces

This is a no brainer. The best sewing machine for leather upholstery is designed with needles, stitch selector, needle threading system and presser foot among other features. To sew two pieces of leather together, professionals start by threading the needle followed by the selection of the preferred stitch. The machine is switched and the presser foot depressed to vary speed.

2. Create custom embroidery designs

With a sewing machine, you can create custom embroidery designs on your fashion products. Not only will you showcase your creativity but you will get to market and sell your products quite easily. Products you can create custom embroidery designs on include leather jackets, hats, boots and leather upholstery.

3. Allow selection of stitches

If you want to quilt, sew or create embroidery designs, stitches are needed. The best sewing machine for leather upholstery is designed to replicate different stitches.

Not only that:

They are able to provide excellent stitch quality. Why is this important? Leather is a difficult material to work with. Slight damage when stitching will make the material unusable. The good news is sewing machines come with more than 10 built-in stitches and easy to use stitch selector.

Shopping for the best sewing machine for leather upholstery is highly advisable. Not only will you end up with a durable machine but your projects will be of high quality too. To make your shopping experience pleasant; always shop from a reputable brand.

Some basics of leather stitching.

Do you want to buy the best sewing machine for thick leather? When it comes to sewing with leather, you need a heavy duty machine. The reason is that leather has extra strength and thickness. The device should be capable of carrying out intricate sewing stitches on leather.

The type of machine depends on your type of projects. Most types of heavy duty machines can handle projects such as bags, belts and leather purposes. However, most people work on either faux or real leather. check out the 5 basics of leather stitching.

  • Enough Strength
    When you are looking to buying the best sewing machine for thick leather, you need one that can handle the power of leather. It enables you to minimize repair costs.
  • Must Be Compatible
    Ensure that you buy a machine that’s compatible with other devices. You need one that can add needles for unique leather stitching, a new presser foot and works on longer stitches.
  • Synthetic Threads
    You need a machine that can work on synthetic threads. For instance, it should come with Teflon feet or a roller.
  • Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
    A heavy-duty machine enables you to enjoy comfortable and fast sewing.
  • Leather Crafting
    Buy a powerful machine for leather crafting. That’s because leather is a sturdy and durable material.

Buying the best sewing machine for thick leather should be easier using the above informative post. Make sure you read leather sewing machines online reviews and compare prices before choosing one.

Are residential sewing machines good for leather sewing?

Do you want to buy the best sewing machine for leather and denim? Buying the best leather sewing machine can be a challenging experience. One common question on online sewing forums is; is a residential sewing machine good for leather sewing? A residential sewing machine is ideal for leather that is not too thick.

On the other hand, a heavy duty/industrial machine is better for thicker leather. Most residential sewing machines can handle projects such as leather purses, denim, belts and other lightweight leatherwork. This post gives you 3 factors to consider when buying the best sewing machine for denim and leather.

  • Compatible
    The best sewing machine for leather and denim should allow you to add extra features. For instance, it should enable for features such a new presser foot and special leather needles. It should also allow for longer stitch lengths.
  • Strength
    An ideal machine for sewing leather and denim should have enough strength. For example, it should handle any material you’re using.
  • Convenient
    Since you’ll be sewing from home, consider a machine that’s comfortable and easy to use. That will ensure you complete your projects on time.

The best sewing machine for leather and denim should be easy to choose. A residential sewing machine can handle leather that’s not too thick, meaning it’s one option you should consider.

How to find the best sewing machines for leather.

A few fabrics speak of quality as custom leather does. However, to stitch that perfect-looking leather handbag, you must have the best sewing machine. General sewing machines and needles cannot bear the undue pressure leather exerts on them. The leather also sticks on the throat plate or presser foot.

That makes it hard to create a masterpiece when sewing leather with an ordinary sewing machine. In this article, you will learn how to identify the Best Industrial Sewing Machines for Leather. If you are into making custom leather bags, you will also learn about Best Sewing Machine for Leather Handbags.

Top 5 tips to help you choose the best sewing machine for leather.

1. Go for All-Metal Sewing Machines

When sewing through leather, the motor system of the sewing machine exerts a lot of force on the needles. The immense pressure means that using an ordinary machine will break the needle or the housing. That happens often if the housing is made of a material such as plastic. An all-metal singer makes it easy to work on tough leather and other materials. You will not get frustrated after every few stitches as you would with a general sewing machine.

2. Motor Rating and Drive Belts

Leather is tough and that means you need a powerful motor to drive the needle in and out. The most common motor rating that offers enough power is 1.2 Amperes and 1.5 Amperes. If you buy a machine with a lower motor rating, it will deliver insufficient power. A powerful motor also works better with a ribbed drive belt. The ribbed drive belt ensures the leather never slips when you are sewing.

3. Needles

You definitely want needles that are tough and will not bend or snap when they puncture leather. Needles that have a thick shank perform very well in that regard. It’s important to buy leather specific needles only if you have a sewing machine designed for sewing leather. Those tough needles will not fit into the standard holders of standard sewing machines. Therefore, if you’re looking for the Best Sewing Machine For Leather Handbags, it’s best to buy the whole unit.

4. Advanced Sewing Accessories

The ordinary sewing machines have few accessories that control the feeding and sewing of fabrics. A sewing machine meant for leather has special features such as the “Walking Foot Machines,” which you should not confuse with the “Walking Foot Attachments.” The Walking Foot Machines allow the stitches to zigzag in different directions without introducing slippage or missed stitches.

5. Feet Pedals

Leather singers also have two preset feet pedals instead of just one. The two pedals makes it easy to precisely make stitches in a continuous manner. They also make working for long hours easier, which is common when sewing leather products in a production environment

We hope that you have found this article on the Best Industrial Sewing Machines for Leather to be informative. All the best as you in creating your masterpiece leather products.

What are the prices of the best sewing machines for leather?

If you find yourself sewing a great deal of leather, you need to be aware that not just any sewing machine will work for you. That being said, this does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a fortune either. There are quite a few machines that fill the leather niche quite well, at prices that will meet most any budget.

If you are in the market now for the best sewing machine for leather and canvas, you might be wondering what the prices of the best machines are. This depends on the nature of your project. If the material you will be sewing is comprised of either thin or faux leather, then a standard machine will do. For that, you can expect to pay about $250 for a great sewing machine that is of excellent quality. Of course, you can pay more as well, but that price range should get you what you need.

If you are moving on to projects that make use of a thicker leather, you will need to look for sewing machines that are more heavy duty. You can expect the prices of these best leather sewing machines to run about 25 percent higher than standard models. If you want one with superior quality, you will need to budget more.

The entry level price for a sewing machine with heavy duty features to accommodate leather is about $500. A top of the line model for a sewing machine that can handle almost any type of leather is about $1,500. If you shop at a dealership, expect to pay as much as 20 percent more. Shopping online is going to get you a much better buy.

Below we got some info on some of the best sewing machines for leather.

1. Sailrite LSZ-1 Basic 

An incredible and powerful walking foot sewing machine, the Sailrite LSZ-1 Basic is sewers dream come true. Ideal for both first time and seasoned sewers as well as amateur sail makers the LSZ-1 is the product to purchase. The sewing machine excels in versatility and performance in regards to zigzag and straight stitches. Featuring the most reliable and toughest parts, the Ultrafeed is designed to sew through the heaviest material with ease. There are numerous positive aspects of this model like:


  • Produces immense power- it comes with a 110 VAC motor that powers the machine and turns the wheel. Combine this with a pulley drive system and clogged belt, and you will get the perfect punching power.
  • Dense fabric capacity- you can use it to sew through multiple layers of thick and heavy materials. These include soft leather, vinyl, sailcloth, window material, denim, drapery material, canvas, and upholstery fabrics.
  • Comes with instructional DVDs- these provide valuable information on how to use and adjust the machine in great detail as well as how best to maintain the sewer.
  • An incredible walking foot- this makes it incredibly easy to achieve consistent stitching.
  • 2-year warranty- Sailrite offers a guarantee that is valid for two full years from the date that you purchased it. The company also provides individualized technical support so that you can know how to use the machine properly.
  • Sturdy base table- users never have to worry about making additional purchases or mounting the sewing machine to a sewing table. The model comes with a portable sewing table that is easy to set up and ready to go.


  • The fantastic machine does not present much when it comes to the drawbacks of the product. Some users, however, complain that it is too bulky and not easy to move around.

2. Bother ST371HD Sewing machine

Most of us need the assistance of a sewing machine at one time or another. Whether you specialize in dealing with textiles or want to mend your favorite pair of jeans, create a button hole or a decorative design on your fabrics, at one time a sewing machine becomes a necessity. After making a decision to purchase a sewing machine, there are several options that you can choose from, and the Brother ST371HD sewing machine is one of them. This machine comes at a reasonable price, and it can help with heavy duty tasks. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of having this machine as one of your assets.


  • It offers a fair number of both decorative and utility stitches.
  • It’s affordable and falls among the machines with the modest prices in the market.
  • It can serve to perform heavy-duty tasks on an occasional basis.
  • Highly versatile and durable enabling it to handle fabrics of different weights and thickness; both light and thick material.
  • Easy to use and set up.


  • Unlike a heavy-duty machine, it cannot handle heavy-duty tasks frequently without a call for a repair.
  • It does not have a start and stop button as well as a button for the up and down position for the needle.
  • It does not automatically control its speed and thread tension.

3. Janome HD3000 

When it comes to sewing, the Janome HD 3000 machine is among the best. The Janome HD 3000 is a full-on mechanical heavy-duty aluminum machine built to perform multimodal operations. It delivers good quality stitching with a smooth performance. The sewing measures about 10 x18 x 15 inches displaying a modest size for any room set up.


The main standard features include 18 stitches with a 6.5mm allowance of stitch width, an additional high-pressure foot lift for you to moderate stitching and a free arm. It also features a zig zag foot, rolled hem foot, blind hem foot and a sliding buttonhole foot.

Additional when making a purchase one can select optional accessories available such as automatic buttonhole foot, circular sewing attachments, a flat spool holder among others. The list of extras is quite enticing and depicts a machine of great standards. Individuals can, therefore, select items based on personal preferences


  • The sewing machine has an on-board cutter and needle threader that enhance user experience.
  • Bobbing and threading are also quite easy hence, people with intermediate skills can readily handle the machine smoothly.
  • The Janome HD 3000 has a storage compartment on the top edge to house its associated accessories.
  • It also has a superior feed system that helps control threading and feeding.


  • Some people may find it difficult to handle a mechanical machine compared to other computerized sewing machines.
  • The number of stitching options may also hinder the output of some users.

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