10 Best Led Grow Room Glasses Reviews & Guide 2021

When you are having a grow room, you need to make sure that you are purchasing grow room glasses as well. These glasses are in a position to offer support and assistance that you need to protect your eyes from the harmful lights that the LED grow lights can create. Following is a list of 10 of the most prominent Led glasses available for your purchase in the market.

Review of the13 Best Grow Room Glasses in 2020

Below are a few of our picks of the best grow room glasses that fit our criteria.  You’ll notice that our favorite brand in this category is Method Seven who have the best selection.

1. Method Seven Operator LED

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

The Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses are designed to help people overcome eye fatigue and eye strain in an effective manner. When you are using these glasses, you will be able to witness the natural colors of your plants at all times. Hence, you can monitor them effectively.

Don’t compromise when it comes to eyesight or your plants. Method Seven says these are the world’s first optics that have been specifically optimized for LED lighting environments. These amazing grow room glasses offer lenses manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss. The superior lenses give you the ability you wear these all day without eyestrain fatigue. They offer a great color balance tuned to the most popular commercial LED grow lights. This means you will see less color distortion and will make it easier for your eyes and brain to adjust. We give this one 5/5 stars.

2. Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus 

Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus Grow Room Glass

If you are a cultivator, you should think about purchasing Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus Grow Room Glasses. These glasses are designed to deliver an extra layer of protection to your eyes. Therefore, you will be able to keep fully peace of mind at the time of using them. You can also maintain confidence with the help offered by these glasses.

3. Apollo Horticulture Led

The Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses for LED Grow Light are designed to provide enhanced protection to your eyes from both UVA rays as well as UVB rays. This is one of the best grow room glasses available for beginners to purchase. It has been designed according to the highest available safety standards.

What we liked 

  • It gives you full eye all-around protection coverage.
  • It blocks all harmful UV rays 100 percent.
  • Glasses pouch is totally free with it
  • & It offers money back guarantee for 90 days
  • lightweight design that brings comport for your long time wearing

What we didn’t like

  • A bit more green in color
  • High priced

4. Apollo Horticulture Glass for HPS 

Apollo Horticulture Glass for HPS Grow Light

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If you are using HPS grow lights, you need to make sure that you are purchasing appropriate grow glasses. Otherwise, you will find it a difficult task to provide the level of protection needed. That’s where Apollo Horticulture Grow glasses come into play.

5. VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics

VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow Glasses

If you want to rely on the grow glasses that you purchase, you need to go ahead with a highly reputed product. That’s where VIVOSUN Indoor Hydroponics LED Grow comes into play. These grow glasses are ideal for many different lighting systems.

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6. Apollo Horticulture Led

Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses

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The Apollo Horticulture Grow Light Glasses looks pretty much similar to goggles. That’s because they are in a position to provide enhanced protection to you from all sides. You will also appreciate the lightweight design that these glasses can offer. Due to the lightweight design, you can keep them on for a longer period of time.

7. U.S. Solid LED – Hydroponics

U.S. Solid Grow Room Glass - Hydroponics

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The U.S. Solid Grow Room Glasses- Hydroponics Glasses have received a lot of attention because of the innovative design. If you want to get hold of such an innovative design, you can go ahead with these without keeping any doubts in mind.

8. Happy Hydro LED

Happy Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses

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One of the best things that you can find in Happy Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses is that you are provided with the freedom to interchange the glasses. Therefore, you will be able to go ahead with the perfect lens according to your preferences. The wraparound design will also make sure that you are receiving the best level of protection from them at all times. They deliver a high level of comfort to you.

9. Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Full LED

Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Full

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If you have LED grow lights and if you wish to receive complete protection against the damage caused by them, Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Full will be a good option to consider. You will not have to worry about the damage caused by UV rays when you are using Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Full. On the other hand, there is a silver coating on the lens as well. This can enhance functionality.

10. Grow1 GRUVE LED Ultra Violet Eliminators

Grow1 GRUVE LED Glasses Grow Room Ultra Violet Eliminators

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You can reduce the exposure to potentially harmful light rays with the help of Grow1 GRUVE LED Glasses Grow Room Ultra Violet Eliminators. These glasses are known for their performance. Hence, you don’t need to think twice before you buy them.

11. Method Seven HPS

For those of you who work with HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lighting systems, take note of these cool shades which were designed in California with German engineered glass and Italian built frames. The instant you put these on, you’ll be a believer. These high quality gems are tuned to give you perfect color balance so you can see your plants with clarity. The proprietary lens coating effectively blocks the harsh yello light emitted from HPS lights. They offer the ultimate in wavelength protection, blocking bands UVA, UVB, UVC, and IR light. They offer safety and all-day comfort, enabling you to more confidently do your job of tending your plants.

12. Method Seven MH

The third best Method Seven pick is this one made specifically for Metal Halide (MH) grow light systems. Like our other top picks above that protect against LED and HPS lighting, this pair of grow room glasses also affords the same great quality and features. You’ll enjoy Carl Zeiss lens technology to provide optimized, realistic color perspective to let you see your plants in a whole new light. They offer a silver lens coating which is great for outdoor use or high intensity lights. It’s the same comfort and good looks you would expect from Method Seven’s designs.

13. The Coup HPSx Transition Grow Room Glasses by Method Seven

Yes, you read that right, these are transition glasses which change shade. During the day they darken into a deep grey/blue tint and serve as sunglasses, and at night they clear up into a blue hue to be used indoors. Their versatility earned them a spot on this list. There’s a version of this same style for LED or HPS lighting.  You get the same great safety features and designer looks you can expect from Method Seven.

14. Aviator LED Clip-on by Method Seven

Our final favorite is this Aviator style clip-on lens, from the same company Method Seven. This model is the LED version, which is what we use. I know from personal experience, as I wear prescription glasses and it’s always a hassle to find comfortable safety goggles when you wear prescription glasses. Which is why I personally give these two thumbs up, and my preferred pick for LED grow room glasses.

Buying Guide

LED develop room glasses are very essential tools to guard your eyes against radiation. These glasses ensure that your eyes do now not stress or get damaged via the light emitted inside the developed room. Therefore properly selecting among the very many manufacturers is very important.

Now you recognize which LED grow lighting is best, let’s get into more element to understand them a bit better. Below we are able to explain several key capabilities of these develop lighting.
A meticulous and thorough analysis has to be done before choosing the led to developing room glass that could cater to your needs.

The cost:

This is an important component to consider. It is recommended that one should purchase without delay from the manufacturer. This is due to the fact one gets the first-class pair of glasses and at a less expensive price. One has to always buy the glasses from a reputable company.

• Those wishing to shop for it locally ought to first do a price evaluation from diverse retailers.
• This enables one to buy the same kind of glasses but from a seller who is retailing it a decrease cost.

UV Protection:

The glasses to be bought ought to be very effective. For instance, the glasses need to have the functionality of filtering the widest UV spectrum. This gives maximum safety to the consumer as none of the UV milds penetrates the glasses.

The Quality of the Lens:

The chosen lens has to be of high great. Most of the existing cheap lenses have a tendency to warp and distorts one’s imaginative and prescient very easily. To decrease repair and replacement costs, usually, pick out the right lenses.

Color Distortion:

Grow Room glasses are mild specific. It is, therefore, vital to recognize the sort of light one is managing earlier than purchasing the glasses. For convenience, one needs to understand that there are some glasses designed for use with LED lighting even as others are for MH and HPS lights.

It is really helpful to pick out glasses whose lenses do now not produce distorted colors. This promotes the coolest discipline of view most of the users improving effectiveness.

Comfort and Quality:

The glasses are supposed to be worn for plenty of hours for that reason they ought to be convenient. The frames should no longer be too small as this will reason discomfort or even headaches. On the other hand, glasses with huge frames generally tend to fall off easily. To avoid this, make certain that you purchase the glasses that are flawlessly fitting.

Prioritize the fine of the product that you’re going to shop for. Since those glasses are protective equipment, you want to be careful in deciding on the device which would protect you. Research on their specifications in addition to the benefits and disadvantages.


Nothing receives more important than price range. The quantity of money which you are inclined to spend will dictate the route you will take. Therefore you have to make up your thoughts concerning the allowable price range for your own led grow room glasses.


As our name states, we are committed to highlighting the intersection of gardening and technology and LED grow lights are an excellent instance of that. Indoor gardening has gotten tons easier way to technological advances like LED grow lighting fixtures over conventional forms of lights.

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