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Easton 2015 SL15S110 S1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -10 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel

Youth baseball bats have really been a hell of an equipment in the recent few years. But what literally have made this game exciting; is nothing but the gigantic ball hits and mad runs of the players. Baseball bat is the primary sporting prop for this game prior to the ball used in this game. Many players prefer different specified bats for their conveniences. Due to this fact, baseball bat manufacturing companies have manufactured more than hundred types of bats till today. One of the best brands in the baseball bat industry is Easton for sure.

Easton 2015 SL15S110 S1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch

In Easton, there are many more models to talk about but this short review content will tell you some of the best and exquisite performance specifications of the Easton bat model no A11168227.  While playing with this Easton youth baseball bats, you’ll feel the difference for yourself after getting acquainted with some of its exquisite features, which are briefly detailed, below-

Features of Easton 2015 SL15S110 S1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch among hundreds of youth baseball bats:

There are a good number of features served by this baseball bat which are-

  1. Ultra thin handle: Neither too broad nor too sleek handle, but this baseball bat comes with a perfect diameter handle. This handle is marked as 29/32” composite handle that suits with most of the adult players bat gripping requirements. The best part lies in the type of grip in this bat. There is a good number of diamond shaped embossed rubber rips which allows for stronger and glue-ish grip for the player. However, this isn’t of too sticky that will keep attached to your palm for all the time. It is just perfect for gripping the bat well enough to hit the ball hard enough.
  2. Barrel: Knob, grip, handle and the barrel are the four main parts of a baseball bat. These four parts are to be perfect in their type and measurements for a perfect baseball bat. Apart from the first three parts, the barrel is the most important one, which is the place to make contact with the ball. This Easton product is equipped with 5/8” thick bordered barrel. The barrel part isn’t solid but is hollow inside. Solid barrel would make the bat way heavier for the player to hit the ball hardly. Manufacturers have given a lot of priority while designing the barrel part.
  3. Low MOI: MOI is the abbreviation of the term moment of inertia. This term lies in physics which is the primary concentration for such a baseball bat. Low MOi calls for better swinging of the bat for the batsman. This allows the player to struck the ball hard enough to sway out of the baseball field and make more runs. For a baseball bat, MOI is truly one of the most primary factors to concentrate greatly and EASTON A11168227 has the true implication on real life!
  4. Certification: Nowadays, even baseball bats are being certified through different authorized organization. The Easton A11168227 has received the perfection certification from USSSA with a 1.15 BPF certification. From its technical specification to its outlook, the USSSA has given it a strong remarks and feedbacks.
  5. Vibration free: Vibration for the baseball bat itself makes transient conditions inside and causes to hit the ball way slower than hit expectations. Manufacturers didn’t even spare this phase; rather they provided mechanism for SIC back carbon fiber handle optimization. This characteristic of the product has made the products handle much more rigid, stronger, vibration free and hassle free for the player of user of this bat.

Feedback and review from current customers:

The Easton 2015 SL15S110 S1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch has already been served in the market and more than thousands are already being used with different baseball teams all over the world. From the users of this bat, you might want to look into some of the feedback news for best youth baseball bats, like-

  1. Durability: The bat has been proved to be well durable compared to rough usage and harsher hitting. There are diamond embossed grip annotations and carbon fiber handle that helps for vibrational harmonic creation.
  2. Ease of use: Ease of usage is one of the prime requirements that each and every user would wish for. This bat has been proved and feedbacked as one of the easily usable baseball bats among hundreds in the market. The knot, grip, handle and barrel; all four parts of the bat has certified weight and measurements for the best convenience of a baseball batsman. Too weight on the handle might cause you to hit the ball slow. On the other hand, too weight of the barrel might cause you to sway the bat hard. Both the starting and ending parts are designed with perfection for the ease of the batsman.


Whenever you come into contact with the Easton 2015 SL15S110, make sure that you have the measurement of all the portions individually. The best way to verify is to check if the plane seen from all the sides is symmetrical or not. Secondly, you might want to sway the bat in open air to check whether the bat is capable of hard hitting or not. This product is just equipped with almost all the qualities a baseball batsman would crave for. Then why wait for long? Grab Easton youth baseball bats before you loose the game!

Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -5 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Among thousands of youth baseball bats, certainly the Easton A11168430 can certainly be regarded as one of the best ones. This is a truly inspiring baseball bat for a newcomer in the game. Whenever a player gets in the game, he is to get acknowledged and equipped with necessary gadgets and gears along with playing information. Along with the information, the Easton A11168430 baseball bat can truly help the player out to hit the first shot away from the boundary!

Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP

Now, why the Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -5 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat has been so perfect for the last few years? Yes, this has been for sure due to its few technical specification, which proved to be perfectly enthusiastic and truthful. Nowadays, people search for latest baseball youth baseball bat online through surfing different vendors websites. If they like one reading all the specification and the reviews feed backed from hundreds of users, they go for buying this product. But what about you?

Through this guide, you are to get introduced with this massive baseball bat that can literally help you or your child out in the park waiting for the game. Moving forward, you’ll see a few features of the mighty Easton A11168430 youth baseball bat-

Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -5 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat Features

1.      Ultra thin handle: After the knot, comes the handle of a baseball bat. The knot is less necessary to concentrate on compared to the handle diameter. The handle of a baseball bat is the main part predominantly because the batsman is to grasp this part tightly with both the hands while having his shot. This products handle is ultra thin, yet perfectly graspable for the player. It is molded with 29/32” composite handle. The best part lies in its gripping diamond grips twisted all over the handle. This diamond shaped embossed grips helps the player to hold the bat tightly enough. Children get the best benefits while playing with such features youth baseball bat.

2.      Barrel qualities: The barrel is the down most part of a baseball starting from the knot. This is the 4th part of the baseball bat, which is the primary portion of the total bat for hitting the baseball. While checking for this product, you’ll see that the barrel is 5/8” diametered which is the standard measurement for a perfect baseball bat. In case of children and youth, this measurement is the best suitable to start with. The barrel of this product isn’t completely solid rather a hollow tube having enough material at the round.
If the barrel happens to be completely filled for the youth, then he might find the bat too heavy and almost impossible for swinging the bat rigorously. Therefore, the Easton A11168430 has been provided with much material spreaded at all its rounds keeping a suitable weight and diameter for the player.

3.      Certification: Nowadays, certification has become a mandatory aspect in case of almost everything. There are hundreds of companies certifying different products. The youth baseball bats have also been in this trend. The Easton A11168430 USSSA 1.15 BPF certified baseball bat. If you are up for this product, you are never going down for sure.

4.      Maximum ground clearance: Ground clearance is one of the most important factors for a youth baseball bat on a youth’s hand. If the bat length is way more that the distance between the ground the players hand position while playing stance, the bat might not be much easy to play with and manage. This product has given concentration on the bat length on that aspect. The ground clearance for a youth player has been kept 32 inches, which is about 82 cm.

Things you ought to remember about Easton A11168430:

  1. The Easton A11168430 is a complete baseball bat package as a youth baseball bat. This is truly comprehensive and efficient for a youth for baseball play.
  2. Before you are opting this product for your child, make sure about the color for there are lots of color present like red, yellow, green, blue and black etc.
  3. This is a baseball bat that can, not only be used for a game play but you can give this product as a gift or birthday present for your youth. This just has a lot of stories in this.
  4. Before going towards field with your youth along with this baseball, make your youth well acquainted with the bat, its features, ways of gripping the diamond embossed grip and swinging the bat correctly.


Baseball has been one of the most burning games for decades. This is the game that is just thrilling in a simple word. Kids love it and so does the whole world. This game can help your child get a good physique as for this isn’t that easy game. It requires a lot of hard work, concentration and determination, which are truly essential for your child’s physical, brain and perception growth. The Easton 2015 SL15X15 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -5 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat is just the perfect among hundreds of youth baseball bats in that case because it has got all the credentials that a starter would like to endeavor.

Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP 2 5/8-Inch -8 Senior League/Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat

When it is all about youth baseball bats, then Easton is one of the best brands for sure. This brand has a lot of varieties in baseball bats among which, you can choose the perfect and suitable one for your youth. There are different sorts and typed baseball bats available in this brand. All you’ll need to do is to match your kids requirements along with the baseball bat specification and then hand it over to your son.

Easton 2015 SL15X18 XL1 COMP

Now, when you are up for the youth baseball bat and Easton is the brand you have fixed, first thing comes in mind is the model number to choose in it? Although there are hundreds of different model but this guide will help you to get acquainted with the model no A11168329. This Easton A11168329 has a set of exquisite performance features, which will not only help you son to perform better but also improve his baseball skills for sure.

Technical features of the Easton A11168329 youth baseball bat:

As for a perfect youth baseball bat, the Easton A11168329 has a few features that are enough to blow your mind. A few technical specifications are-

  1. Ultra-thin baseball bat: The Easton A11168329 is one of the best ultra-thin bats available. Children love to play with thin handles, which have been provisioned through this baseball bat model. Thick handles happen to be difficult for gripping for youths. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided ultra thin, yet strong handle with this baseball bat.
  2. Performance diamond gripping: This baseball bat comprises a strong twisted diamond grip. The diamond shapes are embossed upwards so that the handgrip feels extra friction for ease of bat holding and swinging. Slipping is one of the major problems in baseball bats for children. But this grip provisioning has enabled each and every player with a strong grip and rigorous swinging abilities.
  3. Barrel qualifications: A baseball bat comprises of four different and simultaneous parts from the starting of the bat, which are knot, handle, grip and the barrel. The barrel is the down most and the most broad part of a baseball bat. This is the portion, which makes contact with the ball. However if this part becomes too heavy by solid materials all over it, the player might find is really hard for easy swinging. Considering this problem, Easton manufacturers has though of hollowing the barrel to a good extent keeping an average weight on this part. The barrel has a diameter of 5/8” in the filled portion of it.
  4. Certification: Nowadays, certification has become a part and parcel of almost everything we need and are using. ISO/ ICE/ USSSA etc. certification has turned different sort of products the limelight out of the products. For your kind information, the Easton A11168329 youth baseball bat has been certified from USSSA 1.15 BPF. This bat has meet all the qualification and the feedbacks provided by the medieval users and youths.
  5. Carbon Handle: The handle is made up of SIC black carbon. This is the part, which helps the player to feel almost zero vibration after hitting the baseball hard enough. Vibration causes the player to feel a bit shocked after hitting the ball. Vibration free hitting of baseball also cause the player to feel better and stronger to hit the ball again and again.

Visual beauty and features of the Easton A11168329 baseball bat:

The Easton A11168329 has a lot of visual beauty besides its superb technical specifications. A few are-

  1. Design: The baseball bat Easton A11168329 has different sorts of colorful design on it. Your children would just love it while buying a new one. Compared to a simple colored youth baseball bats, different attracting designs not only provoke youth to buy but also perform better while playing.
  2. Bat length: Ground clearance is truly one of the most important factors for a child while playing. If the bat is too lengthy that it touches the ground while just holding the bat, then it becomes a bit problematic before the game. The bat has to be perfect lengthening where the bat will just not touch the ground but the batsman will be easily able to sway the bat.
    This Easton A11168329 has a ground clearance of about 32 inch, which is close to 82 cm. This measurement is quite perfect for a youth to hold and swing the bat perfectly before the ball to come on.


Baseball bat is something that your child will endeavor once he is famished by the baseball game. This game is not only inquisitive but also conducive for the player both physically and mentally. Nowadays, not only males but also female youths are up to playing baseball game. In order to make this game much more inquisitive than it really is, a youth baseball bat is truly necessary which the Easton A11168329 perfectly complies. When you are up to buying a new youth baseball bats for your youth, then Easton can certainly be the brand and the model A11168329 can certainly be one of the best choices you can ever make.

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