Best Demarini Baseball Bats – DeMarini Voodoo Overlord Youth Big Barrel

Nowadays, youth baseball bats have been a thing of not only joy but also craze! This is the one and only part of the game baseball that makes it happen. Talking about children, they are also fond of it. Baseball has been one of the best games in this present era of modern civilization. A lot of tournaments and games are taking place in almost all the corners of this earth in baseball. The main two parts of this game is the baseball bat and the ball. However, the ball doesn’t much more attention compared to the baseball bat.

If you are thinking about baseball bat for your child, then there is a separated section in this case which is regarded as the youth baseball bats for your youth. In almost all the retail outlets and stores, you’ll get a variety of baseball bats for your child. Now depending upon your child needs and comforts, you have to decide which one to go for prominently. However, this guide will get you introduced with one of the latest trends of youth baseball bats, which is termed as the DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT Youth Big Barrel (2 3/4-Inch) Baseball Bat (-10). This youth baseball bat model has achieved a lot of attention all over the world and is also becoming more and more dense lately. First, it the technical specifications of this youth baseball bat that you should look on to move forward with it.

DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT Youth Big Barrel

Technical specification of DeMarini Voodoo Overlord FT Youth Big Barrel (2 3/4-Inch) Baseball Bat (-10)

When talking about youth baseball bats technical specification, many things come into mind that you even haven’t thought about them lately. But there are some things that you and your child ought to know regarding the bat before going for it finally-

  1. Maximized POP: POP is predominantly referred as the barrel portion of the bat which makes contact with the ball while playing and takes it away rom the arena. This is the primary part of the all the baseball bats. The DeMarini WTDXVDZ comes with lighter barrel, which is never tough for a child to play with.
  2. D-Fusion FT Handle: Any youth baseball bat is comprised of four different parts, which are simultaneously knot, grip, handle and the barrel. The barrel is the part that makes contact with the ball and hits it hard. However, the player is to hold the baseball bat at the grip and the handle portion. This is the part that is way less broader compared to the barrel diameter. But as this part is thinner, this part gets a bit vibrated. For your information, the DeMarini WTDXVDZ comes with D-fusion FT handle, which is solely responsible for controlling unwanted and unnecessary vibrations in the baseball bat. Another big plus of this product is that, it redirects the vibrational frequencies back to the barrel increasing the bat hit and swinging strength for the user or player.
  3. Barrel to handle strengthening: FT is the abbreviation of flame tampered. This is the quality or characteristics of this youth baseball bat that helps the player to feel the strength of the total bat starting from the knot ending at the end of the barrel. Feeling the overall strength of the whole youth baseball bat is very important. A slight feel of heaviness of the bat helps the player to achieve the confidence of hitting the ball hard enough to take it out of the boundary. In case of your youth, such baseball bats are truly necessary and persuasive. The DeMarini WTDXVDZ is the right thing in this regard for your youth.
  4. RCK knob right at the starting of the bat: The DeMarini WTDXVDZ comes to you with a enthusiastic RCK knob fit at the first portion before the grip starts. This is just the perfect knob for all sorts of youth to feel comfy with this baseball bat at the first shot. This anatomically designed knob has a barrel shaped yet cylindrical borders that help the hand palm sides to fit with in and feel comfy at all the rounds of it. Most prominently, this part helps the player to grip the handle tightly and let not the bat slip in case of loosening the momentum for the baseball bat while swinging hard.

Things to know:

Although there are many DeMarini baseball bats available in the market nowadays, this is one of the most top-notch youth baseball bats because of a few reasons, like-

  1. This bat comes with a perfect combination of knob, handle, grip and the barrel.
  2. If you are looking for exploding powerful bat for your youth, then keep this one in the first in your list for sure.
  3. The VooDoo grip and RCK knob of this product is just like a certification for better and effective performance for this product.


When you are looking for something impressive out of a youth baseball bat, then the DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT Youth Big Barrel (2 3/4-Inch) Baseball Bat (-10) is certainly one of the best choices you can ever make. But to be a bit more specific and objective orienting, youths who are well acquainted with baseball game and looking for something having extra power in it, then among the thousand youth baseball bats, the DeMarini WTDXVDZ is just the right click!

DeMarini VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3)

When you have been thinking about youth baseball bats for your child, then making something different from the generic ones might help your kid for the game play. Yes, we are talking none other than the famous youth baseball bat producing brand DeMarini. This name has achieved a lot of fame and reputation in the youth baseball sector.

Youth baseball bats nowadays are equipped with different types of features for the convenience of players. Your child might like a baseball bat according to his own choices. But the main prerequisite should be the comfort for the player above all. DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3) is certainly a perfect youth baseball bat, which can help the user to make the best performance out of the baseball game.

The DeMarini WTDXVDC is also called as the Voodoo Overload FT. This youth baseball bat has a set of lucrative features, which will simply attract you to this product. A few technical specifications are detailed below in brief-

DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3)

  1. X12 Alloy all over the barrel: Any baseball bat comprises of four parts, which are simultaneously knot, grip, handle and the barrel. The barrel is the broadest and thickest part of a baseball bat, which is the portion that makes hit, and contact with the baseball. This barrel portion of the DeMarini WTDXVDC is completely made up of X12 alloy.
    Load distribution along the barrel length is another important factor. In this product, it has been designed very carefully. The end point of the barrel is loaded with a slight weight. This quality adds power and maximum popping features in this portion of the whole bat.
  2. D-fusion FT handle: The handle of the DeMarini WTDXVDC is completely molded with flame tampered D-fusion handle. This is the gripping part of the youth baseball bat allowing your child to hold the bat with just the right grip. Your child needs a baseball bat, which won’t vibrate much after hitting the baseball hard. This product has the perfect aerodynamics, which passes all the vibrational harmonics towards the barrel ends and helps to feel error free hitting to the player.
  3. Stiffer feeling grip: Gripping is one of the primary needs out of a youth baseball bat. In this product, your child will feel much more comfort and most importantly, a very rigid and strong grip while playing.
  4. Force maximization and extra pop: Just beneath the portion of the barrel in this youth baseball bat, there is a bit extra load put so that the swinging force can be a bit greater than expected. This will help your child to sway the bat hard enough and take the ball out of the arena of playing. This is one of the strongest points this bat entails very prominently.
  5. Vibrational elimination: When you are thinking of your child to gift one among of thousand youth baseball bats, then choosing becomes too difficult and certainly vibration is one of the important points to deal with. While buying, make sure that you have brought a nice one for your youth that doesn’t vibrate at all. Since the beginning of baseball playing matters, you better hand such a product to your child, which doesn’t vibrate at all. The DeMarini WTDXVDC is just the right match in this case because along with the handle, it uses thermo-fused tapers, which directly eliminates vibrations created from hitting the ball towards the handle.

Things to know before starting play with it:

There are a few points that you and your child ought to know before buying such a product-

  1. The DeMarini WTDXVDC weighs only 2.5 pounds, which is very prominent margined for a child aged between 10-15 years.
  2. Before you start playing, make sure that baseball bat is vibration free, because vibration not only hampers that after playing effects in hands but also lessens the baseball bat life to a great extent. The DeMarini WTDXVDC is a strong soldier to this problem because it is no only flame tampered but also provided with IonV end cap that both eliminates vibration effects and transient after effects very efficiently.
  3. The barrel isn’t too long which makes it way heavier but is margined at a nice weight along with the portion of it in the whole baseball bat. To make sure that the bat strength is use properly, you have to make your child aware of the perfect gripping of such a bat.


Nowadays, baseball bats have been just aching youths cravings. Baseball is one of the foremost games in the present era or world, which is creating a lot of thrill, joy, sorrow and above all, inquisition among millions all over the earth. You never know if your child is going to be one of the leading baseball players in the world after a time. That’s why this is the high time you’ve realized about youth baseball bats and handed him over with a nice DeMarini WTDXVDC.

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