6 Best Basketball Shoes 2021 Reviews: Step Up Your Game

Anyone who plays basketball knows the importance of owning a great pair of best basketball shoes.  Whether you’re just starting out, or even if you’re a seasoned basketball player, a new pair of basketball shoes is always in your wish list.

There are so many brands, models, colors and styles that it can become somewhat overwhelming to know which basketball shoes are the ones you should buy in 2021. That’s why we built this site, we simply put our heads into it and started an investigation to list the newest models we could find.

In a hurry? here are the top 3 picks

RankName of the Basketball shoes
#1Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2
#2Adidas Performance Em Up 2
#3Nike LeBron Soldier IX

Basketball Shoe Reviews: Our Top 6 List for 2021

We didn’t take this investigation lightly. In fact, we made it our ultimate goal to carefully take into account every detail that the basketball shoes have to offer. 2021 is a great year for shoes, so we will make sure to keep the work going and make sure we got the latest models listed here.

We do have to mention that the shoes listed in this website are the best ones and nothing else. We didn’t take into account the cheap or discount shoes that end up in the trash.

To make this happen, we looked everywhere online and in stores, we tested the shoes and verified if they were the real deal. Then we visited sites such as nike.com and adidas.com to get even more details, but we went even further by asking around in social sites and taking polls.

After we gathered all the data, we filtered the top 10 shoes we could find. After those, we took it a step further and picked 6 finalists, who are the ones that follow.

#1. Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour ClutchFit Basketball Shoes

The Clutchfit Drive was and still is very famous amongst basketball shoe lovers, since they were notably used by Steph Curry, current MVP of the league.

The Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 is the second model, but Steph curry went on to have his own shoe, so does it live up to the original? Let’s begin by talking a bit about the traction. Nothing fancy here, just a solid herringbone that as many of us know does the job.

The simple design leaves nothing to the imagination and they play just great.

As for the cushioning goes, you might be happy to find out that it is very soft and designed to be comfortable for your foot.

This optimizes its responsiveness to your moves which always great for your game.

It is no secret that Under Armour always tries to experiment with different types of cushioning, and although the present cushioning might feel comfortable to some, and not too comfortable for others it does show a lot of promise for the future.

The fitting is quite accurate, you can expect your foot to slide in without much resistance, without making it too loose for a good fit.  One thing to highlight is that for some type of feet, those that are wide in particular, the basketball may feel a bit too tight.

Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Specs:

  • Made from synthetic material
  • Clutchfit technology that makes the shoe feel like an extension of your foot
  • The custom tongue that covers your upper foot
  • Equipped with Charged Cushioning midsole for maximum responsiveness.
  • Herringbone for a great feel and precise control

#2. Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2

adidas Performance Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes

When we look at the Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes, we look at foot technology made for blazing speed and dynamic agility.

If you want to gain speed and become a human blur, then these basketball shoes can help you gain quickness and step up your game. Built with their patented Bounce cushion technology and a superior traction that has been vastly improved, you’ll feel much more powerful cuts when you hit the courts.

These shoes are mainly reported to perform great and belong on the high-end spectrum of anyone’s basketball shoe list for 2021. They work really well on any type of court and the cushioning lets your feet do the work with so much more ease. They treat your feet like a top basketball shoe should: they hold the foot still in their place and lock it down with a wrap-around lace system.

If you’re into variety, you’ll definitely notice that Adidas offers a variety of colors and designs, so you’ll have a lot to choose from to fit your particular taste.  If there is a possible issue with the shoe is that it can be a bit constricting around the top because of the wrap up lacing and limits the space for extension. Depending on your type and shape of foot this can be either an advantage or disadvantage.

Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Specs:

  • Built with textile and synthetic materials
  • Feature a rubber sole
  • Bounce Cushioning let’s your feet do their work easily
  • Upper mesh designed for breathability
  • Textile lining that focuses on max comfort

#3. Nike LeBron Soldier IX Men’s Basketball Shoes

LeBron’s Soldier Shoes have always been in the top 10 of every basketball shoe enthusiast, many people swear by them and they have reason to do so.  The Nike LeBron Soldier IX Men’s Basketball Shoes excel at everything you can think of.

Although some basketball players feel that the Soldier VII let them down, these new pair of shoes bring the great cushioning feel back.

When we talk about traction, The Soldier series have always been top notch in this category. The new sole pattern makes their tracking better than any time before. These shows have been manufactured to be used on all types of surfaces, be it wood or concrete; yet the feel and grip always is the same.

The newer patterns are specifically designed to help you drive your slides and brake on your cuts.

The new Zoom goes back to the original cushioning concept, and we are happy they did.   The large Zoom units are super firm and give a great hop and responsivity. Once you get used to it, you’ll come to appreciate the Soldier IV.

Generally, the fit is reported to be as perfect as it can be for all sizes.  The strapping mechanism is mainly strap based, that is one firm strip that locks the ankle and heel. There is one other strap that goes around the whole foot and straps in the middle. This makes it lockdown perfectly tight and feels great on the foot.

Nike LeBron Soldier IX Specs:

  • Sole made out of rubber
  • A minimized mesh improves ventilation, making them very light.
  • Responsive cushioning thanks to the Zoom units.
  • Tight fit with Flywire technology
  • New traction patterns: anti-dust and very flexible

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#4. Air Jordan 4 Retro OG “CEMENT” Men’s Shoes

The Air Jordan 4 Retro OG “CEMENT” Men’s Shoes were all the hype around the 2021 all-star basketball game in Toronto. They were there at the top of everyone’s list and high expectations were built around these masterpieces.

They originally debuted around mid-February of this year, and they are the latest installment of Jordan’s very famous and recognized Retro Master initiative which began last year around spring.  Everyone was fascinated when these shoes started coming out again.

Many NBA players and fitness enthusiasts, and even collectors were super happy to see this initiative come to life. But the Jordan brand didn’t stop there, they went ahead and made a lot of improvements on the original models by adding more color choices, better cushioning systems and materials.

Additionally, they included different shapes and minimal design modifications to fit today’s standards WITHOUT sacrificing the idea that the shoes originally conveyed. These Jordan Basketball shoes are the product of evolution. They’ve gone through a process of streamlining and remastering, and they remain faithful by keeping the Nike Air logo right on the heels and their historic silhouettes. It’s no secret that many websites have at least one type of Jordan shoes on their top 5.

Michael Jordan totally approves this idea and design, since they honor his classic shoes, but at the same time they update them to meet the needs of even the most demanding athlete. The Air Jordan 4 Retro Cement is no exception and it certainly emanates everything the brand stands for.

These pair of basketball shoes are a longtime fan favorite, and now anyone can purchase them for the first time since 199. The splashing design, premium leather and Nike Air Logo stamped around the heel make them nostalgic yet extremely powerful to wear, another hit by Nike.

Air Jordan 4 Retro OG “CEMENT” Specs:

  • Made with synthetic and leather materials
  • Super lightweight for maximum breathability.
  • Features a rubber sole with a herringbone design
  • Nike Air Logo on the Heel
  • Random paint splashing for a great look

#5. Nike Hyperdunk Men’s Basketball Shoes

When we first glance at the Nike Hyperdunk Men’s Basketball Shoes we may think that they sacrifice performance for looks.   As a matter of the heel may seem to be a bit too high for function, and is there more for aesthetics than for anything else.

The traction leaves nothing to the mind, they use a vanilla herringbone which has proven to be a top performer.   The rubber sticks very well to the surface of the court.

You can make a fair comparison between the traction of the Clutchfit Drive 2 and the Hyperdunk when it comes to traction quality.

Cushioning is based on the Zoom technology but reports state that it doesn’t feel as great as the Zoom on other basketball shoes such as the Soldier IV.

The fit, like with most Nike shoes will be a perfect fit, even if your feet are a bit wider than usual. In fact, the opposite may be true here, if your feet are too narrow you might actually want to order a smaller size. The toe box is comfy, yet doesn’t suffer from dead space. The lockdown mechanism fits the foot around the heel and up to the lower mid-calf which may be a bit strange for someone who hasn’t used these types of shoes.

Nike Hyperdunk Specs:

  • Hyperfuse design makes it lightweight and breathable
  • Built with a rubber sole that sticks
  • Lockdowns the foot for a great fit with Flywire cables
  • Forefoot/heel Zoom units made for responsiveness.
  • Features material outside the sole for extra support

#6. LeBron 13: the best basketball shoe to make your sports time comfortable.


why LeBron 13 is the best, Fit, durable and comfortable basketball shoe?

LeBron 13

The LeBron 13 is lighter, leaner, and more explosive, it makes you feel fit, comfortable than the other out there,

why because the Nike team kept their effort in making you much more comfortable than ever 

everyone expects to have a  shoe that can stand up to their powerful playing style then comes LeBron 13.


  • much lighter without sacrificing support.
  • traction.
  • cushioning.
  • support and stability.

what you can expect from LeBron 13 …

  • Flexible support

A one-piece sleeve made of breathable mesh gives sock-like comfort,
flexibility, and zoned support for superior lockdown.

  • Zoned protection

Hyperposite stuff on the toe, midfoot and collar provides
zoned protection where LeBron needs it most.

  • Responsive cushioning

Four low-profile Nike Zoom Air units deliver incredibly active
cushioning to influence LeBron’s every movement.

Information about the product…

  • one is Mesh
  • you will have a Rubber sole
  • It bears a Shaft that measures approximately 4″ from arch
  • Flywire cables extend from midfoot to wrap around your heel for lockdown that makes you more comfortable
  • Zoom L.E.A.P. system embedded in The LeBron 13 enhances propulsion and responsiveness
  • Four independent Zoom Air units on the forefoot for low-profile, flexible, and responsive cushioning

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many designs in LeBron 13
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Final verdict: does LeBron 13 basketball shoe worth?

Answer: yes

Bottom line:

they make you feel comfortable

they help you to stand up in your style

rating is 4.5

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Good luck, here’s you have a great sports time.

Tips To The 3 Main Types of Basketball Player’s Shoes to Rocket Your Game

It’s no secret that there are as many types of basketball shoes as there are many types of players.  For instance, some basketball players are small and fast, others are huge and powerful and others are somewhere in between.

Because of the diversity or kind of players, there are different types of shoes out there for the sport of basketball. Here we will talk about the three specific kinds of players so you can look into what you really want to game harder and better. On Athlete Tests, you can easily find out what type of player you are.

Power Player:

This basketball player is big, strong and must use his height to get the best out of his skills. One thing stands out in all this: the power movements are surely going to wear out the shoes more quickly than average. If you’re a power player you need cushioning, durable materials and shock resistance. With these elements you can get a pair of shoes that will last more and at the same time improve your game. One drawback is that the kinds of shoes for the big men are not as light as the other models, but it is a small price to pay.

All Around Player: 

This basketball player has to get a pair of shoes that offer both stability and ankle cushioning. This is mostly to keep you safe if you play in that position. The weight of these shoes is neither too heavy or too light, but right between at around sixteen ounces. You gain speed, yet remain stable with your cuts and dashes.

Fast Player:

Usually the guards, this player must make the most out f his speed and handling abilities. lightweight, flexible and soft are the keywords to keep in mind when looking for a pair of shoes for fast players. However, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice stability and momentum though. Another thing that stands out is that you don’t need the high ankle support since your main focus is to be as speedy and agile as you can.

So there you go, once you know what player you are, then you know exactly what to look for in a basketball shoe and gain an advantage. One last tip: If you’re still not convinced that you fit into any of these three types of players then go for the middle type player and you’ll be sure to cover all bases including stability, speed and mainly safety. You can then go to our top 6 basketball shoes list and pick your best fit.

Choosing The Perfect Basketball Shoe for You

Choosing the perfect basketball shoes for you can be quite exciting. During the old times we just had to kind of guess since the internet did not exist and we probably didn’t choose the best at the time.

Still today, with all the information at our fingertips, it can become overwhelming because of all the models, colors and designs.  That’s why having a little bit of knowledge about what constitutes a great shoe is so important.

Think about it: low tops? high tops? Sole Material?

It’s not unusual to ask for help in these situations because of the endless array of shoes in the market. Maybe the following pointers can assist you with at least being prepared with the basics before purchasing:

First off, there are various types of basketball shoes.

  • High tops are mostly for the ankle support, especially designed for power players as they help with balance.
  • Mid tops are built for the all-encompassing basketball players which do protect the ankle but also add speed.
  • Low tops are usually super lightweight and they are built for momentum and seed, as well as maximum flexibility and movement.
  • These basics can help you sort out what kind of shoe will help you get the most out of your game.

Another very important element of the shoe is what it’s made out of. The most common material is synthetic leather which is very durable and doesn’t weigh as much as leather. There are some shoe models that mix up synthetics, leather and even textile materials. A common Waring about leather is that it can stretch out relatively fast and deform from their original shape which can in turn make them a hazard for the basketball player.

One good thing to remember is to get the standards straight: support, comfort, durability, mesh and traction. Brands such as Nike or Adidas know this since they make shoes for the Big Names in basketball.

This is why many people chose to buy specific models that have been made for a specific player such as Jordan, LeBron or Curry. This can make your job so much easier since all of these big-name shoes take into account every aspect of the game and materialize it in the design and function of the shoe.

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Indoor Basketball Shoes

Although basketball is considered one of the great team sports, there is no denying that many aspects of the game involve individual feats of athleticism and skill.

With the game continuing to grow in popularity and the skill level elevating along with it, finding any advantage over an opponent is crucial in playing at a high level. Given the limited amount of personalized equipment that is required to play basketball, the shoe serves as the one place where an advantage can be found.

In determining what advantage you can gather from an indoor basketball shoe, it is important to ask yourself the following four questions:

What skills do you rely on the most?

Although many players may rush to find the lightest shoe on the market in order to give them what they perceive as an advantage in foot speed, there are some setbacks when it comes to lighter shoes.

When choosing a weight that fits a player’s personal skill set, you need to match the durability and stability of the shoe with the position. If you’re a guard, you should be looking for a shoe that gives you a quick step, while also providing superb traction that allows for quick changes in direction.

For players who grind it out in the post, a heavier, sturdier shoe is ideal.  Also, given the shorter, more concentrated steps that a big man uses in the trenches, the sole of the shoe is likely to wear out faster. Therefore, a durable sole is critical for players who play in the paint.

Where is support needed the most?

There are three different cuts of basketball shoes that players will look for when making their shoe purchase: low, mid and high cut.

Once again, it is important for each individual to analyze their own game to find the right cut.  Are you a shooter who hangs out around the perimeter?  Are you a slasher who utilizes jump stops and quick changes of direction? Or maybe you are a banger in the post which makes living scooping up rebounds.

The low-cut may be the ideal option for shooters, as it gives you a lighter shoe that allows you to set your feet and elevate into the shot as quickly as possible.
For slashers, a mid-cut shoe serves as a hybrid that provides additional ankle support while also reducing any excess weight with high cut shoes. Having a mid-cut usually allows for enough ankle protection and flexibility during frequent changes of direction.

It’s all about ankle support and shoe durability for bigger players, making the high cut the obvious choice. Frequently going up for rebounds puts you at a greater risk of landing awkwardly on someone else’s foot, so extra ankle support is important at this position.

What is the surface of your home court?

Identifying a basketball shoe that best fits your home gym’s surface is an important element in ensuring that you have a shoe that best protects you against injury.

The softer the surface, the more shock absorption you can sacrifice in an effort to cut down the weight of your shoe.   However, if you are playing regularly on tile or other unforgiving surfaces, you need to find a shoe that gives additional shock absorption to reduce the impact of landing repeatedly on a hard surface. This may add a few ounces to the shoe’s weight, but shock absorption is key to reducing long term injury, particularly on the knees and back.

Are the shoes designed for a certain purpose?

Many shoe brands have spent a significant amount of time developing shoes that cater to certain types of players based on size and weight.

However, it is important to not fall victim to these claims. Even if a shoe seems perfect for you on the surface, continue to analyze the three questions above before making any final commitments to a pair of shoes that claims to be uniquely designed for your game

How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoe According to Your Playing Position

Although basketball has been defined by three basic positions, the constant evolution of the game has caused many hybrid positions to evolve, where players are combining their unique range of skills to constantly redefine what a guard, forward or center is. 

As a result, finding a basketball shoe that fits a player’s unique skill set is crucial in ensuring that each player has the type of shoes that best fits his/her personal needs.

The facilitator

Although point guards are constantly being called upon to add a scoring threat in a team’s offensive sets, there are still those pass-first point guards whose job is to set up their scorers in high-percentage shooting positions.

As a result, a facilitating point-guard is required to rely on foot speed and court vision in order to perform his job at the highest level.

In finding the right basketball shoe for the pass-first guard, there are two aspects of a basketball shoe that need to be identified: shoe weight and tread stability.  These attributes will ensure that the facilitator is able to make the quick cuts needed to draw additional defenders himself, so he can make the passes that rack up those all-too-vital assists.

The sniper

Every team needs a perimeter threat, someone who is lethal from 16-feet and beyond.  Although these players can often create their own shot when a defender over-commits, shot creation is not the primary goal.

In finding the right shoe for a wing player, the weight of the shoe should be at the top of the priority list.

The lighter a shoe, the quicker the shooter can get her feet set for a good-looking shot off the catch. Also, with the constant movement off the ball, it is essential for a shooter to have a shoe that enables quickness and supports the ankles during frequent changes in direction.

The attacker

It takes a special type of player to have the attitude necessary to fight through contact in order to get to the rim.

This mindset can put a lot of pressure on a player’s ankles and calves, as they are constantly taking aggressive steps to the hole and then elevating to get their shot off in traffic.

An attacking player does not need the lightest shoes on the market, nor does he need the shoes with the most durable composition.  Instead, an attacker needs a shoe that provides great ankle support along with quality traction control.

This ensures that he can stop on a dime and elevate when he is in a scoring position.  However, durable ankle protection is also crucial, as this will reduce the risk of ankle rolls when coming down for a landing.

The banger

The big guys/girls on the floor may not be known for their lightening-quick reflexes or their 40-yard dash time.  However, bangers frequently provide the most impressive stat line over the course of a game because they make they’re living around the rim.  The inside effort on both offence and defence can keep a banger’s team in a game even when her shooting percentage may not be at its best.

A banger needs ankle support and shock absorption above everything, as her legs can take a beating when she is fighting for position inside.  Finding a solid shoe with good stitching and shock absorption will help a banger get the support she needs for her game-long battle in the paint.

How to Shop for Kids’ Basketball Shoes

Shopping for kids’ basketball shoes can be a seemingly difficult, impossible and often very expensive task. Kids are often picky, have tastes that can change from day to day and grow out of shoes incredibly fast. Here are five tips that can help make your shopping experience a success.

Allow Room for Growth

In order to find kids’ basketball sneakers that will last through an entire season, you absolutely have to buy shoes that allow a little bit of room for the foot to grow. Obviously, you don’t want your child waddling down the court like a clown with shoes that are way too big, but a half-size or one full-size above what the child normally wears should be sufficient.

With all the running involved in basketball, it’s actually important that the foot has some room to manoeuvre within the shoe (adult runners often buy sneakers that are a little roomy for this reason).

Children often take pride in their shoe size and don’t usually have a problem with “sizing up,” so it often works out with no problems. The other option is to tell your child that they can get two pairs of less expensive shoes and buy one pair in a slightly larger size to cover anticipated foot growth.

Shop Online

You can have more control over the basketball shoe shopping experience by shopping online and showing your child only a few options to choose from. This eliminates the “kid in a candy store” effect that is sure to happen if you take your child to a giant shoe store, huge sporting goods store or to the enormous mall.

It also won’t hurt that there won’t be any employees working for commissions trying to sell you and your child insanely expensive shoes along with new socks, foot spray, t-shirts and new basketball shorts. If you’re already buying shoes with some “room to grow,” much of the sizing risk of online shopping is also eliminated from the equation.

Know Your Team Colors

Your child definitely won’t want to be the only player on the team with shoes that don’t match the team’s color scheme. Try your best to find out the colors of the team your child will be playing for before you take them shopping for basketball sneakers. Another safe bet is to buy shoes that are mostly black or white that can be coordinated to the team’s colors by simply adding the right colored socks and shoelaces.

If your child is the type to throw a fit over being the only one on the team with “different” sneakers, try to wait until the first few practices are held to figure out what type of shoes your child will really want this season.

Don’t Worship False Idols

The tough thing about kids’ basketball sneakers is that kids often want the sneakers worn by their favorite players. Unfortunately, the sneakers worn by LeBron, Kobe and Kevin Durant are often incredibly expensive and some versions are even impossible to find without paying outrageous aftermarket prices.

However, there are a few options to help with this dilemma. You can scour the internet and the less expensive shoe stores to see if you can find last year’s model of any of these sneakers, which can often be found for much cheaper prices than the current models.

Another option is to tell your child that if they really want these sneakers, they will have to wait and get them as a holiday or birthday gift. If your child is a little older, it may be best to simply tell them that you can’t afford to spend upwards of $200 on a pair of basketball sneakers.

Don’t Forget to be a Parent

Although there is a lot of importance placed on kids’ basketball shoes, it’s also important to speak some truth to your child. Let your child know that no sneakers are going to make them the next NBA superstar and they still have to practice and work hard if they want to improve on the basketball court.

Point out that many kids in other countries grow up running and playing soccer or basketball in their bare feet and that your child should be thankful for all that they do have and not take anything for granted. Even something as simple as buying kids’ basketball shoes can provide an opportunity for a valuable life lesson.

Final Thoughts

The Nike LeBron Soldier IX Men’s Basketball Shoes are our overall best pick in 2021, although this is our opinion and you may be happier with any of the other models. That said, you can take this research as a springboard for your continued investigation and even head on to Amazon or view our 2021 comparison table to see the best selling shoes and see if there is a shoe we might have missed.

Best Oldest Model:- Nike Hyperdunk Review: Shoe of the Future?

The new Nike Hyperdunks just dropped on July 20th, and the new version sees some significant upgrades from its predecessor. The new kicks include the new Nike technology “Flywire” that claims to offer better stability and comfort along with a lighter shoe and better traction. The shoes are also touted for featuring a new cushioning material used in the sole called “Lunarlon.” The Lunarlon cushioning should improve uncomfortable pressure on the foot that usually translates into serious blisters.

I have personally worn my 2012 Hyperdunks to the final reaches of their durability, and the primary complaint I had was a lack of cushion under the balls of my feet. Unsurprisingly, the absence of cushioning led to blisters that made ankle breakers a painful business. I just picked up a pair of the 2013′s and three hours of pickup games later, I have a verdict on each aspect of the shoe and on the shoe as a whole.

Basic statistics:
Shoe weight: 12.4 oz
Materials: Foam, mesh, composite plastic, rubber

Durability 4/5

Like most of the recent Nike basketball shoes, the 2013 Hyperdunk feels like a shoe that is built to last. Obviously, my new shoes need a little bit more breaking in before they are truly comfortable, but the slight increase in the quality of the materials is noticeable when compared to the 2012 version. Furthermore, there is an added amount of giving to the shoe, making it feel more of a natural extension of your foot rather than an artificial apparatus. My only concern is the durability of the grip; however, this concern will require many more hours of play to confirm or deny.

Support 5/5

The new inclusion of the Flywire technology is amazing. Other than providing a badass facade for the shoe, the shoe feels more responsive and adds a new level of spring when running down the hardwood. The new Lunarlon cushioning in the sole also makes for a surprisingly comfortable shoe, especially given the shoes’ lightweight. I know these are not Jordans, and I am not Mars Blackmon, but when you put these babies on, you cannot help but feel like it has to be the shoes!

Cushion 4/5

As mentioned previously, the new Lunarlon cushioning in the sole is like running on air. For someone with achy knees, it makes the sensation of jumping a much more bearable one. The customizable nature of the shoe also means that you can create an outdoor basketball shoe online for yourself. Notably, after some outdoor play, the cushion holds up well against solid concrete and blacktop. The only drawback I found is that the cushion is only in the heel and toe, so those of us with high-arches have to find another cushioning solution or face sore feet.

Traction 5/5

The herringbone trend in Nike soles continues and for good reason: it provides amazing traction. A couple drills proved its effectiveness, and it made a discernible difference on the defensive end as the herringbone seems to provide extra traction for side-to-side movement. I might go so far as to say that the Hyperdunk 2013 has the best grip of any shoe I have owned, outdoing my current favorites the Jordan Fly Wades.

Style 5/5

Out of every category, the 2013 Hyperdunk absolutely nailed style. If you are a true sneakerhead, these shoes will make you drool. They are sleek, they are sexy, and they make you look like D-Rose from the future. What more could you possibly want? The real icing on the cake comes from the exposed Flywire accents, which make your customization options when buying directly from the Nike website endless. The court is where you not only flash your game but also your swag. And this shoe absolutely oozes swag.

Fit/Comfort 5/5

It fits like a glove. It was true to size for me, a 12.5, but I have heard grumblings that Hyperdunks tend to run big. Those issues aside, I’m seriously considering buying a second pair for street shoes. This is one comfortable shoe.

Ventilation 4/5

Nike has put of a lot of research into creating a breathable shoe over the years, and I think the company just about reached its plateau. I hope Nike proves me wrong, but recent Nike basketball shoes have seem to have had similar ventilation designs, so if you’re a Nike fan, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The newest iteration of the Hyperdunk has gone far and above the legacy of the original 2008 shoes. Nike has managed to create a lightweight and comfortable shoe that still provides the support and flexibility needed to take your game to the next level.

Own a Pair of Hyperdunks?

If you’ve experienced the Hyperdunks for yourself, I would love to hear what you think. Please share your comments (and questions) below!

The Top Five Basketball Shoes I Have Ever Owned

Evan Chadwick recounts the 5 best basketball shoes he’s ever owned.

In my 25 years of playing basketball I have owned many pairs of basketball shoes.

For the longest time, my parents were focused on ensuring that I had a new pair of shoes each time I hit a growth spurt so I was comfortable enough on the court.  As a result, I amassed quite the collection of shoes, both good and bad in my early playing days.

There are five sets of shoes however, that I enjoyed the most. These hoop shoes not only gave me the support I needed, but also made me look as bad-ass as a gangly, large-nosed kid could get.

#5:  Rebook Kamikaze

Although my early years of basketball were most heavily influenced by the play of Michael Jordan, the shoes that spoke to me early on were from one of his fiercest rivals in the Seattle SuperSonics’ Shawn Kemp.

A bulky shoe with high ankle support, I donned these bad boys for two years before I hit my first growth spurt.

Not only did these shoes give me superior ankle protection, but they also gave me added confidence in knowing that I was one of the few who had refused to buy into the Air Jordan series of shoes that many of my friends had committed to.

#4:  Air Penny I

I was sold on this shoe as soon as I saw the Little Penny commercial with Chris Rock.  At the time, I was a 5-foot-nothing guard who idolized Penny’s ability to attack the rim, which I, with the assistance of good marketing, attributed to Penny’s shoes.

These shoes served me well, as they gave me quality traction and minimal weight resistance.  Unfortunately, the shoes only lasted one year, as I grew four inches between basketball seasons.

#3 Nike Air Flight

As I continued to grow and my game began to evolve into a more post-oriented style, I began to feel an increasing ache in my knees.

My mother, an Emergency Room Nurse, identified this issue as jumper’s knee, a common ailment among growing basketball players.

As a result, my mother and I went back to the shoe store (just three months after making a particularly bad shoe purchase) in search of a pair of shoes that would provide my feet with more cushion.  The search quickly concluded when I laid my eyes on the Nike Air Flight.

With its large air bubbles riddling the base of the shoe, the benefits may have been as much mental as they were in the shoe’s design.  However, the combination of real and believed attributes gave me a great pair of shoes that put my knee issues to rest.

#2 Reebok Twilight Pump

No list of great basketball shoes could be complete without a mention of the Reebok Pumps, a shoe that although gimmicky, was on every kid’s radar after Dee Brown made them famous during his epic NBA All-Star dunk competition.

As an added incentive, the neon color of the Twilight’s drew me to them like a bug drawn to a lamp and for two seasons, I became a Pump enthusiast.

#1 Reebok Shaqnosis

Ugly as hell, but at the same time, mesmerizing, the Shaqnosis shoes are by far the best shoes I have ever purchased.  I was a 14-year-old, 6-foot-one inch, 150-pound power forward when I tried these shoes on for the first time.  Immediately after lacing these zebra shoes up, I felt like I had unleashed a secret weapon that made up for many of my shortcomings on the court.

Not only did these shoes elicit numerous comments from teammates and opponents, but they also lasted a full three years, a feat that my parents, who had forked over a small fortune in previous years, could truly appreciate.

Which shoes are on your list?

What are the best 6 pairs of basketball shoes you’ve ever owned? Please share in the comments below!

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