Basketball is a high-demanding game with lots of physical action, contact and high jumps. In order for the NBA players to avoid injuries or at least to decrease the amount and severity of them, the players use insoles in their shoes. Let’s examine which the best basketball insoles are. Those insoles are used by several professional athletes but also from amateur players. The use of insoles is a must for any professional basketball player, especially in the NBA, where the load on the athlete’s body is huge.

Benefits of Insoles.

Below, I’ve nicely summarized the benefits of insoles for basketball shoes, benefits that also ring true for running shoes and other sports.

  • Feet are less likely to feel sore after a workout or a game.
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved arch support for your feet.
  • Shoes will last longer, feeling like a new pair for much more time.
  • Helps with running on numerous different surfaces, such as those of a basketball court, whether indoors or outdoors.


One of the most recommended insoles for professional athletes and basketball players. Megasole has an ergonomic design and it can greatly reduce the shock the player’s body absorbs when jumping and landing. They have special design and they include a dual layer of memory foam. They also allow the player’s foot temperature to remain at good levels and their cushion is designed so the vibration is reduced.


Sofsole is a high quality insole for men and women who play basketball. They help the athlete stabilize his or her foot and that can greatly help them reduce injuries. When you get that feeling a few weeks into a new pair of shoes that they just don’t feel the same as when you bought them, it is probably because of the insoles, and buying new ones can help to tackle this. It also helps the athlete reduce the impact of a strong contact and reduce the stress that a jump invokes. The lightweight polymer gel they include helps towards that direction. The Sofsole also include an arch plate that helps in the conversion of shocks into speed when an athlete is running in the game.

Classic Insole

This is a classic option when it comes to insoles. They are made of 100% Sorbothane and they provide protection and comfort as they absorb 94.7% of the shock. They also have a great arch support, which helps decreasing the stress of the joints and the tendons in the knee. Those insoles can greatly help an athlete protect his ankles and reduce the possibility of a severe injury in any part of the leg.

Ultra Work / Sport Insole

These insoles are made of molded polyurethane foam, which offer great foot support, but they also have Sorbothane to help absorbing the shock. These insoles can greatly reduce the stress and the load in the lower parts of the body and are custom-made for many professional athletes.