Best Baseball Bats 2021: Top 10 BBCOR Bats

The bat is to attack, and the glove is to the defense. The baseball bat is an essential element. How to choose the best baseball bat is therefore very important task. This choice is even more difficult as there are many models with different weight, size, materials and above all with different prices.

Making a mistake with one of these criteria will lead you to end up with an unsuitable baseball bat which will be completely ineffective. For example, too heavy bat will certainly have the power but will inevitably lead to a late swings and therefore bad strikes. Conversely, with too light bat, swing will be swift and easy but strikes would be very hard to control.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports that exists in the United States but to play it really well, you need a good baseball bat. In this post we will count the best baseball bats to practice this well-known sport.

The first question that everyone need to answer about the baseball bat is its composition:

  1. Wooden Baseball Bat
  2. Composite Baseball Bat
  3. Aluminium Baseball Bat

The three have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose the best for your needs.

Let’s talk about them one by one:

1. Wooden Baseball Bat

The wooden bat is used by the pros, it offers a comfortable striking and the others do not match and the prices are usually very affordable (+/- 30 €).

However it has three major disadvantages

  1. It breaks easily (must have several bats for a season)
  2. The striking power is less.
  3. The size of the sweet spot is smaller (Bat area over which the force will be better returned to the ball)


2. Aluminium Baseball Bat

The alloy bats are commonly used by young or lower-level leagues because they have significant advantages.

  1. Very durable (lasts several years)
  2. Strikes much more powerful than wooden bats
  3. The sweet spot is generally broad

The main defect these alloy bats is that hitting them is very “dry” which can lead to some pretty nasty vibrations.

Price: $$$

3. Composite Baseball Bat

Composite bats are a mix of the two. Composite bats are generally constituted by a coating resin of composite materials such as carbon, Kevlar or fiberglass. This resin is then applied on wood or aluminum alloy for a more solid feel of bat. In the case of wood the finishes bat is really beautiful and it becomes more powerful in the case of aluminum.

Usually composite bats sound like a wooden bat during a certain time and then prolong use changes the hitting sound to something more “dry”. It’s like shifting from wooden to Aluminium bat.

The two major drawbacks of composite bats are:

  1. They have generally high prices
  2. The range (it is not advisable to use them in the 15-18 ° under penalty of fast breaks notably for composite/aluminium)

Price: $$ – $$$

What Are BBCOR Bats?

BBCOR is an abbreviation for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. What this means is that the bats which are BBCOR certified has been thoroughly tested and they have lost all the standards that have been set. This definitely means that these bats are qualified and certified for the use in high school and collegiate baseball games.

Moreover, these bats are certified and accepted by NCAA and NFHS. If you want to check whether your bat is BBCOR certified or not you can check that by looking at the .50 BBCOR stamping, that would be embedded on your bat.

These BBCOR bats are manufactured in response and displacement for the BESR bats. BESR bats have high offensive performance but they had some safety concerns and issues.

Some of the prominent characteristics of BBCOR bats are as follows:

  1. The barrel diameter of bats does not increase more than 2 and 5/8 inches.
  2. The length to width ratio does not increase by -3.
  3. The length is never longer than 36 inches.

Do You Need BBCOR Bats?

The second most important question is that do you need BBCOR bats or not? Even if you are a coach, parent or baseball player, you need to several conditions where BBCOR is a requirement. For example, in all college baseball matches and all high school players in the United States need BBCOR bat.

I would recommend that you should be familiar with all the rules and regulations before joining any competition. If you’re not sure about bat requirements than simply ask any concern authority. Rather, I would say that even for practice you should use BBCOR bats that will definitely help you to get accustomed to these types of bats.


This is the best BBCOR bat available in the market right now. I personally like this bat and have recommended to almost everyone who has inquired about best BBCOR bat.

This bat has 2-5/8 inch barrel and hand it is made up of composite material which is 31/32 inch, which is definitely under the BBCOR standards.

As far as I’m concerned, I have never felt any vibration in any sort of sting when playing with this bat. Nevertheless, I would like to say that this is youth baseball bat.

Moreover, the bat is quite perfectly balanced which means that youngsters will not feel any difficulty in handling the bat. For me, this is very important aspect as many bats not have right balance which ultimately leads to poor performance.

This bat also comes with comfortable and solid grip. Even if you are going for some prolong practice session, you will definitely not complain about the solid grip this bat has. Moreover, the bat does not only have solid grip but it is comfortable as well.

The last thing that I want to talk about this bat is its expensive price tag. How many people would not like to see such an expensive price on this bat, but believe me this would be the best investment for any baseball player or for any parents who want to teach their kids. This bat is not only long-lasting one but it also performs impressively.

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