Baseball Bat vs Softball Bat: How Are Baseball And Softball Bats different?

Though baseball and softball are two similar typed games but do you know how are baseball and softball bats different? Do you know what are the tiniest differences between baseball and softball bats that make two separate games in one category? If you are not acquainted with such matters, then it is high time you’ve recognized these. Yes, you need this sort of knowledge because it might seem unnecessary in your present life but it certainly will be necessary when you’ll need your children to play such games at certain ages.

Baseball is one of the best renowned games competing in the sports world! Millions of fans are concerned about baseball when the fight blows its first whistle.  Have you ever wondered about their bats? Yes, they are quite different compared to any other typed playing bats (for example: cricket bat). These bats are stick like having infatuated and round cylindrical shape at the bottom side.

Compared to other bat games, baseball is one of the most exquisite games because it has made a revolutionary effect on its fans! On the other side of the baseball, there is another game called softball. You can say that softball is just similar to baseball as a sport. But the main difference lies in the type of labor and hardness. Softball, as the name implies, is a bit soft compared to baseball. The bat used in softball is quite different to that of baseball. However, in this short yet techy guide, we are about to get acquainted with how are baseball and softball bats different.

How are baseball and softball bats different?

There are few points that have segregated the technical specifications of a baseball bat and a softball bat. Some of the most crucial points that you need to know are-

  1. Bat length: Bat length is the main factor in case of selecting the best baseball bats. If you are buying for your child, then you better keep best youth baseball bats in your mind also. There are different length-ed baseball or softball bats available. Predominantly, baseball bats are long up to 33 inches whereas softball bats are long up to 34 inches. For youth, there are also softball bats available long up to 30 inches.
  2. Bat weight: Softball bats are pretty light in weight compared to heavy baseball bats. Adult baseball bats are weighed from 28oz to 31oz, whereas softball bats have a weight in-between 23oz to 30oz. you also ought to know that bat weight can differ in weight for only softball game for adults. You can have slow pitch softball bat and fast pitch softball bats available in the market. The best part of it is the youth softball bats, which are weighed from 14oz to 27oz highest.
  3. Barrel diameter: After bat weight and length, comes the barrel diameter. This is the part where you can make things go as per your discretion. You can get different sized barrels according to the type of game you play. For examples, in case of adult baseball, the barrel diameter is preferably 2 to 5/8 inches whereas adult softball players can use softball bats having 2 to ¼ inches diameter. In addition to that, youth softball bats are also available in the market, which have barrel diameter of about 2-1/2 inches. When you have the bat in your hands, you’ll understand yourself that diameter isn’t same at all typed bats. This has been modified through manufacturers as per the game type.
  4. Trampoline effect: There is a very comical yet true story behind softball bats. Compered to baseball bats, softball bats are light in weight and a bit narrower. But softball bats possess a unique characteristic that is absent in baseball bats. That is called as the trampoline effect. The bat barrel has elastic properties in softball bats right beneath its outer coating/shield. This makes the bat hit easier to the softball. Therefore, softball games ball sustain longer games compared to baseball game.
  5. Bat diameter vs. length profiles: This is no important thing but yet a distinctive feature in both typed bats. The bats of all types can be separated into three different parts; the handle where the player holds the bat, the taper where the bat starts increased diameter and the barrel where the diameter is largest and bat hits the ball.
    In adult baseball bats, the barrel diameter has been seen to be continuously increasing rather than stopping to a consistent diameter. Consistent diameter after the taper is the main characteristic of a softball bat. Baseball bats have a handle length of about 12 inches whereas softball bats have it up to 6 inches.
    Bats can have different measurement according to the type of element. If you observe wooden bats, you’ll see that the length is greater but the handles thicker and longer than any other. There are also “bottle bat” type bat available for softball bats, which are the best choice for youth! When you are up to buying best youth baseball bats, you can select the constant thick barrel one after the taper portion. Childs find it easy through playing such softball bats!

Things to know on how are baseball and softball bats different:

Before intending to know about the bat of these two games, you ought to know how they emerged. Basically the game was baseball where its variant is softball. Both the game have the same playing rules but their sport accessories are a bit different in specifications. When you are letting your children to play in the garden, you have to opt softball because baseball bat might be way heavier for a child to handle.


Although the game is almost similar, but baseball and softball has a wide range of differences that has made them almost segregated. Nowadays, you have to buy different typed gadgets and gears for these two similar typed games. As the bat is the main part of the game, therefore, you ought to know how are baseball and softball bats different because without this knowledge, you wont be able to make these two games valuable from the core!

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