Apollo Horticulture GLK600GW19 600 Watt HPS Grow Light Review

Apollo Horticulture is a renowned producer of HPS/MH lighting systems, and as the short review below will amply demonstrate, it has proved its worth again with this highly affordable yet highly  efficient lighting system. As can be expected of any good HPS/MH lamp unit, the core is made up of the compact and aesthetically appealing yet highly efficient HPS and MH bulbs that can be dimmed to a high level without damaging the internal lighting mechanisms.

Furthermore, the unit comes with rope reflectors and rope ratchet included so that you don’t have to spend any further amount on installing this product in your grow room or greenhouse.

Yet despite possessing these features and being backed by an excellent warranty, this grow light cannot be automatically regarded as the best in the business. Part of the reason lies in the high competition in this price bracket, with products like THUNDER (TM) STARTER KIT 400-Watt Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System for Plants with Sunmax 6-Inch White Air Coolable Reflector offering almost similar specs.

Further, there is always a chance that the product may have a few shortcomings that are not highlighted on the packaging. These necessitate a closer review of the product.

Powerful and Fully Dimmable Bulbs

No HID lighting solution can be regarded as capable of covering the entire plant growth cycle if it does not offer both MH and HPS lighting. In case of the Apollo Horticulture GLK600GW19 600 Watt Grow Light though, one bulb of each type has been included. In keeping with industry standards, the HPS light offers a powerful 89,000 lumens of light at 600W while the MH light gives 55,000 lumens at the same level of power.

Furthermore, every unit comes with a highly responsive knob that allows you to dim the light by 50%, 75% or 100% depending on the natural lighting condition you wish to emulate. Located conveniently near the power cable, this knob is easy to operate, and even rapid changes in the dimming level does not adversely affect the internal circuitry of the product.

Wide range of power options

Unlike most HID grow lights, this product comes in three different power levels – 400W, 600W and 1000W. Since the lumen output rises directly with the wattage, you can choose the wattage level you feel your plants will be most comfortable at. Further, it works equally well at 120V or 240V power inputs, so there is never any need to install transformer apparatus in your greenhouse or grow room.

Good rope hangar and efficient reflector

The pack includes a complimentary rope hangar that is capable of handling up to 150lbs weight courtesy of the improved internal metal gears. The same gears make it easy to adjust the angle and height of the product once it has been installed on the hangar.

On the other hand, the large reflector is made of premium German aluminium, which ensures that the product is durable and light at the same time. Further, given that it has a well-renowned gull-wing design, one can rest assured that the product will be able to spread light over a large area.

1-24 hour timer controller and excellent warranty

The product comes with a timer that can schedule lighting changes over a variable amount of time. This allows you to sleep and carry out other work without having to head to the grow room at regular intervals to check on the status of the grow lights.

Last but not least, all parts are covered with a 3 year warranty, indicating the confidence which the company has in its product.

And a few points of bother

Despite the excellent lumens to power ratio, it should be remembered that the fittings/ballast of say a 400W product will not be compatible with a 600W bulb. Hence, if you purchase the wrong wattage or have to change the plants for whatever reason, you will be left with either the option of buying the whole set at the correct wattage or buying the correct set of fittings/bulb.

Further, the manufacturer does not list the area over which the light spreads with or without the use of the reflector.


Backed by an unbeatable warranty and available at a price that is hard to match, the Apollo Horticulture GLK600GW19 600 Watt Grow Light offers unmatched lighting, dimming and timer control features. Coupled with the excellent accessories that are included with the product, these make this grow light a great value for money proposition.

Before going in for them, though, you would want to confirm the exact light requirement and the area coverage of these lights. Once you’re confident of having the necessary data on your fingertips, you can safely go in for these excellent lighting products from the house of Apollo Horticulture.

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