Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w 11-band LED Grow Light Review

At one point in time, moving up the power ladder of LED grow lights would inevitably mean a rise in the amount of heat and, as a corollary, reducing the unit’s lifespan. Such is no longer the case, thankfully. However, it still takes some credulity to believe that the 900W unit can provide excellent lighting – including UV and IR phases – without requiring the help of external cooling systems.

Main Features

Excellent Dual Focusing Lens

Focusing 900W worth of LED lighting is no child’s play, and hence it is heartening to see that Advanced Platinum LED has provided two focusing lenses – one angled at 60 degrees and the other at 90 degrees. Combined together, they ensure that the plants receive the ideal light intensity regardless of where they are placed within the light radius of the product.

Two Useful Grow Settings

While carrying out this Platinum LED review, we noticed the presence of an easily accessible switch for modifying the intensity of the lighting. At “Grow” setting this grow light provides excellent lighting to a 4’x4’ area while using only a fraction of its total electrical output.

Flip the switch, however, and you can harness the full wattage of the unit to achieve intense lighting over a wide area. Indeed, with change in wattage there is also change in spectrum with the lighting moving more towards the flowering phase of the plant’s growth.

100% Usable Light Across 11 bands

As many an Advanced LED light review has shown, these lamps can offer 100% usable light, thereby ensuring that no electricity is wasted in producing unnecessary lighting. Indeed, since the spectrum is so precisely focused, the plants produce a maximum photosynthetic response and this lowers grow time.

Improved Aluminium Heat Sinks

As mentioned earlier, the unit claims to provide stellar cooling and it indeed lives up to its claim courtesy of advanced aluminium heat sinks. These sinks are known for removing heat rapidly and thus achieving cooling superior to those of conventional heat sinks.

A notable shortcoming

While somewhat compact, the unit is nevertheless heavy and would require two persons to install without professional assistance. However, with all parts provided along with the unit, the process itself is not much of a hassle.


Once you have overcome the somewhat muscle-straining installation, this Advanced Platinum LED provides a great combination of light coverage, good spectrum and sufficient cooling to achieve grow rates that would be the envy of the vast majority of its competitors.

Combined with its dual growing modes, these facets make this unit the ideal replacement for HPS units in medium-sized professional grow tents/rooms whose owners like to maintain a great balance between grow rates and costs.

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