Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 11-band LED Grow Light

Adaptability is the name of the game when it comes to medium-sized grow lights. This is because these need to be used in a wide range of scenarios involving various types of plants. With a wide spectrum, efficient lamp design and flowering mode switches, advanced LED lights claim to fit the bill perfectly.

However, the led grow light also needs to stay cool and possess core efficiency to truly qualify as a sterling example of what LED technology can do. Whether this Advanced Platinum Series P450 grow light possesses this ideal but difficult to achieve the synthesis of features and efficiency is something we shall look into in this Advanced LED lights review.

Main Features

11 Band Spectrum Includes UV and IR wavelengths

It is well-known from LED grow light reviews that UV and IR radiation in limited quantities can help trigger beneficial hormonal responses and hence accelerate the development of the plant significantly.

This Advanced Platinum LED product not only includes these two wavelengths but also offers nine other visible spectrum bands. Together, they ensure that with proper set-up, the unit can cater to the needs of seedlings and mature plants alike.

Efficient LEDs and Whisper-Quiet Cooling Fans

For band spectrum to be effective, the LEDs themselves have to be hardy, efficient and cool. These platinum led grow lights utilize well-designed 3W LED lamps to achieve these, regardless of the wavelength involved.

When brought together to provide a total wattage of 450W, the lamps’ design and Advanced Platinum’s arrangement also ensure that there always exists proper ratio between the various wavelengths/bands involved at any point of time.

Despite such efficiency and low heat production though, a panel of this size is bound to have some heating issues. The company has tried to overcome such problems by providing a number of whisper quiet fans and heat sinks to remove the heat quickly and noiselessly.

Choice of Veg/Flower Switches

As my other LED grow light reviews have shown, many manufacturers consider their lights to be one-course horses and for this reason, skip the vital veg/flower switch. Since it is impossible to change the wavelengths by manipulating each LED lamp separately, this switch enables users to shift from the vegetative to flowering grow phases without extensive modification of the circuitry and lamps involved. Considering that this 450W panel is meant to be versatile, the presence of a durable and easy to access switch is indeed welcome.

Minor Shortcomings

Some users have complained that this Advanced LED offering does not come with sufficient hangars and fixtures. However, since the unit has standard dimensions and is quite light, standard fixtures would work perfectly in most circumstances.


LED grow lights need to be switched on, adjusted and switched off countless times, thus making easy operability a must for convenient growing. This Advanced Platinum Series product’s inclusion of a large and varied spectrum, easy growing phase switching options and an efficient LED lamp array make for effortless transitions between phases and plant groups.

Coupled with its compact design and affordable price, these make this Platinum LED grow light a good choice for growers who are looking for a great growing experience without having to devote a good part of their time to minute adjustments.

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