Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200W 12-band LED Grow Light Review

At wattages of 1000W and higher, the primary concern of growers is to ensure that the distribution of the lumens is adequate and that even at maximum intensity, the lights do not burn out due to overheating. Growers therefore would welcome a LED grow light with multiple reflectors and lenses and 8 superior cooling fans. However, if told that the same light is capable of offering a huge range of light bands, has switches dedicated to growing phases and is also compact, they might become a little sceptical. Whether such scepticism is justified, or whether this member of the Advanced Platinum series is truly a gem among high power LED grow lights, shall be revealed in this review of the Advanced Platinum Series P1200.

Main Features

Excellent Output Courtesy of High Lumens/Watt Ratio

As numerous Advanced Platinum grow light reviews would have shown, the series is famous for offering 2x-3x intensity of other LED grow lights. The secret behind such high intensity is of course the magnificent lumens/watt ratio. Indeed, at wattages as high as 1200W, this index of efficiency not only provides good luminosity, but also keeps the power bills within reasonable limits by consuming as little as 758W of electricity to provide the stated output.

12-band Spectrum With Growing Mode Switch

One of the few Platinum LED lights to come with a 12-band spectrum, this product covers virtually every light band useful for plant growth. These bands include UV and IR ones that provide their own unique advantages.

Of course, not all bands are needed during all growth stages and neither does the intensity need to remain the same all the time. Keeping this in mind, Advanced Platinum has provided a simple mechanical switch that rotates preset growing bands and modifies intensity to match either the lighting needed for the vegetative phase or the flowering phase. This precludes tinkering with complex lighting controls and further reduces power expenditure.

Special Dual Focusing Lens and 8 Cooling Fans

Alongside the standard primary lens for dispersing the lumens over a sufficiently large area, this Advanced Platinum grow light comes with a 90 degrees secondary lens that not only increases the reach of the lumens flowing out of the powerful 3W lamps, but also precludes unequal distribution. Together, they ensure that all parts of the grow room covered by the light receive sufficient and equal lighting.

Complementing such excellent distribution is good dissipation of heat. Due to the high wattage involved, the amount of heat produced is not inconsiderable and it is a relief to find that the unit comes with 8 fans for removing the heat in an efficient manner.

A Slightly Annoying Problem

While Advanced Platinum claims that the fans are quiet, some users have complained that they are indeed quite loud. This may be because unlike the lower wattage units that typically come with lesser number of fans, this unit contains 8 (arranged in two rows) and this makes for increased noise production.


Despite its rather loud operation, this Platinum LED grow light offers a combination of growth options, luminosity and cooling that is very hard to find at any wattage. What really makes this one of a kind though, is the fact that critical features like luminosity and spectrum modification options have been built into the product without compromising the lumens/watt ratio. Taken together, this 1400W HPS light replacement has the potential to be one of the top choices for professional growers with large grow rooms and a huge number of plants to cater to.

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