Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 11-band LED Grow Light Reviews

Details P300 Platinum Series 300W LED light increases designed specifically for phase two of your plants’ development, making it a perfect choice for indoor plant growing. This light is developed actually created due to major advances in the field of indoor plants grow, making it the ideal alternative to traditional lighting options, such as HPS grow lights and fluorescent bulbs. It uses only half the power than a traditional bulb will feed while producing very little heat.

The Platinum rose light combines 11 separate bands of light spectrum ranging from 380 to 760nm thus allowing the plant to get the light they need. It also has high output 3 watt LED lamp that is superior to many other LED lights in the market increases.

Details P300 Platinum Series 300W 11-band LED light increases contains a dual spectrum which works well for both stage and flowering plants. While the lamp is in the field of development, it will only need 100 watts of power to provide you with the ideal vegetative growth in the field of measuring up to 4 ft.

Advanced Features of 300W P300 Platinum Series LED Grow Light 11-Band

Details P300 Platinum Series 300W LED light increases with two lens reflex. By combining two lens reflex, Platinum LED light can increase include your farming area with light intensity of high quality.

Using detailed Platinum Series LED rose light, you may be able to save up to 50% energy costs compared with traditional HPS lamps. When HPS lamps consume about 400 watts of power, the details Platinum Series developed light consumes only 185 watts.

It features a double conversion system allows switching of lights for plants or flowering stage. It means developing advanced lighting Platinum Series can provide your plants with the right type of light for flowering and vegetative growth stages without having to buy an extra light. This is especially beneficial for those with tight budgets.

It has a cooling system that ensures that the light will remain cool even when used continuously for long periods of time, not to mention the little amount of heat it gives off will not harm your plants.

It comes with a 5-year warranty with a satisfaction guarantee of 90 days.
Details P300 Platinum Series 11-Band 300W LED lighting increases is one of the best-LED light increase in the market mainly because of its ability to double conversion. Because it contains two reflective lenses, you may be able to develop your plants perfectly.

If you are planning to invest in an LED light increases, you may want to consider opting for advanced 300W 11-Band P300 Platinum Series LED light increases. With a budget friendly price of it, it can certainly provide a great value for your money. Not to mention, the energy saving features of it will mean that you do not need to stress yourself with huge electricity bills each month

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