Top 5 Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers Reviews

Experienced growers often prefer to purchase individual salts containing the above nutrients and then mix them in an ideal proportion based on their experience. Such mixing however, is a long drawn and complex process and if done wrongly, will lead to deficiencies that can be detected only at an advanced stage. To avoid such hassle, a number of growers have carried out research into the optimal combinations of nutrients for cannabis, fungi and other vital plant requirements and come up with fertilizers that formulated to simplify the growing process. BTW, Don’t forget about wearing safety grow room glasses.

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Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers

Among the most popular fertilizer products today are the Advanced Nutrients brand. Created in 1996 by Michael Straumietis, Advanced Nutrients brand today boasts of a dedicated team of scientists working round the clock to produce the excellent fertilizers that fall under the brand’s name. These fertilizers cover virtually the entire gamut of nutrients and in addition, include some that have only recently been deemed beneficial for weed growth. Considering these and the fact that the nutrients are always made using natural, chemical-free methods, it is not surprising that the company is both the pioneer and the current heavyweight in the world of cannabis nutrient innovation.

To understand the reasons for their success, let us take a closer look at some of the most popular products of the brand.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 2-part Fertilizer

As the name suggests, Jungle Juice comes in two 4L packs that cater to the requirements of the plant during the vegetative (grow) and flowering (bloom) phases respectively. Unlike other 2-part fertilizers though, Jungle Juice is uniquely suited for growing weed indoors because it does not make use of chemicals that might require UV rays to break them down before plants can use them. Instead, the fertilizer comes with natural plant extracts that have been sourced and processed in manners that ensure that the bioactive compounds present in them are not hydrolysed.

Prime among these is kelp, a sea-weed that provides much of the nitrogen present in weed fertilizers. Unlike other companies though, Advanced Nutrients sources its kelp from the North Atlantic waters of the Norwegian seas. This ensures that the kelp retains its pH level for longer. Further, the kelp is stored away from direct sunlight and processed quickly so that the drying process does not ruin the bioactive compounds.

Similarly, Advanced Nutrients guarantees that the alfalfa used for providing weed with 80+ vitamins has been sourced only from non-GMO sources. Furthermore, such alfalfa is processed using only steam, thus avoiding all contact with harsh chemicals. This pristine kelp and alfalfa, when combined with the extract of the Paulownia tree from East Asia, ensures that all the vital macro, secondary and micro nutrients needed by your precious cannabis are included in the right quantity.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid Fertilizer

As we mentioned above, fungi play a vital role in ensuring faster and more robust growth. To this end, Piranha offers a number of ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi that penetrate the root cells and create “webs” within the root cells. These gradually lead to the formation of a “fungal mycelium” that allows the roots to grow and the root processes to become more efficient. In this manner, the fungi contribute to faster and more efficient intake and transportation of nutrients which in turn catalyses plant development.

Considering that there are both good and bad fungi and providing the wrong type can seriously undermine the sustainability of the plant ecosystem, Advanced Nutrients carries out the entire process of microbe selection, mixing and preparation in its own laboratories to ensure maximum innovation and quality control.

To begin with, a team of dedicated researchers make use of the latest technology to study and isolate strains that promise to provide the best results. These strains are then allowed to develop in a special reactor that facilitates minute modifications and improvements along the way. Once the strains have reached their optimal level, they are carefully combined and then dried gently. To ensure that they retain their potency, an “antagonist” is added that keeps the fungi in their dormant state.

When you mix the 2-part fungal solution with water, the antagonist is diluted and the strains rapidly multiply. The result is that within a week of adding the Piranha solution, foliage improves by about 100%, improving the odds of a bumper harvest considerably.

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid Fertilizer

The second root-focused product on our list, Tarantula provides a wide variety of microbes that improve not only the overall health of the roots but the entire soil/hydroponic ecosystem and thus provide even weak roots the chance to rapidly improve the yield of the plant.

Contributing to creation of such a vibrant ecosystem is a microbe density of a little under 10 million microbes per gram of Tarantula. This, when coupled with the fact that choice and mixing of microbes is carefully controlled by renowned scientists, ensures that there is never any chance of undesirable microbes or chemicals making their way into the soil/hydroponic solution through Tarantula.

Growers happily corroborate many of the claims made by the company regarding the product. These claims include improved soil porosity and solubility of marijuana nutrients, faster decomposition of organic matter leading to release of nitrogen and other vital nutrients and improved conversion of nitrogen and phosphorus to forms usable by plants. The net result is rapid enhancement of plant size, volume and finally, of plant yield to levels that significantly reduce the overall costs associated with growing cannabis.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Liquid Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Liquid Fertilizer

One of the best known additives for the buds/flowers, Bud Candy combines necessary quantities of the most potent carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins to achieve larger, healthier and “frostier” buds with enhanced resin yield.

Speaking of potency, Advanced Nutrients uses its in-house experts to figure out a list of carbohydrates and interestingly, the sources from which they should be taken for maximum impact. These carbohydrates, when added during the flowering stage, provide the plant with the much-needed “booster dose” and in doing so, prevent the mid-bloom slump caused by the demand for carbohydrates exceeding the plant’s capacity for producing them.

In a similar fashion, the company has figured out that providing L-type amino acids creates a more magnified impact compared to the D-aminos normally offered. Finally, Advanced Nutrients is also one of the few companies to include plant vitamins among the list of nutrients needed for the flowering phase of the marijuana grow cycle.

These innovations have translated into a number of bumper yields of high-THC cannabis. Experienced growers note with amazement how adding just a half dose while adding the nutrients leads to much larger, frostier, denser and better smelling yields. Coupled with the fact that both hydroponic and soil growers experienced equal benefits, these results can be taken as sufficient proof of the ability of Bud Candy to enhance the quality and quantity of the buds substantially.

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice Liquid Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice Liquid Fertilizer

Completing the troika of root-based fertilizers, Voodoo Juice combines 8 different superstrains of fungi and microbes to improve root health and enhance plant growth to an exceptional degree. Equally importantly, the company uses a proprietary blending method that avoids overloading the mixture with any one strain and thus achieves the perfect balance for cannabis.

In particular, the strains and proprietary method ensure that the root mass increases rapidly to create dense, strong, well-branched and healthy roots regardless of the condition they initially were in. This in turn enhances their ability to absorb nutrients, thus reducing wastage of nutrients and the time needed in administering them to the plants. As you’d expect, these eventually lead to more robust plant growth and better flowering.

While individual user experiences varied, most agreed that despite the comparatively high price, the product managed to complement the benefits of the best LED grow lights and good indoor growing practices to the greatest degree possible. With results being similar across a range of growing methods and marijuana strains, many users swore never to carry out any growing/transplantation without utilizing Voodoo Juice.

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