Advanced Platinum Series DS400 600w 11-band LED Grow Light Review

The quality of plants decides the quality of the indoor grower, and the quality of light decides the quality of the plants.

Below is a detailed guide to enlighten you regarding the LED grow lights you need to purchase.

The Advanced DS400 600 Watt LED grow light is an indoor vegetable and flower growth stimulator and controller of flowering cycles that use an 11 band spectrum to ensure maximum plant growth. Having a rectangular shape for ease of installation in indoor grow rooms; this product also comes with four fans for the regulation of temperature during long working hours.

This rectangular array is meant to be suspended about 8 inches above the plant surface, thereby allowing these 600W to grow lights the ability to spread their high-quality lighting over an area of four by six feet.

Encased in a white casing, the LED lights themselves are very small, which enables the manufacturer to place them in rows of 11 LEDs each. Like any LED array worth its name, the premium DS400’s 11-LED rows combine a wide range of different spectrum LEDs. This wide variance in light wavelengths is a measure to ensure that it produces quality light to satisfy plant growth needs.

Unlike animals that use visible light to see, plants need a broad spectrum of light to facilitate photosynthesis. Indeed, Advanced Platinum Series DS400 grow light has both ultraviolet light LEDs and infrared LEDs. The band is spread from a wavelength of 380 nanometers for ultraviolet to 760 nanometers for infrared Completing these arrays are 60 and 90 degrees focusing lenses that channelize the light in a manner optimum for plant growth.

The suppliers of this product have developed terms of usage for encouraging  new users to try it out. For instance, one of the premium retailers of  the product allows the buyer a 90 days testing period. In this duration of time the new user is required to ascertain whether the product will suit his/her garden requirement. In case of incompatibility,  they can return it and their money will be refunded.

In addition to this, the product is offered with a three years warranty, which is rare in the industry, since most products offer only one year. The tripled warranty period can be attributed to the longevity that LED presents. Research has proven that LEDs have an average life span of 10 years of frequent usage. The Advanced Platinum LED grow lights has an average life span of 75,000 hours.

In addition to the benefits presented above, the advanced 600W grow light saves the user a lot of power. Led lights offer good light saving measures compared to other forms of lighting. This is attributed to their ability to produce light with high efficiency by converting electric power to light energy with less heat. This makes it energy efficient.

A 600W led grow light is comparable in performance to a 2000 Watts normal light. This saves the user money by giving them fewer electricity bills. These benefits together make this product a viable alternative to traditional forms of lighting. Purchase the DS 400 600 Watt and enjoy increasing yields courtesy of the 11 band spectrum, ideal proximity of lamps to the plants and much more!

Salient Features

  • DS400 600W growth light comes with switches tailor made for Growth or Bloom stages
  • DS400 grow light comes with a reflector lens that helps in providing extremely focused light to the growing plants
  • It provides full coverage for plants grown across a vast area of 6 feet * 4 feet growing up to a maximum height of 18 feet
  • Separate switches for growing vegetables and flowers
  • Comes with a built in cooling fan for quicker heat dissipation
  • The LED bulbs used as part of the grow light produce red, light and blue lights in particular ratios that are ideal for fruit ripening and flower booming phases
  • Cooling heat sink made out of Aluminum enables faster dissipation of heat
  • The LED light bulbs produce lights whose spectrum falls in 11 different bands starting with ultra violet and going all the way to infra red. The balanced light spectrum enables even plant development and flower blooming over a considerable period of time
  • The outer shell that contains the LED lights is made out of Iron


  • This grow light consumes only 184 Watts for growing and 368 watts for flowering phase, which is 50% less than the power consumed by the other competing models
  • Because of the lower power consumption, the overall life span of the grow light gets extended to 50,000 hours
  • LEDs used as part of the grow light come with positioning for light dispersal at wide angles As the body is made up of Iron, the outer shell does not suffer corrosion when exposed to harsh weather
  • DS400 comes with a 90 day return guarantee meaning if the customer is not satisfied with the performance of the grow light, he/she return it and get their money back
  • DS400 LED emits dual spectrum light that is ideal for plant growth and also for the blooming of flowers

What will be included as part of the kit?

Various components that would come as part of the complete kit include

  1. One number DS400 600W Grow Light Reflector
  2. One number power cord
  3. One steel hanging kit

The power cord included as part of the DS400 kit would be specific to the country from where you have placed the order. Once the decision has been made to buy DS 400 grow light, you can add it to your shopping cart associated with your Amazon account. After completing the order placement process, you can expect it to reach your home door steps within 2 days. Amazon provides free shipping services, thus ensuring that the price you pay for the product is the grand total in itself.

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