Advanced Platinum Series DS200 300w 11-band LED Grow Light Review

Over the years, I have tried my best to create the right conditions for the best yields from my farm. The lighting was a particularly thorny issue until I got the Advanced Platinum Series DS200 300w 11-band LED Grow Light. Since I started using the system, my yields have been good and I have never regretted making the investment.

The grow light comes with the superior 11 bands spectrum

The band is superior because it has a complete spectrum from UV – 380/ 415/ 440/ 460/ 480/ 615/ 630/ 660/ 720/ 740/ 760nm – to the upper IR. Given that different plants require lighting in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum; this 11 band spectrum is good for a large range of plants. Furthermore, it has settings which allow the plant to receive the type of light most conducive to its growth during the different phases of its life cycle.  Finally, the lights come with special switches that modulate the different LED lights in a manner that simulates the different growing seasons. This helps the plants get adequate spectra of lighting without you having to manually alter the on/off states of a large number of small LED lights.

Your plants have the right type of light to nurture their growth

Not only does the DS200 300 Watt come with a great light spectrum for facilitating adequate growth in a large range of plants, the product also excels in other departments. For instance, the LED lighting comes with 3W LEDs with 60 degrees  lens, which ensure that the plants get the right amount of light at the right angle, a combination that is vital for ensuring adequate plant growth. . In addition to all these, you get 90-degree secondary focusing lenses, which helps expand the area over which the light spreads.

Indeed, this sterling product fetches an illuminated area of 4.5ft x 3.8ft at a height of 18”, which makes it ideal for even distribution of light in the event of there being multiple arrays installed in the indoor grow tents.

The cooling system is cool.

Though LED grow lights produce minimal heat, they do get internally heated when run for lng periods of time. To cater to this problem, the company has provided the system with state of the art aluminum heat sink. Coupled with the whisper-quiet fan, this heat sink does a great job of ensuring that the LEDs are never in danger of suffering from excess heat buildup.

Excellent Terms of Sale

Not every LED light is compatible with every garden and unlike a number of competitors, the makers of this LED light know this very well. Hence, they offer a 90 day period which allows you to try out their product in your garden, and if at all the product does not work according to expectations, you can return it without any penalties.

Few shortcomings

Like all lighting sources though, there are a few shortcomings, and perhaps the most apparent of all is the relatively high price point at which this is retailed. This means a greater upfront cost, but considering the savings which this product brings, such an investment is not a bad idea in the long run.

The second challenge with this light is that one has to wear shades while working with it, due to the potential for damage to the eyes, given that the light that is useful for plants may harm human eyesight. If you need a good harvest, then you can take the hefty investment of this grow light system. It will deliver the value that is promised.

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